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Princess Yona (王女ヨナ Ōjo Yona?) is the first episode of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.

Princess Yona, the sole princess in the Kingdom of Kouka is celebrating her 16th birthday. On the night of her birthday, she saw her father Emperor Il being killed by her cousin Lord Soo-Won. Yona who is also subject to be killed got saved by Hak, her childhood friend and a general in the Kingdom.


In the Kingdom of Kouka, the Hiryuu Castle was having a ceremony commemorating the 10th death anniversary of King Il's father, former King Junam. King Il was making his speech to his people about their small kingdom being free from any significant wars for the past ten years. Meanwhile Hak , one of the generals asked a servant where Princess Yona (who should be present at the ceremony) is. The servant told him that the princess is still busy preparing herself, to which Hak concluded that the reason for it is because "that person" is coming to the castle.

At Princess Yona's room, Min-Soo asked Yona to come out to the courtyard for the ceremony but unable to do so because she is still left undecided on what to wear. Later on, King Il came to see her in her room. Yona asked about the ceremony to which the King replied that it was already over.Yona was apologetic for not attending the ceremony but King Il said it's fine because it wasn't necessary for her to appear before the people. Princess Yona then asked her father if there's something odd about her hair. But her father said there's nothing odd about it and that her hair surpasses any jewel. Yona believed that she was born with a cute face but she still questions why her hair is just so red and unruly. It pisses her off that her hair won't behave at all. King Il asked Hak's opinion on the matter to which the latter stated that if there's something that isn't right, it would be her brain.

Yona got angry by Hak's statement and she began fighting him even asking her father to do something about Hak. King Il told Yona that she shouldn't be angry at Hak because he is her childhood friend and aside from that, he's one of the five generals who is protecting the castle. But Yona doesn't care about it because she'd rather want a guard who is lovable than an impertinent cretin like him. Hak reminded Yona that she should be preparing herself to look lovable since Lord Soo-Won has arrived. Upon hearing it, Yona rushed to see Soo-Won. King Il asked if Soo-Won is the reason of her getting conscious of her hair and why should she be this time. Hak answered that it must be that thing called a "maiden heart".Yona went on to see Soo-Won only to bump him on her way at the corridor. She blushed upon seeing him and Soo-Won was delighted to see her. Yona asked Soo-Won if he'll be staying for a little longer in the castle which he complied since he wants to attend Yona's 16th birthday which will happen in a week. Soo-Won then left Yona to see Hak and King Il, leaving Yona frustrated because Soo-Woon still treats her like a child despite the preparations she did to herself. Adding to her frustration  was when Hak happens to hear her while she's contemplating.

Flashback in the past, a young Princess Yona was throwing tantrums and have not been eating well. Young Soo-Won followed her because he was concerned of her cousin's well being. It was then that the young Yona cried because she's having a hard time sleeping due to her mother's absence. Yona's mother just recently passed away. Young Soo-Won thought of an idea of playing the mother role to Yona so she won't be sad anymore. He gave her food to eat and held her hand while they sleep together. Back to present time, Yona was looking for Soo-Won so she can share her best sweets to him but couldn't find him in his room. Min-Soo told her that Soo-Won is with Hak. Hak and Soo-Won were playing archery together much to Yona's dismay. She decided that she would also do archery with Soo-Won but King Il disapprove of her handling a weapon.

Soo-Won invited Yona to ride on his horse upon seeing her. Hak assisted her in getting into the horse teasing along about her weight. Soo-Won told Yona not to worry about riding it since she likes horses. Yona replied that she like it although she meant that she likes Soo-Won. While riding the horse, Yona told Soo-Won that he seems to be accustomed to women and that he must have brought them to his mansion. Soo-Won denied it but he said that there were some engagments talks. Yona feeling frustrated told Soo-Won that she's also having offers of engagement and that Hak was one of it. It was a lie for Yona but Soo-Won took it seriously even congratulating her.

Back inside the palace, Yona felt dismayed that Soo-Won believed her lie. King Il heard the talk and told them the marriage (Hak & Yona) may not be a lie after all. However, Yona wants to be married with Soo-Won but King Il strongly disapproves telling her that no matter how she wishes it, he cannot give her Soo-Won reminding her that she's the princess of Kouka and that her husband to be will be the next King. Yona told King Il that Soo-won is a fine man and of royal blood so he'd be right for her. But King Il told her that misfortune awaits to the one next in throne. If she wants Soo-won to be happy, she shouldn't choose him. Yona couldn't understand her father and why she can't have Soo-won. She was saddened by the discussion she had with her father as things doesn't allow her to be happy.

Sitting along the hallway in tears, Yona felt somebody's presence. It was an unknown person and Yona felt terrified. He tried to grab her but Yona was able to ran away. Remembering her father's words on how her mother died, she found refuge in a room and found Soo-won in there. She told Soo-won that someone is following her but Soo-won told her there's none. Yona was shaken by the thought that she's being targeted since she's the princess.

Soo-won tried to calm her down but Yona told her that she can't be with Soo-won (as he would be in danger). He then told Yona that if she wants to be with Hak (his bethrothed), he can take her to him. Yona tried to clarify the misunderstanding regarding Hak and even tried to confess her feelings but Soo-won ignored her. She tried to reach onto Soo-won only to be rejected. Soo-won told her not to do such or he'll misunderstand but Yona told him it's not and asked if it upsets him to know her true feelings. But Soo-won told her that he only sees her as his younger sister although he cannot sleep with her anymore like they used to do back when they were kids.Yona asked Soo-won about his engagement talks if that was a lie. He told her that there were some discussions but he's not engaged with someone as of the moment. Feeling hopeful, Yona told Soo-Won that it's enough for her if he giver her a bit of consideration.

A few days later, the Hiryuu Castle celebrated Yona's 16th birthday. While Yona was busy attending to her guests greetings, King Il was in tears upon seeing that Yona has grown. Yona went to King Il side only to complain about her unruly hair which left the King hopeless upon hearing his daughter's sentiments. Upon seeing the presence of Soo-Won waving to her, Yona immediately ran to his side. King Il tried to call on Yona but Yona didn't listen. Soo-Won brought her to a nearby corridor and gave her a hair ornament as his birthday gift. Yona wasn't happy with it as she felt that the accessory doesn't fit her because her hair is so red and unruly. But Soo-won told her that he loves Yona's hair as it is like the color of sky at dawn. With that being said Yona, started to love her hair. Hak surprised the two when he just appeared all of sudden and told Yona that her father is looking for her. Not feeling up to it, Yona told him to tell her father that she's resting and went on her way leaving Soo-won and Hak. Hak acknowledged the romance brooding between the two and told Soo-won that he could persuade King Il in marrying Yona but Soo-won answered that he's misunderstanding and also he shouldn't adress him formally since the former called him lord.

Hak felt that something is off in the castle and ask Soo-Won about it. Soo-Won replied that Yona has said something like that and adviced Hak to secure the area. Hak went on his way to the courtyard after telling Soo-won to look after Yona. 

Heavy rains and thunderstorms were pouring in the castle later that night. Yona is looking at herself in front of the mirror thinking of Soo-Won who loves her hair. She remembered her father's strong disapproval of Soo-Won becoming her husband. Convinced that her happiness is only with Soo-won, Yona decided to see his father to discuss the matter again. Upon arriving at her father's room, Yona realized that the door was opened and that no guards were present around the area. Yona went inside and called on to her father only to find him being stabbed by Soo-Won with his sword. Soo-Won then pulled his sword from King Il's body letting the latter be dropped unto the floor. Yona was horrified seeing her father covered in blood. She tried to tell Soo-Won to call the doctor but he told her that King Il won't be awake anymore since he already killed him.  

Meanwhile in the courtyard, Hak was checking the area and noticed its unusual silence. He was disrupted by Min-Soo who brought him something to drink. Min-Soo asked Hak if it's alright that he's not with Yona. Hak told him that he shouldn't be interfering as she is with Soo-Won now. Min-soo was delighted to hear that Yona's feelings have finally reached Soo-Won. He told Hak that he really knows Soo-Won and Yona well. Hak answered that he has been watching the two for a long time and that he wants to see both of them happy. Outside the palace, Yona is on the ground being surrounded by a number of guards. One of the guards pulled out his sword to kill Yona. He told her that it is for the sake of the kingdom. Yona called unto Soo-Won. Just as the guard was about to kill her, Hak appeared and stopped the guard from killing Yona. He also killed all the guards surrounding her. Seeing Yona in that situation, Hak questions Soo-won. 

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