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In Saika, Hak wakes Yona up. It is dawn and the fight between Kyouga and the Senshuu army is about to begin. The capitol gates have been closed, they have no access to news of the battle. Jaeha and Shin-Ah are heading towards the gates, but Shin-Ah suddenly pulls Jaeha to make him stop. There’s a lot of soldiers at the gate, they don’t need to get closer because he can see just fine from here. Shin-Ah starts to remove his blindfold but turns away when Jaeha tries to look at his eyes ^^ They spot a fire tribe soldier running in the street. The Kashou fort has fallen, and Kang Soojin has fled to call for reinforcements. Jaeha wants to tell Yona at once, but Shin-Ah is looking at something, dumbstruck. At the tavern, they tell the team what they’ve learned. Yona asks about the fight between Saika and the Senshuu army, but it seems the battle never happened. The soldiers are just surrounding the castle without attacking. Hak asks Shin-Ah about their numbers… Why is there only 2,000 of them?! The soldiers at Saika’s gates are just there to block Kyouga. The main force must be chasing after Kang Soojin, led by Li Hazara. If Soojin makes for Saika castle, Hazara’s army will rejoin and take the city in no time. Yona wonders if they can go and help Kyouga. Yoon is worried. What if someone from Kouka sees them? Kija & Jaeha have: if they go as the “dark dragon and hungry bunch” rogues nobody will recognize them. Zeno knows how to get out of the city, but Yoon is still uneasy. Outside Saika, the hungry bunch appears in the middle of the enemy camp from an underground passage. They’re covered in spider webs, and Shin-Ah is covered in actual spiders. In Saika castle, Kyouga is angry because the soldiers won’t attack nor move away. A man tells him they’re acting strange, the camp is stirring up. In the enemy camp, Hak and the dragons are fiercely attacking the soldiers. Yona is setting fire to the tents with her arrows. Now they just have to wait for Soojin’s return. Shin-Ah is observing Soojin’s army, but… they’re not heading towards Saika! Instead, they’re going southwest. Maybe Soojin intends to ask Soowon directly for reinforcements? That’s unlikely to happen. Hak has a theory he didn’t want to share with the group because he didn’t think Soojin capable of this, and yet… Saika castle being the main stronghold of the fire tribe, Kang Soojin should have left most of his army there to defend it. But he didn’t, and was crushed a bit too easily. Also, Shin-Ah said both armies were headed southwest.

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