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Red Hair (紅い髪 Akai Kami?) is the sixth episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.


Affected by the poison, Hak is driven off the edge of a cliff and hangs perilously by one arm. Yona runs towards him but is caught by the hair by Tae-Jun. She grabs Tae-Jun's sword and frees herself by cutting her hair. She tries to assist Hak by pulling him up, but instead falls into the valley below with Hak. Assuming them dead, Tae-Jun reports to Soo-won, giving him Yona's hair.

The next day, Soo-Won is crowned king.

Yona wakes up to meet Yoon, who found and brought them to his hut, and Ik-Soo, the priest Yona and Hak were looking for. Hak, who protected Yona as they fell, is unconscious and badly injured but is being treated by Yun.

Characters In Order Of Appearance[]

Characters in bold denote a character's first appearance
Characters in italics denote a character was only mentioned or shown in a flashback

Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Hsu Quandao
  • Swords



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