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Fly is the 99.1th Chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.

15 years ago, while wandering for months, the people of the Ryokuryuu tribe hid the Ryokuryuu away, so that the secret of the power wouldn't leak out, to the outside world.


A 12-year old Jae-Ha attempts to run away, but the villagers quickly manage to notice him. Garou, whom is ordered to retrieve Jae-Ha immediately, says that it's his job to within his head, saying that his life is stupid.

Garou tells Jae-Ha that the possession of his dragon's foot will not give him acceptance from others.

Caught back and put in chains, Jae-Ha asks to when Garou, his predecessor would die. Angered by his words, he says that if he is meaning to tell him to die. Jae-Ha says how usually the predecessor would die after 3-4 years of their successors's birth, but in his case, it's already been 12 years- it's about time for him to retire. Fighting Garou, he states how if it weren't for him he would be free. Garou says that with a dragon's foot, there is no way the outside world would accept him, easily beating Jae-Ha. Some people treat it like a monster's foot, a disease; there is simply no way in which the outside would give him acceptance. Jae-Ha says that before he was born, Garou too, must have been in the same situation: chained and locked prisoner within the village; how he too, should have craved to go to the outside world. But Garou does not shed any sympathy or understanding towards Jae-Ha, and instead says that making him miserable and seeing him struggle brings him joy already.

Walking outside of the prison, villages and a village elder surround Garou. Saying that he can trust Garou in preventing the escape of Jae-Ha- as he fears the repeat of a recalled tragedy that happened 85 years ago, where a leak of information caused armed forces to trample over the village. Garou says with smiles that he wouldn't let a thing like that happen again, but also asks for his food provisions reward for capturing Jae-Ha. Giving him a few fish, eggs and potatoes- Garou states that it's lesser than before. The elder shrugs it off, in addition to saying that it is a fine amount for a good-for-nothing job and due to him, whom is living a longer life than expected. Though still smiling, Garou's face is dark. Suddenly, as Garou is walking, he stumbles and the food tumbles onto the floor. He notices how he has lost the strength in his dragon's foot and cannot walk properly.

Back at the prison, Garou is petrified at the thought at being at his life's limit. Beating up Jae-Ha and blaming him for sucking the life out of him, Garou finishes by saying to himself that he is trash. Jae-Ha asks if he is finished without being on the defensive and without striking back. Garou says he isn't and almost wants to kill him. Jae-Ha stares at him and mentions how despite hating him, he can feel and hear his screams and struggles, tuggling and tearing his heart to shreds. Garou thinks that he must have hurt Jae-Ha's head and this must be why he is speaking nonsense. Suddenly Jae-Ha breaks the chains with his powered-up dragon's foot and prepares to leave. Stating that Garou can no longer chase him, Garou lies saying that he is well and dandy. But after a small fight, Garou really has lost his powers- proven by his falls and shaky foot strikes. In disbelief that the power he possessed for years to vanish so suddenly, he attempts to get up and fight back; only to be beaten back once again. Jae-Ha says that Garou is pitiful and mentions that despite the villagers and the elder treating him poorly, he never once used his powers to put them down.

Garou recalls the time he cried upon Jae-Ha's birth- the only person he could speak to.

Struck by his words, Garou stutters as he says that ever since he was born, the words the villagers said were true: he was a burden and even so, they took care of him. Despite the tribe being a hell everyday, only this place is the took care of him. Recalling to how he did flee one day, and how he had nowhere to go, nowhere he wanted to go, no place where people could accept him; even the story of King Hiryuu picking him up felt unreal. Everything seemed to be in vain. But then he felt that a Ryokuryuu would be born that day. So he head back to the village and indeed, a baby Ryokuryuu was born. Crying from happiness, he realised how from that day on, he would finally have someone to talk to.

Back in the present, Jae-Ha prepares to leave. Garou sadly wonders if that these are his last moments: losing the person he can only speak to and losing his powers. Holding out a hand once the prison door is open, Jae-Ha turns back and says to Garou "Let's go." Garou looks at him in shock at Jae-Ha's suggestion that the two flee and go to the sky. Garou is confused at his words; he whom is on the verge of death, beaten him up and still, Jae-Ha insists to take him. But the two arrive back from the sky by thunder.

The village elder and his men try to stop the two from leaving. He says that if the pair cooperate, then they wouldn't get shot or hurt. At they very moment, Garou runs and charges at the armed villagers. The villagers hold him back but Garou ignores them and shouts back at Jae-Ha. He says that what idiot would go with him anyway, and how he is tired of him, stating that he should go alone- fly away! Jae-Ha stands still, stunned by his words. Garou begins to cry. Continuing to speak, he says how he hates the likes of Jae-Ha and if he were gone he would be so happy. He tells him to never come back whilst ending on the word "idiot". Jae-Ha looks sadly at Garou, understanding the true meanings behind Garou's words- ones that only a bonded, close two would share. Jumping high up into the sky- where the arrows cannot reach, Jae-Ha finally gains his freedom. Garou who finds it hard to stand, falls onto the ground; his back facing the blue sky.

Looking up at Jae-Ha he speaks within his mind, telling Jae-Ha that the arrows will not reach him, none can be his opponent and he should go fly and go anywhere he wants. His vision fading, going misty and black- Garou begs the green dragon to let him see him for longer as he has held onto him for such a long period of time. With his very last words, he tells the green dragon to look after Jae-Ha, even for just a short bit of time.

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Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Power of the Ryokuryuu


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