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Chi'Shin is the capital of the Earth Tribe. The current general of the Earth tribe is Lee Geun-Tae. Chi'Shin is located in the North-West region of the Kouka Kingdom. Chi'Shin and the rest of the Earth Tribe flourished under the rule of King Joo-Nam because of their military prowess. It is implied that the pacifism of Emperor Il has contributed to a state of decline in Chi'Shin. General Geun-Tae remarks that there are no merchants or visitors to Chi'Shin. He also states that they are running out of resources in their mines which are integral to the economy of the Earth Tribe.

Appearances in the Story[]

King Soo-Won comes to Chi'Shin with a small group of guards. He visits a listless Lee Geun-Tae without giving notice and for no apparent reason. Soo-Won asks to be shown around because he has never been to Chi'Shin. Soo-Won's happy-go-lucky attitude repels the General who quickly finds an excuse to avoid him. In the meantime, Soo-won arranges for a Mock Battle to be performed at a festival in Chi'Shin. Soo-won and Geun-Tae lead opposing teams in the battle. During the fight, Geun-Tae grasps the victory for his team by overcoming Soo-Won in a show-down as he is outnumbered. After the battle, Geun-Tae's wife, Lady Yun-Ho excitedly reports to General Geun-Tae that a merchant from the neighboring Kai Empire wishes to purchase her homemade floral tea. Not long after, an underling reports that the Udo mines are in need of more workers due to an increased demand for stones that Geun-Tae was wearing in the mock battle. His staff reports that the stones had formerly been useless but now were considered lucky due to the General's victory. Soo-Won takes his leave of Chi'Shin as Geun-Tae realizes the King's contributions to the Earth Tribe.