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  Anticipation (待望 Taibō?) is the tenth episode of Akatsuki no Yona.

The group are set out to find the Hakuryuu- the dragon with the dragon’s claw that can tear one to shreds. After being allowed into the village, they are given a guide on the Hakuryuu’s role and on how the village has a duty to protect the Hakuryuu until the time the Hakuryuu meets his ‘master’ comes. A little later the Hakuryuu wakes up to a disturbance in his arm and after he learns about Yona, Hak and Yoon walking around the village freely and as they please. The Hakuryuu then sets out to eliminate the group from the village. What the Hakuryuu didn’t expect was that he was to be greeted by the master he had long waited for; Yona, who has red hair just like the ancient King Hiryuu.


Yoon is locked in a cage and angrily calls out to the villagers to free him.  A villager on guard then tells him that their ‘dragon’ will decide if Yoon will get punished and using what methods, for attempting to sneak into the village. As Yoon realises this is clear confirmation that this village does indeed hold a dragon’s power, he tries to set up a method to escape. However, he notices a few moments later that Yona and Hak are an exception, having a free casual tour of the Hakuryuu village whilst he was still caged; the village elder who is giving Yona and Hak the tour of the village tells to guards to let Yoon go, as he is Yona’s companion.

A little later, the group is given information on the Hakuryuu. The elder informs the group of the Hakuryuu’s job and the how it’s the residents of the village’s duty to protect the Hakuryuu from outsiders. The group are taught on how the villagers have exterminated anyone who has tried to get close to Hakuryuu, assuming they are trying to take his power. They are proud to protect the Hakuryuu and they must pass on the blood to the next generation without fail. Anyone who enters this land is an enemy; Yona and her group are a special case. Moments later, many villagers begin fussing over Yona’s red hair - something they consider beautiful as the first Hakuryuu’s master also had red hair. Yona begins stating how she hates her red hair, whilst the elder villager discourages her from this thought. Yona was guided by the priest and she has red hair; therefore, she may be the one they have been longing to find. However, despite this, she also may not be.

The Hakuryuu wakes up to a disturbance in his dragon arm

The Hakuryuu wakes up to a distraction. He says how his arm has been throbbing oddly all morning, which is very unusual. Immediately, the Hakuryuu’s grandmother shouts for assistance as he may have an injury. However, the Hakuryuu calms his grandmother down, telling her that it’s not serious. The Hakuryuu then says how he should be the one to protect his grandmother and the village; not the opposite, but his grandmother dismisses this, telling him that their only reason for living is to protect the Hakuryuu till his master arrives. He is their source of pride and joy. As the Hakuryuu calls out for his longed master, his grandmother states how he is 20 this year and how he should find a couple of wives already. However, the Hakuryuu says just one wife would do, there is no need for ‘wives’. But his grandmother reacts quickly, shouting back at him on how he would say such things: does the Hakuryuu really have no interest in at least one lady?

Then the Hakuryuu detects that there is something stirring the usual tranquillity of the village. He questions his grandmother, to which his grandmother replies that there are unusual visitors inside the village. The Hakuryuu does not like this, as he thinks visitors could easily be secret assassins: no matter who the visitors are, they are to be removed from the village. He dresses quickly in the normal Hakuryuu village attire, and heads out to hunt this group down. The Hakuryuu declares how that he must protect others and use his power to stop anyone who comes to disrupt the village’s peace.

Meanwhile, outside, Yona takes Hak’s dagger whilst declaring that if the Hakuryuu is not willing to offer his power to Yona, Hak must train her even more. The Hakuryuu then sees his targeted group of visitors in sight ahead of him and gets his dragon claw ready for battle. But as the Hakuryuu walks closer, towards Yona, Hak and Yoon, Yona’s hood is blown off and the Hakuryuu is greeted by Yona’s red hair - much to his shock.

Suddenly, he feels a piercing, sharp pain in his dragon arm - almost as though the blood in his arm is flowing backwards. As the Hakuryuu struggles to cope with the pain, he hears the voice of the dragon god who tells him of his duty. Just like the past, the same words that the first Hakuryuu had once heard and been entrusted with have risen to the surface. The Hakuryuu then realises that this woman before him is the ‘master’ he has been looking for. He collapses, leaving nearby villager’s to call out to him in alarm.

The Hakuryuu visions his father, and an old memory of his is remembered. His father calls him ‘Kija’ and tells him of the Hakuryuu’s duty and how the ‘king’ or his master from the past will appear once again and require his strength. He must wait until that time, and that time will come when he sees a bright, dazzling light before him. As the vision fades, Kija wakes up.

Kija bows to Yona, the master he has been seeking.

Kija’s arm is burning from the impact beforehand, and he wakes up seeing Yona’s face. He thanks the generations of Hakuryuu’s before him for giving him this chance to meet his master, bows before Yona and calls her his ‘master’. The nearby villagers follow the Kija’s lead and bows before Yona too. After asking Yona for her name Kija smiles at her; as he stares straight at Yona, Yona is surprised and complements Kija for his appearance, noting him as someone ‘beautiful’ for having silver hair, pale transparent-like skin and how he doesn't seem real because of it. Kija blushes and reflects the complement back to Yona, saying that she was more divine compared to him. But afterwards, Yona begins calling herself a scoundrel, and how she only came to fulfil her selfish goals. As Yoon hurriedly tells Yona she should not speak so loud of these facts, Yona carries on, saying how she is also finding the other three dragons and wondering if the Hakuryuu accept her after hearing of her plans. Kija smiles and accepts Yona immediately. He could care less what she wants; all he is concerned about is helping his master achieve her ambitions - no matter what they are. Kija’s grandmother interrupts and announces a feast should be held for King Hiryuu’s revival and Hakuryuu’s achievement. Whilst the feast is being held, Yoon expresses his surprise on how Ik-soo’s prediction was correct and how easily the Hakuryuu joined them even after hearing what Yona said.

Kija tells Hak to go home

Meanwhile, in his room, Kija struggles to deal with the pain in his dragon arm; Hak arrives at the door of his room and begins to look around the room in pots. As the white dragon declares Hak as insolent for entering a sacred dragon’s room without permission, Hak apologises without meaning. Kija asks why Hak is there, to which Hak replies that he is looking for goods for the journey. Kija, still angry, offers Hak a bag of coins and Hak thanks Kija for his generosity. But in reality, Kija just wanted Hak to take the bag of coins and leave. He believes that Hak has done enough protecting Yona to this point, and he tells Hak that he will protect Yona from here on out; this angers Hak immensely.

Kija and Hak's rivalry

Yoon begins to sense something ominous between the two as they head towards Yona. Hak and Kija both try to convince Yona that there is only need of one of them, and that one should leave. Kija states that it is wrong if he leaves because, from legend, it was always the dragon’s duty to protect their master; as Hak is not a dragon, he must leave. Despite this though, Yona steps out and says that Hak has been her friend for a long time and supported her, and, thus, he cannot leave her now, as she wants him. As Hak laughs almost evilly at Yona's words, Kija accepts his master’s wish, but Yona tries to make him feel that he is needed too, by stating that she needs him to protect both her and Hak, as she cannot. Kija takes this in a different direction and then thinks Hak of a weak man, as he needs his protection. This angers Hak and the pair faces each other head to head, with Hak calling Kija a ‘white snake’. A dark aura surrounds the pair and a rivalry begins to spark from the core.

Kija hugs his grandmother

After the feast, the group set out to leave. As Kija prepares to depart, he says that it wasn't necessary for the villagers to see him off. The previous generations of dragons have waited for this point and now it’s his time to leave with his master. He also reminds them that even if he dies a new dragon warrior will be born as long as the village is safe. Therefore, the villagers must keep the village together even whilst he is out on his journey, which causes some villagers to cry. Kija’s grandmother then arrives, throwing Kija the following: a bag of rice balls, multiple amounts of coats, ten years' worth of medicine, serum to preserve his looks, and, finally, a beauty; Kija shouts back that he cannot carry all these items for his journey. After a short talk, his grandmother expresses how she will miss Kija and how she will feel strange as she cannot wake up the Hakuryuu every day like she usually does. As tears begin to fall, she promises that she will greet him first after Kija returns, and that even if she becomes blind she will still see his radiance, regardless. As his grandmother cries, Kija runs to hug her, saying goodbye for possibly the final time before he departs.

Outside the village, Yona asks Yoon if Ik-Soo gave any more guidelines for the whereabouts of the other dragons. As Yoon tries to wipe the tears he had been shedding due to the emotional departing, he states he has no more leads from this point onwards. Kija begins to speak and states that he has the ability to sense the presence of the other dragons, as they are connected to each other, almost like siblings themselves - even though he has never met them. As Hak and Yoon begin to lead and walk off, Yona asks the Hakuryuu a question once more: what is his name? This leads to Kija becoming touched by his master’s words, as he is astonished that one would even want to call him by his real name - the name his father and mother bestowed upon him at birth. He smiles and states it.

His name is Kija, he says.

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