Earth Tribe
Kanji 地の部族
Rōmaji Chi no buzoku
Location Kouka
Capital Chi’Shin
Current Leader(s) Lee Geun-Tae
Previous Leader(s) Gu-En
Manga Debut Chapter 44
Anime Debut Episode 15
The Earth Tribe submits to a powerful master

—Soo-Won about The Earth Tribe

The Earth Tribe (地の部族 Chi no buzoku) is one of the five tribes of the Kouka Kingdom. Its capital city is Chi’Shin and its general is Lee Geun-Tae.


The land of the Earth Tribe borders the north of the Water Tribe, northwest of the Sky Tribe, and it shares a border with the neighboring northern country of Kai Empire.

People and GovernmentEdit

Earth Tribe People

The residents of Chi'Shin cheers to Lee Geun-Tae during the Battle Game Festival.

People of the Earth Tribe are regarded as a strong group of people who are only loyal to strong kings. They hold great admiration towards their leader Geun-Tae and his valor as evidently seen from how most of the men copy his hairstyle on which they tie their hair in a high ponytail[1] or how enthusiastic they are when they see him in battle during the Battle Game Festival. Hierarchy is mostly disregarded which easily makes the common people talk to their leader normally.[2] According to Soo-Won, if the country is to engage in a war, the Earth Tribe will be the most spirited in battle.[3]

Behind this positive trait, however, the Earth Tribe does not appear to be stable inside. The tribe’s economy used to be vibrant, and the capital city used to be crowded with foreign merchants and visitors. Some of the mineral resources that the tribe relied on so much depleted and what only remain to be mined are low-valued stones. There are also smuggling problems in the Awa Port where the notorious official Yang Kum-Ji does human[4] and drug trafficking with the Kai Empire[5] that lead corruption to the tribe.

Currently, these problems are minimized thanks to the efforts of the King, and Yona’s group together with the local pirates in Awa. As a result, new businesses opened such as the exportation of Yun-Ho’s flower tea to foreign countries, and the appraisal of stones thought to be of low value dig from the Udo Mines.[6] Awa also returns to the peaceful town it used to be, with women no longer fearing that they will be sold to the neighboring country.

Known ResidentsEdit



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