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The Unseen Face of An Ally is the 89th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

The chapter opens on Hyo (A merchant distributing black market drugs) looking off his balcony laughing and yelling "My powerful allies are on their way! Just you wait, red-haired girl and people of the water tribe...! You're about to witness my true strength...or something like that." The story then moves to the Water Tribe garrison barracks where Riri, Yona, Zeno, Suwon, and his personal bodyguards are. Yona looks at Riri and asks if they really are gonna mobilize troops and Riri says "Whether it's drugs, Hyo, or something else, ultimately I don't think my people have a future unless they stand up against the damaging things that are invading us. So I must do everything I can to protect them"

Riri Swiftly turns towards the gates a few feet away and is stopped by guards. When questioned for her identity Riri mearly says shes here to see the captain. The guards continue to question her, causing Suwon speak up, claiming that she was Riri, daughter of the Water Tribe Chief.

After getting to the captain everyone is shocked shes wishes to start a battle by mobilizing troops. Furthermore, they explain they cannot do anything under Riri's command. She then pulled out the Water Tribe golden seal that she had stolen from her father, giving her ultimate governing authority. She then states with a fierce look in her eyes, "I understand if you are unable to take action because of your loyalty to my father Ahn Jung Gi, I commend you for that. But our people's survival is at stake. You will obey me as if I were the water tribe chief himself." In response, all heads in the room bowed to Riri. Captain Ramaru raised his head and said "As you wish, Lady Riri", moving on to continue to state how they would need reinforcements. However, Suwon and Yona have it covered, knowing that with the Thunder Beast (Hak), nothing stands in their way.

The scene is then moved to Hak, Jaeha, Yun, Gija, And Sinha's group who are recruiting allies. Jaeha showed Hak the big group of "Sensui Female Divers" he had assembled, drawing the response from Hak, "Could you save the group marriage for later?" The two then transition into strategy, where Jaeha remarks that he thought Lady Riri's bodyguards (Suwon and his guards in disguise) were used to giving orders and very trustworthy. After that, people claiming to be troops stationed on the base sent by Riri approached Hak and the others.

Following that, Kazak, an aristocrat of the South Kai Fleet is shown leading his and Hyo's ships off the coast of Sensui. They're armed to attack the Water Tribe, but more specifically Yona. Kazak begins to question if Hyo really has the funds for more drug puppets, but his mindset quickly changes as he decides he does not care; he will be able to take over the Water Tribe and eventully Kohka as a whole regardless of Hyo's plans. He's taken out of this fantasy moments later though, as Hak's team has brought mere fisher's boats to begin their attack.

At first, Kazak stares at the ships, believing them to be dumb fishermen putting out to sea in a war zone. He waves them off, saying to sink them should they be in the way, but is startled by the arrival of Gija riding on Jaeha's back. Whilst the crew is confused, Hak and Sinha make it aboard, surprising the intruders even more. Kazak himself is shocked, saying, "Th- They're not soilders or fishermen?!". In response, Jaeha, swiftly turns around, grinning. "Certainly not - we're pirates!". Yun commands the archers on higher ground to release their flaming arrows, heralding the beginning of the battle.

In a scared haste, Kazak calls for his men to, "Release the drug puppets!" Jaeha then leaves Gija to stay on the main ship as he leaps to the next. As the battle continues, more pirates slipped onboard, creating even more chaos. At one point, Captain Ramaru is nearly killed at the hands of a drug puppet, but Hak arrives in time to kill the attacker with his glaive. Ramaru thanks his savior immediately, and begins to explain about the way his "pirates" dressed. Hak asked if Riri's bodyguard thought up that detail, and the captain replied yes, going on to say "If the water tribe troops mobilize, south kai will have the justifaction to start a war. So we're pretending to be pirates to drive them away." Ramaru then added that he was glad that he had trusted Riri and her friends, causing Hak to ask "Oh? Did a red-haired girl say something by chance?" The man promptly replied "No, it was Lady Riri's bodyguard. He said we'd win the day for sure because the Thunder Beast is here."

Their conversation was cut short by a massive boom nearby, creating a transition to the next scene.

It is revealed that the explosion was the work of the divers Jaeha had showed Hak earlier, proving their use after al. Kazak fell to the ground as a result of the impact, and muttered, "I won't be defeated by pirates." Jaeha, meanwhile, noticed Hak idling by with the captain, and called for him to, "Stop standing around and give us a hand, would you?" Hak promptly replies "Sure." and leaps down into battle. As he does so, the line "Because the Thunder Beast is here." replays in his mind, causing him to wonder again who the mysterious bodyguard really was.

The chapter is brought to a close with a scene with Hyo, who is witnessing the collateral damage to his reinforcements. His assistant rushes to him and declares that, "It appears Lord Kazak's Fleet is under attack..." Hyo, astonished and outraged by these news, replies angrily, "Under attack?! By Whom?" "W-We don't know..." The assistant stammered, searching for words, "And another thing...the red-haired girl has been sighted again." Hyo appears utterly defeated at this, and does not reply.