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The Wind Tribe (風の部族 Kaze no Buzoku?) is the fourth episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.


Hak brings Yona to his hometown, Fuuga. Hak tells the townspeople that Yona is a court lady in training named Rina. Elder Son Mundok is absent, having been called to a meeting of the five leaders at Hiryuu Castle. There, Soo-Won seeks approval from the five tribe heads to become King of the Kouka Kingdom. Mundok defers giving his support, as it would mean acknowledging Hak is a suspect, and returns to Fuuga.

The Fire Tribe assist in damming up the river that runs through Fuuga as a warning. The town carries on, planning to buy water from merchants, however Kan Tae-Jun, who was slighted by Hak in the past, acts without orders and sends his men to make it look like the merchants were attacked by bandits. Hak's younger brother Tae-Yeon (who was also taken in by Mundok), collapses because of an illness of his lungs and requires medicine that the merchants would have brought. One of the townspeople, Han-Dae, rides to a doctor in the forest.

Hak decides to leave Fuuga and dissociate himself with the tribe and Mundok in order to protect the wind clan. Hak's final order as chief is for Mundok to accept Soo-Won as king, and to take Yona in, and let her live out her life as a villager.

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