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Torn Bonds (ちぎれた絆 Chigireta Kizuna?) is the second episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.

Soo-Won announced his intention to become the king of Kouka to fulfill the last wish of his father. Hak pledged his loyalty to Yona and promised to be always at her side. Both Hak and Yona ran away from the castle to save their lives from Soo-Won.


Hak was surveying around the castle when he noticed its unusual silence. Meanwhile, a group of guards was discussing if somebody has noticed the happenings inside the castle. One guard reported that all the guest from the party is drunk and asleep. But it is Hak who is their main concern. Hak heard it and asked them about it but the guards started pulling out their swords and attacked Hak. 

Back in King Il's room, Yona told Soo-Won that her father has cared him since he was little. Soo-Won acknowledges it and even told her that he too loves King Il. He further added that even if the people criticized him for being a coward who doesn't like conflicts, he believed his kindness is that manner. However, Soo-Won told Yona that he was wrong about King Il. 

He recalled to Yona about his father Yu-Hon, who was a courageous, intelligent and a man who have led armies to victory. Back then, everyone wanted his father to be the next king. No one doubted that he would get the throne as he is also the eldest son of the former king, King Junam. But King Junam didn't choose him, instead, he chose his second son, King Il to be his successor. No one understood his decision as King Il was a weak person compared to his older brother Yu-hon. Yu-hon accepted King Junam's decision and showed the young Soo-Won that the throne wasn't a big deal to him. He even promised to protect his younger brother and the people of the kingdom.

Soo-Won has a great pride in his father and even inspired to be like him someday when he grows up. But after King Il succeeded the throne, Yu-hon died. Soo-Won revealed to Yona that it was King Il who killed him. Yona refuted that he died from an accident. His death was written officially as an accident but Soo-Won learned that his father died because King Il stabbed him with his sword. Soo-Won further added that it is his father's final wish that he become the king and that is why is executing his revenge on King Il. Yona tries to tell herself that all of this is just a bad dream. She flashed back to earlier that day when Soo-won gave her the hairpin. She still couldn't believe how much Soo-Won changed, for he smiled so warmly earlier.  

It was also a surprise for Soo-Won that Yona was there who rarely visits King Il's room. Soo-Won asked Yona why did she come to her father's room. Yona, who is in tears, told Soo-Won that she wants to tell her father that she cannot forget him. Soo-Won was surprised to hear that but didn't say anything. Just then, the doors opened, and advisor Key-Sook and a couple of guards came in. Key-Sook greets Soo-Won and commented on the accomplishment he did. He asked Soo-Won if Yona witnessed the murder, and without a word, he knew the answer. He then tells Soo-Won that it is his choice whether or not to kill her. Soo-Won then picks up his sword, and Yona got scared and tried to run away. She fell, knocking over a candle and setting fire to a curtain. This provided a distraction for her to escape. Soo-Won then orders the guards to capture her. As she ran, Yona questions herself and Soo-Won, saying that he isn't the same person who killed her father. She continued to run, with the guards in hot pursuit. A guard threw a rope at Yona's feet, making her trip and fall. As the guards surround her, one of them tells her to prepare herself for death. Yona then questions herself, asking if she was hated. She recalled back when she was little, remembering that she only loved Soo-Won. She was happy as long as she saw Soo-Won's smile, and she called out to Soo-Won. As the guard prepared to strike, Hak stepped in and stopped the guard from killing her. He killed several other guards before confronting Soo-Won. He said that he tried to stay out of the way for Soo-Won and Yona, but apparently, that wasn't the case now. Hak then apologized to Yona for not staying with her. Yona then asks him if Hak was on her side. He answers with confidence, saying that he will follow King Il's command no matter what. Kye-Sook then chuckles upon him, saying that Soo-Won is now the new king of the Crimson Dragon Castle and Kouka Kingdom. Hak then questions Soo-Won, asking him where King Il was. Soo-Won answered that he "sent him to hell" a few moments ago. Hak, suddenly with rage, slams his spear into the ground. He told Soo-Won that this was too much, even for a joke. Soo-Won says that it was true and that Yona saw it with her own eyes. Hak suddenly lunged at Soo-Won with his spear and demands he to tell the truth. Soo-Won blocks his strikes and says he's not lying. Hak continues to question Soo-Won as he strikes. Kye-Sook wanted to help, but Soo-Won told them to stay back. He introduced Hak as one of the 5 generals of Kouka Kingdom, the Lightning Beast. As Hak readied his spear, he asked Soo-Won why he wanted to become king. He answers, saying that Kouka doesn't need a weak king like King Il. He and Hak then engage in a one on one combat. As they fight, Kye-Sook continues to describe Hak; how he fought, how he became a general at a young age. He silently ordered a nearby soldier to do something. Finally, Hak succeeded in stabbing Soo-Won in the shoulder. As he was about to strike again, Kye-Sook ordered them to stop. Hak turned and found Yona with a soldier pressing a sword against her neck. Hak was left there, pondering what to do.  

Hak ends up being surrounded by guards, their spears at his throat. A soldier orders him to put down his spear, and he threw it down. Kye-Sook asks Soo-Won if he was alright. Before he could answer, Hak spoke up. He asked Soo-Won if the Soo-Won he knew was just an illusion. Kye-Sook answers, saying that Hak and Yona never knew what Soo-Won has gone through since they were living in peace in the castle. He continues to say more, but Soo-Won told him to hold his peace. Hak doesn't understand, and Soo-Won, walking towards him, says that the Soo-Won he knew never existed. He then points his sword at Hak's throat. Suddenly, an arrow is shot, distracting everyone. Hak took this chance to pick up his spear, clear the way, grab Yona and run. Kye-Sook then orders the soldiers to go after them. Hak continues to run, and he finds Min-Soo in a narrow lane. He criticises Min-Soo's archery skills and defends him from a soldier behind him. He then orders him to protect the princess and follow him. As more and more soldiers came, Hak told Min-Soo to go in a certain direction. Min-Soo looks back to see a soldier ready to stab Hak and warns him. Hak then rejoins Min-Soo and Yona. They found a hiding place behind a wall. Min-Soo asks Yona if King Il had really died. Yona didn't answer, but Min-Soo knew the answer. He apologized, saying that he couldn't believe that King Il was dead. A couple of soldiers walk by, and Hak tenses up, saying that they will be killed if seen. Min-Soo suddenly has a look of determination on his face, saying that he will be the decoy. Hak worries about his safety, but Min-Soo ensures him that he will, too, get out safely. Min-Soo is then seen with a purple blanket with flower designs over his head. He says to Yona that he will be praying for her safety. With that last word, he took off running. The guards guarding the gate saw the so-called "princess" running and began to chase them, leaving two guards guarding the gate. Hak then took the chance to kill the guards and slip out of the castle gates. As they were about to run away, they see Min-Soo shot by guards. Hak then pulls Yona's arm to escape. Meanwhile, Min-Soo, already injured, continued to run. Guards from behind pulled at their bows and shot him. He flashed back to earlier when King Il was smiling and Yona was serving him tea, then he falls. As if knowing that Min-Soo died, Yona turned back one more time to the Crimson Dragon Castel. Hak turned and pulled at Yona's hand, ensuring she was following.  

Back at the castle, Soo-Won and Kye-Sook investigate the open gates and the dead guards. Kye-Sook wanted to send out troops to catch Hak and Yona, but Soo-Won obliges. He knows that Hak will go to Fuuga, capital of the Wind Tribe and home to Hak. The road leading there is deep in the woods, and will be hard for soldiers to find.  

As Hak and Yona continued to escape, Yona had become tired of walking, and they stopped to rest. As they rested, Yona asked if Soo-Won will kill her and Hak. Hak says he will never die in the hands of Soo-Won. Yona then orders Hak not to die, then she cries herself to sleep. Hak flashes back to when he, Soo-Won and Yona were kids, still can't believing that King Il is dead. The thought of leaving the princess all alone made him think poorly of King Il.  

The next day at the castle, Kye-Sook apologizes to Soo-Won. He had some troops search the woods the night before, but they found nothing. Soo-Won then questions the commotion in the castle. Kye-Sook says that the people are beginning to feel unease due to the night's events. Down in the court, a man asks General Judo about the fuss. Judo says that they are investigating it right now. Kye-Sook asks Soo-Won for advice, but he didn't answer.  

Meanwhile, Hak is getting ready to continue. Yona, still in her suffering, asks him where to go. She regretted not thanking her father for the birthday party. She can't just simply let go of her father. Hak suddenly hugs her, promising that he will stay by her side no matter what. He said that that way, Yona can make up with her father and that he will be satisfied.  

Yona then, later in the future when she met the four dragons, narrates as she watches enemy troops marching through a steep valley. One of the soldiers looked up into the sky and saw Jae-Ha in mid-air, ready to launch throwing knives. As Jae-Ha falls due to gravity, Kija lands and uses his dragon claw to swipe away soldiers with Jae-Ha behind him, shooting throwing knives. Hak attacked the back of the troop with his spear. As a soldier was about to confront him, Shin-Ah drops down and kills the soldier. Then Yona, on the top of the cliff, demands the soldiers to leave Kouka Kingdom. One of the soldiers shoots an arrow at Yona, but Zeno blocks it with a shield. Yona then took out her bow and arrows and aims one of then down the valley. She narrates how she will survive to fight for her father's beliefs and for her comrades. The episode ends with Yona letting go of her arrow.  

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