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Chul-Rang (チョルラン Choruran?) is the advisor of the Earth Tribe General, Lee Geun-Tae.


Chul-Rang is a young man who has dark brown eyes and thick eyebrows. He has a long dark hair that is tied in a ponytail similar to Geun-Tae’s and short fringes parted in half. He is dressed in a white short shirt overlaid with a sleeveless blue robe. He wears a black belt with a silver buckle and apron-like clothing atop the lower part of his blue robe. Underneath, he has grey pants that are wrapped with bandages on the edges and a pair of brown loafers on his feet.


Chul-Rang is an upbeat person who admires Geun-Tae very much. However, as his position requires, he is uptight about his master’s habits, and can be serious when it comes to political issues concerning their tribe.


Geun-Tae and Chul-Rang welcome Soo-Won

At the beginning of a certain day, Chul-Rang scolds Geun-Tae for not dressing properly and advises him to act like how a general should be. His master then starts reminiscing about the old days when their tribe prospered under Emperor Joo-Nam’s time and his godlike strength during his battles. Chul-Rang cuts him by making him realize that his “godlike strength” is defeated by the Thunder Beast years ago. From this statement of his, he receives a headlock from Geun-Tae and it lasted long until a servant informs them of the arrival of Soo-Won and his company, which make them rush to the entrance. Upon arriving there, Soo-Won asks Geun-Tae for a favor and he thinks that it is some kind of a special mission; however, they are let down when they learn that he is only asking for a cup of tea.

Chul-Rang asks Soo-Won about the reason of his visit

Inside the castle, he is serving the guests with the said request and during the event, Geun-Tae and Han Joo-Doh gets into each other’s nerve. He is asked by his master to bring him his sword, but he knows that he really wants to fight the Sky Tribe General for fun. Afterwards, they stroll around the palace and Geun-Tae tells them about his desire to fix the palace as it is almost dilapidating, though Chul-Rang says that he is the reason behind the damages. Suddenly, an old man named Hee-Dae shows up to Geun-Tae to report a cave-in on their mines and Chul-Rang seizes this chance to ask Soo-Won for the reason of his visit. When the king answered that he is on the Earth Tribe for sightseeing, he grows worried as he believes that he should be dealing with the matters concerning the country’s welfare.[2] He also mentions the problem occurring at Awa, but Geun-Tae stops him as he is becoming disrespectful. Despite that, they learn that the situation at Awa has been resolved by the pirates and with that, Geun-Tae gets really serious and outright declares his desire to rebel against Soo-Won. He and Joo-Doh tries to stop him, but they both fail to do so. Soon, Geun-Tae leaves them and he apologizes for how his master acted. He explains that their general wants to fight again and this inspires an idea on Soo-Won’s mind.

Chul-Rang as the emcee

Shortly after, Chul-Rang goes quickly to Geun-Tae and tells him about the king’s plan to engage on a war. They go to where Soo-Won is and immediately, after learning that the said war is nothing but a war game, Geun-Tae asks for the event to be cancelled and for the king to go home. Chul-Rang quickly disagrees and he is backed up by his fellow tribesmen who also want to continue the fight. Defeated, Geun-Tae agrees to them. On the day of the battle game festival, he accompanies Geun-Tae on the waiting room when Yun-Ho comes in. After she corners Geun-Tae, she talks to Soo-Won and his master finds it surprising as he hasn’t introduced his wife to him. He explains that the two of them had already met during the week he left the king alone after their talk on the festival. As soon as the match starts, Chul-Rang takes the role of the emcee and comments on every event that is happening. Eventually, the game ends in favor of Geun-Tae and they celebrate at the castle. The next day, he is serving everyone once more when he and the king find Geun-Tae mad about something. As his master explains his reason for being angry, Yun-Ho and Hee-Dae comes and tells about the success of their businesses, which are tea making and stone appraisal, respectively. Hearing that the stones are now considered as a victory charm because Geun-Tae wore them during the game, Chul-Rang asks Hee-Dae for an order. They continue their little party until they notice that the king has already left them.


Lee Geun-Tae[]

He has a high regard for Geun-Tae greatly and wishes to be like him someday, which is evident on his hairstyle that he mimics.[3] Even though they are of different ranks, the two of them can talk casually and frankly. More often than not Chul-Rang is nagging the general about acting like a proper general.


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