Kanji イル
Rōmaji Iru
Gender Male
Age 54 [1]
Height 165 cm (5'5)[2]
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation King
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Joo-Nam (Father)
Yu-Hon (Brother)
Kashi (Wife)
Yona (Daughter)
Yong-Hi (Sister-in-law)
Soo-Won (Nephew)
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Voice Susumu Akagi
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King Il (イル Iru) is the late king of the Kouka Kingdom. He is the father of Yona, the second-born son of Emperor Joo-Nam and the younger brother of Yu-Hon. On the night of his daughter’s birthday, he was murdered by his nephew Soo-Won.

Appearance Edit

Il is a chubby man who has a gentle appearance. He has a pair of black eyes and short black hair covered by a black headgear with red and yellow design pattern, and two extending cords that has yellow tassels hanging on each of them. He also has a short black mustache.

He dons a maroon overcoat with violet hemlines atop a dark purple robe. This robe has red hemlines and covers his white innerwear. He also puts on a necklace with beads in various colors and a gold circular pendant.

Personality Edit

Il is a bubbly person who governs his people with kindness and idealism. He dislikes violence and settles conflicts in a peaceful manner. Because of this, he banned wars[3] and forbids Yona from taking up a weapon.[4] Although he may appear cowardly and weak from this, he can be brave and stop a fight by his own bare hands when it’s necessary.[5]

Background Edit

He was inaugurated as the King of Kouka Kingdom ten years prior to the beginning of the story.[6] It made no sense to most since he was the second-born and weaker than the first-born son, Yu-Hon. In his reign, he was known to hate weapons and war, and took the passive approach when he dealt with such matters. In efforts to avoid war with the neighboring countries, he offered them the small boundaries of the kingdom.[7] He also did poorly at ruling over the authorities of the other four tribes, so corruption within the system was able to flourish. These factors contributed to extreme poverty and foul trading, especially in the Fire Tribe.

After he assumed the throne, his wife was killed by insurgents and since then he didn't bother to marry again as the same fate may happen on his new spouse.[8] Yu-Hon was also killed, though it was covered up as an accident as Il himself murdered him for unknown reasons.[9]

Synopsis Edit

Fugitive Arc Edit

Il watches Yona and Hak fight

Il watches Yona and Hak fight

Il visits Yona in her room and he answers her question about her unruly red hair. He tells her how it’s not weird and asks Hak for the assurance of his statement, but the two youngsters engages in a playful fight because of the latter’s unpleasant answer. Yona soon leaves to meet Soo-Won outside after Hak tells her of his arrival. Il realizes why Yona is frantic about her hair, but is still confused about it as he think that Soo-Won will not mind the matter. Hak tells him bluntly how oblivious he is on her daughter’s feelings.

The next day, he and Yona goes to the training grounds to watch Hak and Soo-Won’s match in archery. During the game, Yona says that she wants to learn archery, on which he greatly opposes to. After the duel, Soo-Won invites Yona down for horseback riding and Il gets worried. Later that time, Il learns of his daughter’s conversation with Soo-Won about their own engagements. He tells her that her engagement will soon be tackled in the future, but Yona is opposing the idea as she wants Soo-Won to be her husband. Il disagrees to her because he doesn’t want his nephew to suffer the burden of being a king,[8] and also the fact his wife was killed by traitors which made him didn't want to remarry, and this what made Yona run out of her room in disbelief.

Soo-Won kills Emperor Il

Soo-Won kills Emperor Il

Five days later, Yona celebrates her 16th birthday and Il cries tears of joy. However, she is still preoccupied on her messy hair, much to his dismay. Later that night, Soo-Won meets him at his room and kills him for revenge.

Relationships Edit

Yona Edit

As Yona is his only child, he loves her more than anything. Because of this, he is very protective of her; he forbids her to hold a weapon and going outside the castle out of fear. However, despite complying with her wishes all the time, he is unable to give Soo-Won to her as he doesn't want the two to get married.

Hak Edit

Even though Hak considers him as a bubbly king and even tells him plainly one event, Il doesn't care about it as he admires Hak's honesty.[10] Because of Hak’s prowess, Il personally asks him to be Yona’s bodyguard but is turned down. However, when he saved him from Kan Tae-Jun, he earns his loyalty and has him stay by Yona’s side.

Soo-Won Edit

Il seems to have a normal relationship with Soo-won, though it may actually be very strained. Many times, he does not interact with Soo-Won directly—he would often stare from a distance as Yona would approach him. It has been implied that there may be reasons of Il's distance towards Soo-Won, other than the fact that Soo-Won is his deceased brother's son. For example, at the beginning, Il was strongly against Yona's plea to marry Soo-Won, but did not explicitly explain why. Also, in chapter 154, Yona revealed that while she was often brought by Il to visit King Hiryuu's shrine, when she brought Soo-won along with her, Il prohibited him from entering. He was uncharacteristically angered and only scolded Soo-won.[11]

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