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Light ( Hikari?) is the fourteenth episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.


The villagers begin to panic as the Seiryuu’s mask has been knocked off. One villager begins to hold his head, looking down in fear as he realises what he has done. The Seiryuu’s eyes are clearly visible, and the villagers begin to say how these cursed eyes have the ability to turn you into stone. The Seiryuu may have come to kill them. Yona dismisses this stating how she was saved by the Seiryuu, so it’s impossible he will lash out on them and kill them without any proper reason.  With the villagers in a panic, the Seiryuu closes his eyes in consideration, to pick his mask up from the ground- almost as though he is telling the villagers that he doesn’t intend to harm them.  Kija questions the Seiryuu asking why he has come even though he does not want to join them. The Seiryuu remains silent, only to pick up an axe off the ground that the villagers were using earlier in desperation to survive. He suddenly walks towards Kija with the axe in hand, and appears to be about to strike Kija though he aims for the wall instead. Kija is angry, stating how he was in despair that he may have had to fight with another dragon warrior. Kija then asks the Seiryuu why he was digging in such a spot seeing as though the exit was by the villagers and not by him. The quiet Seiryuu finally speaks, answering Kija, and tells him that it is quicker to break through here as it leads to the outside, rather than digging where the villagers are standing. Kija tells Yona he will begin to dig to the outside, though Yona offers to too. Kija is not happy about this as he believes it’s the dragon warrior’s duty to protect Yona, but Yona manages to convince him in the end.

Hak tells the villagers to cooperate.

On the outside, Hak is struggling. The rubble isn’t moving and there isn’t any sight of Yona. Hak tells himself he will rescue Yona without a doubt. As he prepares to dig further, a group of villagers that were safe from the earthquake walks over to Hak’s side. A woman tells Hak how her son is trapped inside, but Hak tells him that his friends are also trapped inside when they were looking for the Seiryuu. If her son was inside, then this means they must have been tailing or looking for Yona, Kija and Yoon.  What were they planning? Hak tells them to answer quickly and to stop hiding the truth as it won’t help the situation. A villager whispers into the elder’s ear saying that it’s possible to rescue their families if they dig from the outside, but Hak notices immediately and tells them that they’d better tell him what’s going on as his friends and their families lives are at stake. There is no time to waste. They either join up now or they’ll all lose someone precious.

After extensive digging, Yona has difficulty breathing.  She is on the urge of fainting, but the Seiryuu holds the weakened Yona up. Kija, worried about his master, tells the Seiryuu to bring Yona to his room where it should be easier to breathe, Yona realises how kind the Seiryuu actually is. The Seiryuu keeps Yona warm using his mask’s detachable hair and leaves Ao by her side so she isn’t alone. Yona begins to tear up, unable to comprehend why nobody can understand the Seiryuu’s kindness despite him coming to help them escape death. Yona begins to make good guesses despite knowing little about the village, saying to herself how it’s possible that this isn’t the first time he has helped the villagers, he has probably helped them many times before in his own way all this time. Yona, now crying, looks up at the Seiryuu telling him it’s frustrating to see him all alone like this despite what he has done. She is unsure if it would be impudent to her to help him even though this is their first meeting, so she asks about it. The Seiryuu is silent however; with moments later Yona stands up, saying how she is feeling better and she will keep on going.

Before leaving the room however, Yona tells the Seiryuu how she used to live her life unaware of how cruel the outside world can be, living in a world of her own for 15 years that was close to perfect.  Yona tells him how her life was free from concerns and how she protected her own little happiness for all those years. But once her happiness was shattered and taken from her she learnt what it felt like to be hungry, how it feels to have a broken heart and how you must learn to breathe despite having this knowledge. This all comes down to the desire to live.  She is alive and so is the Seiryuu. Nobody can tell him different. She tells him that she will tear down this dark world for the Seiryuu and take him to a ‘place’ where he will be able to stretch his legs and be himself. But the Seiryuu is unsure if a world like this exists. The Seiryuu has lived a life bathed in darkness for years, believing he was a cursed being from beginning to end.  But even if he is uncertain, he feels as though he may know where this ‘place’ is.

Yona arrives back at the blocked cavern, telling Yoon and Kija she is feeling okay and that she will continue to dig. After a short while of digging with addition to the Seiryuu and the villager’s help, the group realises that something is coming its way into the cavern by noise. They stop digging immediately to see Hak bashing through the debris. Hak rushes to Yona’s side, hugging her. The Seiryuu then continues to talk about this ‘place’ inside his head that Yona mentioned, coming to a realisation that there is a place full of light and warmth by Yona’s side.

Yona's second invitation.

After being taken out of the cavern, Hak tells the group how he managed to get the villager’s to cooperate and tell him where to dig after learning that their families’ lives were in danger. Hak then asks Yona what she is going to do with the Seiryuu, and Yona states how there is a problem because she cannot give up on the Seiryuu. Yona then calls out to the Seiryuu and invites him once more.  She then questions him, asking if his power really does indiscriminately kill people. If so, why does Ao, his pet squirrel love him so much? Yona tells him that all he ever believed in isn’t all true and that he is not destructive at all. The Seiryuu then talks to his deceased predecessor in his head, asking him if he can trust Yona and take the hand of one who doesn’t mind his power. With Yona smiling and holding her hand out, this time, the Seiryuu accepts as a tear slides down his cheek.

Before leaving, the villagers look at the Seiryuu with a feeling of uncertainty. The Seiryuu bows at his fellow villagers before heading to his group of new friends. However, as he turns backwards, the bells he had since Ao’s death falls off and the Seiryuu recalls his predecessor’s final words before passing away. He then tells him that he is fine now and asks if he would laugh if he tells him he has actually made friends. The Seiryuu leaves the bells on the ground, knowing that he has no need for them anymore. He walks away, heading to his friends’ side.

Kija tells the Seiryuu how he will teach him about the dragons.

After being asked about the next dragon, Kija collapses. In a forest, the group take a break and lets Kija recover from his exhaustion after his swift digging in the morning.  Yona tells Kija to rest for a while and Yoon says that they now have another addition to the group; another dragon who can sense the other two dragons. After being asked about the dragon’s locations, the Seiryuu gives the group a confused look; almost as though he is saying he doesn’t know. The unwell Kija sits up and heads to the Seiryuu’s side telling him he understands it’s not the Seiryuu’s fault for not knowing about the other dragon’s location. Kija tells the Seiryuu that he will be the one to teach him about the dragons and that he may call him his ‘brother’.  The Seiryuu is silent, and then suddenly runs away.

The Seiryuu gives Kija a fish.

The Seiryuu runs towards a river, dives in, leaving Kija in immense shock. The Seiryuu comes out of the river after retrieving a fish. Kija is moved as his brother has given him a present to get better, but he tells him he would appreciate it even more so if he used words. The Seiryuu then shivers away, drenched and cold from the wet clothes he is wearing. Hak asks Kija what he will do for him now, seeing as though his brother has fallen cold due to him. Kija asks if it’s his fault whilst Yona and Yoon walk over to the Seiryuu’s side. Yoon tells him he is impressed how the Seiryuu knew that a river was nearby whilst the Seiryuu just taps his mask telling him it was his eyes natural power to see across great distances.  Yoon then figures out that his kinetic vision must also be good seeing as though how easily the Seiryuu caught the fish underwater. Curious about his powers, Yoon asks him if the rumour about turning into stone after looking at his eyes is true, to which the Seiryuu shakes his head.

The Seiryuu curls up into a ball whilst the group observes him.

The group settle at noon to eat the fish that the Seiryuu has caught for them whilst also drying off the Seiryuu’s clothes. Yoon makes a miso hotpot and as the group settles down to eat their food; they look at the Seiryuu direction after seeing him wrapped up in his mask’s hair in the shape of a ball. The Seiryuu eats his food, impressed by the taste of Yoon’s cooking. Yona heads to the Seiryuu side, offering her coat to warm him up, if need be. The Seiryuu finally speaks and calls her by first name and says a thank you. The males in the group look in shock as they realise how the Seiryuu called their master by name. Yona smiles and tells him she’d like to call him by name too, but seeing as though the Seiryuu doesn’t have one, Yona asks him what he’d like to be called. The Seiryuu is mute and rolls over in thought.

Yoon asks if he can call Yona by her name.

Yona has put some serious thought into the Seiryuu’s name. She asks Yoon about what he thinks, but Yoon only says that if he had to call the Seiryuu one word, it would be ‘silence’.  Yona thinks about it, but Yoon tells Yona to just call him whatever she wants to call him because she was the one who brought him out of that dark cavern he was contained in after all. Yoon and Yona then have a short conversation and Yoon tells Yona how he was wrong and had a false impression of the royals. He has always believed that all royals were dishonest and unfair, but now he realises that this is wrong. Yona has taught him different. A little embarrassed, Yoon then turns to Yona and asks her if she can call her by her name instead of ‘princess’. Yona looks at him and calls him ‘cute’ before running off.

Yona tells Hak to remember that she is the 'princess'.

By a river, Yona washes her face and then asks the hidden Hak how long he will keep on following her for. Hak reminds her that he did say he will stick annoyingly close to her since that short incident in the Seiryuu village. Yona states how that promise only applied if she didn’t make it back in one piece, before walking off. Hak grabs her by the hand and calls her ‘Yona’. He then notices he called her Yona instead of princess, so he quickly says ‘princess’ afterwards.  Yona recognises this and smiles at Hak telling him that she wants him to call her ‘princess’ instead of ‘Yona’ as an exception. Hak becomes wide-eyed and speechless. She tells him that she doesn’t mind it if the others don’t, as they never met her as the ‘princess’. However Hak did. She doesn’t want him to forget that she is the daughter of Emperor Il, and even if the whole nation forgets, she still wants someone to remember her as the princess.  Hak kneels down and tells Yona how he prayed to Emperor Il to not take Yona away when she was trapped and notes how he is painfully aware she is the princess. A touched Yona then falls to her knees and cries.

The field of fireflies.

Meanwhile, the Seiryuu is awake at night walking around a field. He picks up the herbs he saw Yoon had earlier, but then stands up to be surrounded in a field full of fireflies.  Within the serene atmosphere, the Seiryuu then closes his eyes and lifts his arms high towards the sky.

The Seiryuu gains his name.

Nearby, Yona asks Hak what would be a suitable name for the Seiryuu. Hak says ‘Night’, but Yona thinks deeply. She recalls the time where the Seiryuu took hold of her hand and guided her through the darkness. He was a peaceful and warm being, but quieter and bluer than the sun. After walking out of the forest passageway, Yona is greeted by the moon. She can see the Seiryuu in the distance and walks to his side calling him ‘Shin-Ah’. Yona tells him how it means ‘moonlight’ and how during the dark, he was the one who led her through it. He is her moonlight. She smiles at him asking how he feels about the name, but the Seiryuu just nods before running across the field of fireflies. Hak asks Yona if he didn’t like it, but Yona feels that it was okay.

At a later hour, the Seiryuu is still awake and tells Ao how his name is ‘Shin-Ah’. He states how it’s the first name he has ever had, so therefore he will cherish it, before lying down to sleep.

Kija wakes up, sensing the Ryokuryuu.

In the morning, Yona wakes up and asks Kija how he is feeling.  Kija wakes up too, but he does not answer Yona’s question. Instead, he says how he can feel another dragon nearby. Looking in another direction, he states how he can feel the Ryokuryuu.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

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Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Axe
  • Daggers
  • Kija's Dragon Claw
  • Hsu Quandao



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