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Flames is the 67th chapter of of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.

Earth Tribe General Geun-Tae and King Soo-Won are drinking Yun-Ho's tea together at Hiryuu Castle. They chat about its success in southern Kai Empire and the revival of Chi'shin's economy. Geun-Tae asks Soo-Won how far he planned to bring about this success but Soo-Won humbly deflects. Soo-Won gets to his main point: there will likely be an uprising the northeast, and he will be relying on Geun-Tae to quell it. Soo-Won's hawk returns to his shoulder and Soo-Won gazes steadily at Geun-Tae. Geun-Tae solemnly returns to Chi'shin to prepare for war.

Yoon and Zeno scout the Fire Tribe's prosperous capital of Saika. They accidentally stumble into a smoke-filled den of rough and drunken men. The men grab them but Jae-Ha appears and asks the men to stop. One of the men gets angry and throws a punch, which a cloaked Kija catches with his dragon hand. The man falls in fear. Yoon and Zeno join Yona, Hak, Shin-Ah, Jae-Ha and Kija, who are all cloaked, at the back of the room. The men quietly gossip about the newcomers, who appeared in the Saika slums a day ago looking for info on Saika soldiers. They share a rumour that Shin-Ah almost cut someone's arm off for trying to touch Yona.

Yona and company are in Saika after seeing Fire Tribe soldiers in Senri village in Kai. Hak has taken the group to this sketchy back alley because it is easier to hide and gather info in the slums. Yoon asks if Hak comes often to back alleys. Hak replies he once knew a guy who did back in Kuuto (the town by Hiryuu Castle); his face hardens as he thinks of Soo-Won. Yoon reports to Yona that nothing has changed in the Saika troops and they should move on since the area is too dangerous. Yona agrees but can't shake off the feeling that something is wrong.

Meanwhile, a group of mountain bandits hear the sound of horses and plan to target what they think are merchants. They peek over the ledge and instead behold a vast army led by General Li Hazara.

A Saika soldier bursts into the den and breaks the news that troops from Kai Empire's Sen province have broken through the border to invade Kouka.

The news also reaches the Fire Tribe General's first son Kyo-Ga at Saika Castle. The invading army is reported to number 10,000. Kyo-Ga is shocked that Sen province would attack without first attempting negotiations. The Fire Tribe General Kan Soo-Jin, who is in on the plan, calmly tells Kyo-Ga to prepare for war and Kyo-Ga springs into action. Kyo-Ga furiously declares that the Fire Tribe, as descendants of the legendary king Hiryuu, will bring judgement onto the invading army. Just then a report comes in that the Kai Empire forces have broken past the gates of Rokka, the Fire Tribe's northeastern fort. General Soo-Jin declares he will go forth with troops to defend Rokka while Kyo-Ga defends Saika Castle. Before Soo-Jin departs, Kyo-Ga tells him he has ordered a camp to be set up for Soo-Jin's troops near Kah-Sho Gate and that he has requested reinforcements from King Soo-Won. Soo-Jin looks dismayed but says nothing about his traitorous intentions as he leaves.

Back in the slums of Saika, rumours fly about the strength of the invading army and how quickly Rokka fell. Yoon worries if the rural areas in the war path will be safe...

The Generals Soo-Jin and Hazara smirk, confident that their plan is going smoothly.