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Echoing Fear (反響する恐怖 Hankyō Suru Kyōfu?) is the thirteenth episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.


The Seiryuu is walking in pain, using the narrow walls inside of the darkened village as an assist to help him walk. His eyes are throbbing abnormally and he questions why. The Seiryuu begins to recall the incident he noticed earlier, where an innocent and weak female voice was calling out for help after being taken capture. At the time, he realised that the red haired girl was about to be taken away and locked underground for the rest of her life so the Seiryuu instantly rushed out and helped her free. But after he met face to face with the girl he saved, his body has been burning, his eyes have been throbbing and a voice began to play in his head. This unfamiliar voice then tells the Seiryuu of his duty, and repeats the once said words to the first generation of dragons: ‘’Warriors of the four dragons. You are now our other halves. You will serve Hiryuu as your master, protecting him with your lives. You will love him, and never betray him’’. As the voice fades, the Seiryuu comes to a understanding that this voice seemed to have echoed in his head the moment he touched that unknown girl, and it could possibly be the source of his struggle against pain and also the reason why his blood is boiling hot. He also seems to be aware and remember that there was a Hakuryuu with the girl and her friends; though he cannot comprehend why he thinks he was the Hakuryuu. But before the Seiryuu can then think further, he tells himself that he should not penetrate further into this business as nobody must learn of this power of his ever again.

Kija's anger after learning of how the villager's treated Yona.

After Yona tells Hak, Yoon and Kija of the accident, Kija immediately becomes very angry at the villagers as he notices quickly how the villagers lack respect towards Yona and even more so when he learns that they tried to trap her underground. Hak tells Kija to calm down, calling him a sheltered kid and saying that if he wants to kill common villagers, then he needs to grow up. A cool Yoon then asks Kija if he was completely sure that the man they met for a few seconds was definitely the Seiryuu.  As Kija confirms this, he begins to wonder openly why the villagers are acting strangely and also why the Seiryuu is acting odd himself, by running away. Yoon then grasps why; the reasons being that the villages does not worship red hair and because they are the polar opposite to Kija’s village. Perhaps they view the dragon’s power as a curse of some sort instead of a legendary gift, just like Kija’s village. Kija disses this stating how ridiculous this thought is, and he repeats how the four dragon warriors must hasten up and join their master swiftly.  He did not hesitate to leave with his master after he met her; Kija is the prime example of how a dragon should act. Despite hearing how the Seiryuu may possibly be unwilling to join with the group, Yona mentions how his hand was gentle, and how she wants to meet and speak with him. The group then gets up in search of the Seiryuu. They will look for him once again as Yona wants. Hak tells Yona to stay, but Yona says it’s her duty to go and meet him if she wants the Seiryuu’s power. Therefore, she tells Hak to keep watch and stay behind instead. Hak tells Yona that if she does not come back to him then the next time, if there ever will be one, he will cling onto her. He entrusts Kija to protect Yona and Kija states that he knows what he’s got to do before walking away. After Hak is left alone, he says how he has known that the villagers have been watching them closely for a long time and he may need to imitate them if necessary.

The masked villagers prepare to eliminate Yona, Yoon and Kija.

After Yona, Yoon and Kija arrive at the dead end pathway they were at before, Yona shows them how to unlock to secret passage. As the door opens, Kija sharply discovers that villagers are approaching them. He tells Yona and Yoon that he will keep watch and glances at Yoon to inform him that something is coming. Yoon then nods and tells Yona to head on, as the one they are waiting for is at the end of that passage; they will not become lost if the handsome genius is with her, so she needn’t worry. Kija trusts Yoon to stay with Yona before the two head off. After Kija is sure they are in the passageway, he turns around to face the enemy villagers whom each possess a dagger behind their backs. He asks them what they want to do in such a small area, to which a villager tells him that if one has learnt of the Seiryuu’s power and walks down that path, they must not leave the village. Kija tells them to quiet down and calls the villagers scoundrels who has forgotten the nobility of the Red Dragon deity.  As the Hakuryuu, he will not allow them to approach Yona.

The Seiryuu senses that the Hakuryuu is nearby. He also notices that people are approaching him and lies in wait to see who they are. The Seiryuu tells Ao, his pet squirrel to hide and gets prepared in case an enemy is coming his way. No matter what, he will strike down his enemies... But as a torch light enters the room, he sees that two people have come to him; one being the very same girl he met earlier on.

Yona smiles sweetly at the Seiryuu and even greets him, but the Seiryuu remains quiet. His eyes throb once again, leading the Seiryuu to ask himself just who this person before him is. Why does he feel as though he and she share some link? He draws out his sword, screaming at his foes.

Yoon immediately jumps and starts to become scared and hurriedly tells Yona that the situation they are placed in isn’t good.  A masked man who is screaming and drawing a sword at them and not to mention, living at the end of hole like this one must mean he is dangerous.  However, Yona is fearless, not moved by the dragon and starts to smile at its pet, Ao after she picks him up. The Seiryuu’s pet squirrel has run over to Yona’s side. Yona asks the Seiryuu on what he has named the squirrel and after a long silence and wait, the Seiryuu answers, "Ao is its name."  Yoon becomes startled for a moment, surprised that the Seiryuu actually answers questions.

The Seiryuu tells Yona he doesn't have a real name.

Yona tells the Seiryuu that the name doesn’t suit Ao at all, which leads to Yoon trying to tell Yona that she shouldn’t say such things as they do not know what he will do to them even with the smallest move. After listening to Yona, the Seiryuu then thinks to himself and says how he thought it didn’t suit Ao too. Yona introduces herself and asks the Seiryuu for his name, but all the Seiryuu says is ‘’The Seiryuu’’. Yona cheerfully then asks him for his real name, not his dragon name, knowing that it isn’t his real name. However the Seiryuu confirms that the Seiryuu is his only name, as he doesn’t have a real name.  He is just 'the Seiryuu' and most of all, seen only as 'the Seiryuu'.

The Seiryuu hesitates to kill Yona.

Yona treads closer and towards the Seiryuu, to which the Seiryuu points his sword directly in front of Yona to stop her from moving any closer by creating a distance from him to her. He questions her and Yoon who they are, why they have entered the village, why they are approaching him and finally, why the Hakuryuu is here also. Yona honestly replies she came here to see him, but also to seek his power. She wants the Seiryuu to come with her. But the Seiryuu disagrees as he has always believed that anyone who advances towards him for his ability is nothing but an enemy; wouldn’t this make Yona one now? A short flood of his past comes into play- he recalls his child self and how he killed all the soldiers that tried to seek him out because of his ‘cursed’ ability. The Seiryuu is confused, questioning himself to no end. Why does he feel like he has wanted to meet Yona all this time? He grabs hold of Yona, pulling his sword closer to her. Yona is scared, but she turns to face him head-on. Yoon watches in shock. The dragon deity’s words float back into the Seiryuu's mind and haunt him. The Seiryuu is hesitating, wondering who Yona is. Even though he can easily kill her now, his hand trembles. Even though the Seiryuu is clear that he doesn’t know Yona, he is incapable of movement and feels like crying. 

Yona offers the Seiryuu to become her ally.

The Seiryuu holds his sword down, looking at the ground in reluctance. Yona assures him that she is not his enemy, and even tells him why she is seeking him out, informing him on why she is searching for the four dragons and who she is doing it for. She holds out a hand in want, hoping to take him in as an ally. Regardless of this, he rejects Yona’s offer as his beliefs on him being cursed rises to the surface. He will not go so simply, due to his belief that the outside world mustn't ever learn of his power. Because of this, he tells Yona to leave immediately.

The Seiryuu's reaction after seeing Yona leave.

As he watches Yona and Yoon walk away, Yona tells him that his hand was very warm. Despite knowing nothing about his curse, if such a warm person like him truly was cursed, then she honestly doesn’t care even if he does bear such a horrific curse. As the torch light exits the room, the Seiryuu is left in darkness.  He mentions silently to himself how his heart feels as though it’s being torn apart. Muttering words in a low voice, the Seiryuu pieces an old memory together in his head; remembering how he once wanted to have friends, telling Ao, his predecessor how desperately he wanted them. Even after declining Yona, he is troubled on why after forgetting such a memory on wanting friends he still continues to think about it now and remember him saying it from a young age.

Yoon notices and points out how he knows Yona is disappointed that the Seiryuu will not accompany her regardless of listening to what she has said. The pair then arrives at the beginning of the passage and joins up with Kija, whom has been guarding Yona and Yoon, by stopping the masked villagers from moving further. The villagers immediately recognise Yona and Yoon, stating how their long waited ones have arrived. As Yona asks the villagers to why they must be eliminated on the spot, Kija stops Yona from carrying on by telling her to stay back. He knows that they are ready to attack. Yoon figures out that these villagers intend to erase the group's existence in order to keep the Seiryuu's existence a secret. Hearing this, the masked villagers pull out their knives without hesitation. If the Seiryuu’s existence has been exposed to outsiders like them, then they are undoubtedly to be killed. Kija then comes to an understanding that this village really is the antithesis of his own. As one villager charges directly at Kija, Kija easily swipes him away– breaking the villager's mask into pieces using his sacred dragon claw. Yona scolds him, but Kija assures Yona that he will not use his power against amateurs like them.

Hak tries to find Yona, Yoon and Kija through the debris.

Before the villagers could do anything else, everything around them starts to rumble. An earthquake from above strikes, and the villagers who have cornered Yona, Yoon and Kija begin to flee. As Kija guards Yona, Yona watches in fear and calls Hak’s name. Hak suddenly notices there is an earthquake occurring and rushes out of his room in order to find Yona. However, the impact of the earthquake stops him from entering the path Yona was located in; plus within seconds, a blockage has formed, cutting Hak off from the others. As Hak observes in horror, he begins to lose control of his feelings. He begins to throw stones out behind him, bloodying his hands, dying them red. As he notices how worthless his efforts are, he calls out to King Il, hoping that he will not take Yona from him, just yet.

Yona has collapsed from the impact. Within her mind, Yona starts to admit her true feelings, stating she is very scared without Hak. Even though she sounded brave, all she really wanted was to do her best without him, yet she fails to. In the end, she still looks out to him in fear. A little later, Yona hears a voice, one that is calling her name.  Yona then wakes up seeing Kija, and noticing how the earthquake has formed an obstruction blocking their exit.  Some of the masked villagers that attempted to attack the group have become trapped also. Yoon then starts to panic, noting how that in their situation they may die due to lack of oxygen. With these walls blocked, a cramped room; they will not be able to breathe in this small space for long. They will die eventually. Yona is scared, but suddenly Kija speaks out loud, saying how he remembered Hak entrusted him to protect Yona. Yona feels a little better seeing that Kija is okay and still energetic, and does her best to make Yoon feel more secure.

Outside, Hak is still trying to dig through the rubble, even though he is struggling to do so. Kija suddenly decides to unbandage his dragon arm, and announces that he will dig with his dragon claw. The villagers then realises that there is another ‘monster’ with them, whilst Kija says he finds the villagers of the Seiryuu village pathetic. He has already told them that he was the Hakuryuu. Instantly, the masked villagers start to panic, unable to comprehend that there really are more dragons that possess ‘cursed powers’. But one of the trapped villagers has had enough. He begins to blame the Seiryuu saying how if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be living in this hole like they were now. Yona uses this chance to ask them about the curse, with another villager calling the Seiryuu evil. Outsiders would not be able to understand them, as for generations the Seiryuu has always been born in their village and they continue to fear its power. Even if the Seiryuu dies, someone else’s child will become the Seiryuu. They live in fear of thinking that their next child could be the next Seiryuu because of it. The villager begins to tell Yona of the time when the villagers witnessed the current Seiryuu; killing many soldiers with its eye abilities, just when he was a child. Because of the Seiryuu, they were forced to move away, as the deaths of the soldiers would bring many attackers. Those who become the Seiryuu are not allowed to leave the village in case they are hunted for its power or if their location is leaked to the outside.  These are the set rules. Just how could this not be a curse?

Kija then turns around, looking at the door leading to the room of the Seiryuu. Kija then says, "He's here."

In the darkness, the group can hear a ring of bells. As a shadowy figure begins to walks out of the door, a man is revealed to be the one approaching the group and the villagers. It seems that the Seiryuu has come.

The Seiryuu's unmasked face.

The Seiryuu appears to be towering over the villager that dared to call him cursed. The villager is terrified and begins to walk backwards, hoping that the Seiryuu will not hurt him. However, the Seiryuu continues to walk towards him, almost as though he is angry at him; though he does not show it physically. Afraid, the villager knocks of the Seiryuu’s mask, and his face is revealed.

The Seiryuu, a man with short blue hair and a face with breathtakingly beautiful eyes is uncovered.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

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Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Sword
  • Daggers
  • Hakuryuu's Dragon Claw
  • Hsu Quandao



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