Rōmaji Enishi
English Ties
Air Date February 10, 2015
Episode 18
Arc Awa Arc
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Ties (縁, Enishi) is the eighteenth episode of Akatsuki no Yona.


Jae-Ha sets off to recruit Hak. The group visits the town to seek out Jae-Ha, but cannot catch him due to his high agility and instead, sees officers beating up a family. Hak separates from the group and encounters Jae-Ha but does not know that he is the Green Dragon at this point. Jae-Ha stumbles and falls off a roof; coincidently meeting one of his dragon brothers, the Hakuryuu had done something that he did not wish to do. Kija tells Jae-Ha how their master has been waiting for a long time and they should go and meet her. Jae-Ha dismisses this and tells him that he believes if one just submits to their master, then that is nothing more than a tragedy. Despite not wanting to meet Yona, Jae-Ha stumbles across Yona whilst in the town. Yona tells Jae-Ha she will not force him to join her, but instead she would like to meet his captain, Gi-Gan. After the night, the group meets the pirate crew, and proves of their worthiness to the captain.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

Abilities, Weapons and Items UsedEdit

  • Ryokuryuu's Foot
  • Hakuryuu's Claw
  • Hak's Spear
  • Shin-Ah's Sword