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The Sound of Invisible Tears is the 83rd chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Hiyou flees the inn after Shin-Ah cuts down his men and Yona scars and threatens him. As she rests later that night, Yona has a vision of the four dragons crying for her, and awakens to find Hak at her side. Seeing Hak so downcast too, Yona begs him to not blame himself for what happened, though Hak disagrees with what she says. Meanwhile Hiyou commands his men to find and murder Yona as payment for what she did.


Yona slashes Hiyou's face

Yona stands again to face Hiyou and his men, vowing to not collapse despite the pain of her back. Hiyou, annoyed by her persistence, orders another of his men to finish her off, but the man is halted in his attack by Shin-Ah, who rushes to Yona's aid. As the Seiryuu cuts down Hiyou's men in anger, Zeno and Yoon also arrive on the scene, taking in Yona's injury and the collapsed Tetora. Shin-Ah moves to attack Hiyou himself, though Yona halts him, standing despite Yoon's protests to slash Hiyou across the face and leave him with a giant 'X' on his forehead. Vowing to never forget her face and to eventually kill her, Yona and the others watch as Hiyou flees; Shin-Ah moves to pursue, though Yoon and Zeno call him back to help them with the injured Tetora and Yona.

That night, Kija, Jae-Ha and Hak return to the inn to find Yona bandaged and resting. All incredibly worried about Yona and furious, the group are filled in on what happened by Yoon, who apologizes for having left Yona's side. As Kija and Jae-Ha note that the very inn they were staying at was also controlled by Hiyou and discuss the extent of his influence, Hak stares down at Yona with an unreadable expression.

Yona and the four dragons

Yona awakens surrounded by darkness and the sound of people crying. As she looks around, she spots four dragons sitting together weeping, and approaches them. Noting that they seem to represent the four dragons, she watches as the white one of the group begins to whack itself with it's tail; noting it is Kija punishing himself, she tells him to stop, and then comforts the crying Shin-Ah whilst noting Jae-Ha's uncharacteristically downcast face. The yellow dragon she concludes to be Zeno then appears at her back, rubbing her wound as if to heal it. Realising they all must be sad due to her injury, Yona tries to console them with the fact that they were not at fault, and that she prevailed in her sword skills. Noting how Ayura praised her, Yona turns to call out for Hak, though he isn't there.

Hak tells Yona to leave herself in his care

This does cause her to waken though, and she spots Hak sitting at her bedside. She speaks out with surprise at his being with her, though Hak merely asks if she needs Yoon to treat her pain, simultaneously informing her that the dragon warriors are out tracking Hiyou, who seems to have escaped the town. Yona notes that Hiyou's manipulation is so far spread and that stopping him would be the fastest way to helping the Water Tribe; stirring, she starts to get up despite Hak's protests. Telling him she just wants some water, Yona freezes as Hak slips his hands around her and helps her sit up, blushing and noting her ridiculous state as Hak leans her against his body and advises her to leave herself in his care. Overwhelmed, Yona chokes on the water she is trying to drink and goes into a coughing fit, lying that she managed to drink and is now fine as she moves away, questioning what is wrong with herself. To fill the silence she notes that Hak is being kind, and Hak jokingly scolds her for ever thinking he is otherwise. She replies by telling him about the sword fight she got into at the inn, and how his teaching ensured that nothing too bad happened.

As she thanks him though, she sees the extremely upset look on Hak's face, and notes that she doesn't want him to look so sad. She tells Hak that she has had enough water, and, as he moves away, contemplates her lack of strength and her crying friends, and wonders if Hak would smile more if she was stronger and could fight on her own. Hak sees her upset expression and wonders if she is in pain, though Yona interrupts by telling him that she is fine and that he did nothing wrong; she says that the wound she got is her own, and that Hak doesn't have to take responsibility for it, or for any of her injuries. Asking Hak to not be sad and to guide her, Yona lies back down and falls asleep once more. Watching over her, Hak quietly scolds her for her words, stating that she means too much to him for him to not take responsibility for her pain.

Meanwhile, in Sensui, a scarred and angry Hiyou arrives back at his offices. As a staff member questions his early return, Hiyou commands that his drug puppets be assembled, as there is a red-haired brat he wants murdered and brought before him.

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