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The Distant Sky (遠い空 Toi Sora?) is the third episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.


Hak and Yona wander in the mountains. As they walked, Yona fell due to exhaustion. Hak helped her up just to see Yona still clutching to the hairpin Soo-Won had given her at her birthday party. As Yona slept, Hak thought about their childhood.

Hak's flashback took back three years ago when Hak was 15. Hak was sitting on the edge of a fence eating an apple when Elder Mundok had scolded him for not attending the 5 General Meeting that day. Hak told him that as long as Elder Mundok attended, no one else needs to. He gave an excuse for not wanting to hear King Il, or "His Royal Chubbiness", as Hak described him. This comment made Elder Mundok mad, and the two engages in a fight. Elder Mundok told him to not call him "master" and to call him "grandpa", but Hak has trouble figuring out the logic. As the two continued to fight, King Il comes in and calmly pulled them apart, saying that the castle will fall if they continued to romp around. Elder Mundok immediately bowed apologetically, while Hak worries about the consequences of calling King Il "His Royal Chubbiness". King Il then walks over to Hak and gives him a greeting. He said that Yona had missed him since he doesn't visit the castle often anymore. Hak continues to refuse his offer, accidentally calling King Il "His Royal Chubbiness" again. Elder Mundok is triggered, and he continuously hits Hak on the head with a bundle of papers. King Il sweatdrops and pulls them apart again, leaving Elder Mundok shameful of his acts and Hak exhausted from being hit. King Il then compliments Hak's straightforward personality and offers him a snack. As Hak received the snack, King Il asks him to be Yona's bodyguard. Hak told him that he can't relax if he is working for the castle or busy being a general, indicating that he doesn't accept the offer. King Il tried to stop Hak as he walked away, and he turned around. He told King Il that he should find another bodyguard that doesn't use weapons, for he dislikes weapons. Then he walks away.

As Hak walked down a garden, he continued to think how stupid the idea was to make him the bodyguard of a princess. He also says that there is one more reason why he didn't want to come visit the castle because he was always "thrown off his game" whenever he was with the princess. As if on cue, the 13-year-old Yona ran up to him and hid behind his back. Then Kan Tae-Jun came out, calling Yona's name. Hak then scolds Yona for being caught doing a prank. Yona explains that Tae-Jun comes by the castle to give Yona presents and ask her out, and Hak bursts out laughing uncontrollably. When he finally calmed down, Hak considers this and tells Yona to just reject him, saying that she had already set her heart on Soo-Won. Hearing this, Yona blushes and tells him that it was just a one-sided love and notes the consequences of Soo-Won hearing this. Hak sighs and tells her that it wasn't his problem. Yona whines and told him not to act as if she was a pain in his butt. Hak tells the audience that this was the reason why he didn't want to visit the castle. He told Yona to go play nice with Tae-Jun and starts to leave. Yona informed him that he was being cold and that Soo-Won would never say such a thing. This ticks Hak off, and he yelled at her to then go to Soo-Won and ask for his help, then he stomps away.

Hak is then seen lying on his side on a balcony with Elder Mundok at his side counting money. Hak asks him when he could go back to the Wind Clan. Instead of answering, Elder Mundok asks Hak why he was angry. Hak told him that he wasn't angry, only to be told that he was. Just then, a small pebble is thrown at Hak, gaining his attention. It turns out that Yona threw that pebble. She climbs up, dumping a pile of fruit in front of Hak. She wanted to apologize for not doing anything about the things she concerned about. She says that she will "stop twiddling her thumbs" and do something with a purpose, for she was the proud princess of Kouka Kingdom. She then suddenly leaves, telling Hak that the fruits were a bribe for him to become friends again. As Hak picks up an apple, he sighs and tells the audience why he doesn't want to be involved with the princess.

Later in the day, Hak overhears some of the guards complaining about the king's way of ruling Kouka Kingdom. They said that Kouka Kingdom will fall if it continues its path. Hak hears this and kind of agrees with them, thinking that King Il is a good man but... it just doesn't fit with Kouka Kingdom. He then flashes back to when King Il offered Hak the job of being Yona's bodyguard. He smiles off into the distance, thinking that it wouldn't be a good idea to be the royal family's dog. He then sees Yona confronting Tae-Jun. Yona was trying very hard, but due to her small strength and size, she was unable to get away when Tae-Jun pulls her close. Both the guards and Hak saw this, and the guards were reluctant to help. Since Tae-Jun was the son of the Fire Tribe general, Kan Soo-Jin, they didn't want trouble with him if they did something wrong. Then they ran off to get the king. Hak, meanwhile, was busy complaining how the nobles were such annoying creature and is trying to convince himself not to be involved. But as Tae-Jun continued to harras Yona, Hak started to get up from his seat and walked towards them. Just as Yona was telling Tae-Jun to cut it out, Hak stepped in and grabbed his hand tightly, telling him to, well, cut it off. Tae-Jun backed up, and Hak grabbed Yona and pulled her into a side hug. Tae-Jun called him a disdainful man for touching the princess so freely. Hak responded that the same goes for him too and asked him who gave him permission to touch "his" princess. This caused a confusion in both Yona and Tae-Jun. Tae-Jun was about to deny that, but Hak told him that he and Yona had made a commitment to each other when they were little and nothing can change that. Tae-Jun continues to doubt it and asks Yona whether she likes Hak or not. Yona was hesitant at first, but then she answers with confidence, saying that she doesn't like, but loves Hak. Hak blushed when he heard that. This caused Tae-Jun to pull out his sword, saying that he won't allow Yona to marry a "lowly" person like Hak. He even questions him who he was. Hak answers cooly, declaring that he was Son Hak, the next general of the Wind Tribe, and he has orders from the king to become the princess' personal bodyguard. Tae-Jun is pissed off, and he pulls out his sword to challenge Hak in a one-on-one combat but is stopped when King Il grabs the sword with his bare hand. Tae-Jun immediately retreats, stuttering an apology. King Il dismisses the apology smoothly, and Tae-Jun runs away. King Il then turns to Yona and Hak and says that he doesn't know that they were already in a romantic relationship, making Yona and Hak scatter. They each made an excuse for acting like they were earlier, with Yona saying that her father got the wrong idea and Hak saying he said it to make Tae-Jun stop coming to the castle. King Il then notes that Hak accepted the role of being Yona's bodyguard and was very happy that he can count on him. He then, as the king of Kouka Kingdom, orders Hak to protect Yona. Hak bends down in on knee, respecting King Il. As King Il and Yona walk away talking about the situation that happened earlier, Hak tells the audience that he just can't leave those two alone. He said that he didn't think the king was a coward since cowards don't just grab the blade of a sword to stop a fight. Hk then ends the flashback and asks King Il if he was still watching over them. As he wipes a tear from Yona's eyes, he promises King Il that he will protect her at all costs.

The scene changes to when Yona, Hak, and Soo-Won were just children of about 6 to 9. Yona's mother just died, and King Il was grieving over her death. Yona told her father that even though her mother was gone, she and Soo-Won will accompany him. Yona then snaps out of her daze when Soo-Won exclaims happily that it is snowing. Soo-Won notices that Yona is unhappy so he quickly made some snow figures, only to find them unuseful. He asks her whats wrong, and Yona, once again, snaps out of her daze and says that she will be cheerful to make her father stop crying. She then jumps enthusiastically, only to find herself stepping on Hak, who was lying in the snow. Hak scolded Yona for stepping on him just when he was enjoying himself. Yona asks him why he was lying in the snow, and he answers that he is making a mark of his living in the snow. As Hak continued to explain, Yona creeps off and threw a snowball at his face. Yona told him that he just wants to be a target for throwing snowballs, and this triggers Hak. He and Yona then engage in an intense snowball fight while Soo-Won stood nearby cheering them on. Later in the day, Yona lies down on her bed, her face flushed with her fever. Soo-Won was crying because he was sad that Yona's energy is gone, and Hak just said playing with snow is hard for a princess. A nearby nurse tells Yona that as long as she takes her medicine and rests in her bed, she will get well fast. Yona asks her where her father was, and she answers, saying that King Il is busy since he just ascended the throne. Hak and Soo-Won all ensure her that King Il will immediately come when he hears that her daughter is sick. This made Yona worried about their health since they were very close to her. Hak and Soo-Won tell her that they feel fine and they can stay for a little longer. Later, they were shown to be sick and Yona calling for the nurse. As the three laid down in their beds, Hak then realizes why he was seeing hallucinations of snowballs flying around him earlier. Yona asks Hak and Soo-Won why they didn't go back to their homes. Soo-Won says that it was better for the sick people to stay in one room to prevent other people from being infected. He then announces that he and Yona sleep together sometimes, making Yona blush. Hak was shocked from hearing that, and he prepares to go back to his home. As if on cue, Elder Mundok, or in this case, General Mundok comes in, angry that Hak threw snow at the princess, making her sick. Hak tried to make an excuse, saying that it was human nature to throw snow at other people, but Mundok didn't take it. He ordered Hak to turned around so that he can give him a whipping, and just as he was about to do that, the nurse came in to stop him. As General Mundok turns around and sulkily walks away, Hak shivers and says that he will stay in the castle, otherwise he will get killed when he returns. Soo-Won, however, was amazed and tells Hak that General Mundok was his hero and didn't know that he was Hak's grandfather. Hak tells him that he was an orphan and was General Mundok's adoptive son, so he wasn't related to him by blood. Yona, however, sees this visit from General Mundok as love and tells Hak that he must really care for him. Then in came Yu-Hon, Soo-Won's strict and "scary" father. Soo-Won was amazed that his father came to visit him, while Yona and Hak tremble in fear. Soo-Won asks his father why he was here. Yu-Hon asks him if it was weird for a father to visit a sick son, and Soo-Won says that he will catch a cold from him. Yu-Hon then asks him if he thought he will lose to a lame sickness, and Soo-Won answers no. Yu-Hon then tells Soo-Won to "murder" this sickness quickly, then he leaves. The moment he closes the door, Hak and Yona immediately let out a sigh a relief, saying that Yu-Hon was so scary that their fever might have gone down. Soo-Won, on the other hand, was happy that his father visited him and said that he will kill this sickness immediately. He and Hak then went to sleep. Yona could, however, and she questions when her father will come to visit her.

Later when the three were eating, Yona didn't want to eat anything. The nurse was worried, but Yona still wouldn't take a bite. Hak and Soo-Won were concerned too, saying that she has to eat a little bit and that she will get uglier if she didn't. Then they overhear two servants talking about how King Il had not visited Yona. They said that King Il must have been afraid that he will also catch the sickness if he visited, so he was afraid to visit his daughter. This makes Yona miserable and Soo-Won mad, and he told the servants to be quiet. Hak says that he is thinking better of King Il, for he was still doing his job even when his daughter is sick. This helped Yona feel better, and she was sorry that she felt alone and miserable earlier when she had such great friends. Later in the night when the three of them were sleeping, Yona's stomach suddenly growled really loud, earning a sarcastic remark from Hak. Soo-Won asks Yona if she was hungry, then rings the bell for a servant. Chicken porridge is then brought in for Yona. Yona was very excited, for chicken porridge was her favorite. Despite that, she immediately spits it out, for it tasted really bad. The door opened, and in came an embarrassed King Il. He told them that he made the chicken porridge because he was sorry for not visiting Yona earlier. Yona was touched by this and began to eat the rest of the porridge. King Il, Hak, and Soo-Won were surprised by this, for they thought Yona had said that it tasted bad. Yona looked up, and with tears in her eyes, said that it tasted really bad. Hak and Soo-Won were relieved to hear that she was eating something. A couple of days later, Hak, Yona, and Soo-Won looked up into the winter sky. Yona was disappointed that they all got better in such a short time. Hak asks Soo-Won if he was disappointed because he couldn't sleep with the princess. Soo-Won replied that he can sleep with Yona anytime, but he wanted to stay in bed with Yona and Hak, forever and ever. Hak says that they don't need to be sick in order to stick with each other; they can play anytime. s they continued to look into the sky, Yona invites both Hak and Soo-Won to come play tomorrow. The sky suddenly turned into dark clouds, and gradually turned into a black background. Little Yona is shown to look for someone, then she sees her father's back. As she happily calls out to her father, he fell dead with a sword wound, revealing the present Yona. As she looks up, she saw Soo-Won, looking at her coldly while explaining to her why he killed King Il. Then Yona wakes up from her nightmare with a start. She looks around for Hak only to find that he wasn't there. Suddenly, the bushes rattled and Hak came out holding a cup of water. He apologizes for leaving her to get water. Yona starts to tear up quickly starts crying, telling the audience that she will never see the same sky she, Soo-Won, and Hak had looked at so many years ago.

Later in the day, Hak was cooking fish by a river. He offered Yona some, but she didn't take it. Hak tells her to eat at least a little bit, since he may not find food every day. Yona still didn't take it. Hak tells the audience that Yona is getting weaker, both physically and mentally. She couldn't even walk on her own and needs Hak to pull her along. She was like an oversized doll. Later, Yona was bathing in a pool beside a waterfall. As she got out, she screamed, finding leeches on her legs. Hak immediately came to her and picked out the leeches while explaining to her. As he told her that they weren't a big deal, he notices that she was still naked. He quickly apologized and put her clothes beside her.

Yona notices the hairpin is missing and goes to find it. Wandering far from the camp, Yona remembers the good times with Soo-Won but then remembers that he murdered her father and was going to murder her as well. She breaks out of her reverie just in time to find herself in a snake pit, about to be bitten. Hak rushes in and prevents it at the cost of receiving a snake bite himself, then scolds her for wandering out on her own into such a dangerous place. Realizing that she can't let go of the past, or Soo-Won, just yet, Hak returns the hairpin reluctantly

Yona notices the hairpin is missing and goes to find it. Wandering far from the camp, Yona remembers the good times with Soo-Won but then remembers that he murdered her father and was going to murder her as well. She breaks out of her reverie just in time to find herself in a snake pit, about to be bitten. Hak rushes in and prevents it at the cost of receiving a snake bite himself, then scolds her for wandering out on her own into such a dangerous place. Realizing that she can't let go of the past, or Soo-Won, just yet, Hak also returns the hairpin reluctantly

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