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Kijais the 70.2th Chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.

Kija awakens one day to the strong feeling that his father, the previous Hakuryuu, is going to pass away. Despite his grandmother's orders not to, Kija visits his father and they share one last moment together before the man's passing.


Waking up abruptly, Kija senses that today will be his father's last. Kija, whom is desperate to see his father due to his last visit being 3 months ago, asks his granny for permission. Due to the rejection of his request, Kija decides to sneak into his father's (his dragon predecessor's) room.

Kija hugs his father one last time

Upon his arrival, Kija notices how his father has lost an enormous amount of weight. But his father, whom is very ill, detects a presence within the room, thinking it to Granny. He states how his hand is no longer a dragon's claw but just an ordinary hand; proof that the strength of the dragon gods have left his body. Seeing how his son and he have always been segregated from each other, and his power is no longer in his possession, he asks Granny to allow him to see his son in his final hour, since his body has become weak and he can no longer see his son for himself. Realising that his father has indeed cared for him, Kija rushes to his father's side, making wishes and stating to himself how he has lots of things he wish he could have spoken to his father about. However, once uttering Kija's name, Kija's father's eyes do not open any more.

After the passing of the Hakuryuu, Kija tells his granny that there is not a single thing he needs to forgive his father for, as he smiles sadly.

Characters In Order Of Appearance[]

  • Kija
  • Kija's Grandmother
  • Kija's Father

Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Power of the Hakuryuu


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