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No Smoke Without Fire is the the title of chapter 66 of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.

Yona and the group find themselves in a predicament of finding out why there are Fire Tribe soldiers and Kai Empire soldiers in the two nations borders. A meeting between the leader of the Fire Tribe, Kan Soo-Jin and Li Hazara take place. Yona claims that she and the group must return to Saika.


The chapter begins with a question from Jae-Ha to Hak; he rhetorically asks the group whether they think Yona's dance at the recently ended Fire Festival was beautiful. Kija and Zeno concur with this, but Hak remains silent. Kija claims that the dance was reminiscent of tragic love and raises the question of whether the princess had ever encountered a sad love. Jae-Ha then retorts that five large men in one tent is overdoing it. Hak suggests that he leave should he find it too troublesome. Jae-Ha asks Hak why he isn't sleeping with Yona in her tent, since the threat of a bear appearing is high. When Hak does not answer, he claims that he's concluded that Hak might not be able to control himself because Yona's dance was so beautiful. Hak rams his elbow onto his chin, claiming that it's time to wake up. Zeno retorts that Hak had knocked out Jae-Ha's jaw.

Just as he was about to leave the tent, a number of women fell into the tent. As if on cue, Yona enters the tent to tell them that it's time to wake up. Yona sees women on top of Hak and tells them to take their time. She claims that she can practice swordsmanship on her own, and that Hak can cut loose, to which Hak disagrees, saying that he is not slacking off.

Kija asks the women if there is anything troubling them. The women claim that they are indeed in fear of the soldiers close to the area where they fetch water outside the village. Yona is surprised to hear of this, and the women continue to say that they come once in a while but are just violent men. Yona declares that she will go look into this, and with this, Hak, Kija, Shin-Ah and Jae-Ha follow suit. Jae-Ha leaves the women in Zeno's hands. The women ask what their relationship is with Yona, and to this Zeno answers, 'Master-Dog'.

The next panel shows Yona looking into the distance. Yona claims that she wants to confirm whether they really are Sen Province Soldiers. Shin-Ah points to a distant area, Jae-Ha sees this, and is surprised.

The old man gives Yoon Iza seeds

The scene cuts off and Yoon is shown, being called out by the old man who is in charge of the Iza seeds, 'hey, young lady!' Yoon sees him and asks him if he is fit to move around, since he had a fainting spell the night before. The old man says that he is well because Yoon's medicince was extremely effective. The old man says that he was mistaken; Yoon wasn't a yound lady, but a young lad. Yoon asks if this makes him mad, but the old man says no. In his thoughts, however, Yoon thinks the old man is dejected. The old man hands Yoon a bag, and upon closer inspection, it contained Iza seeds. Yoon is surprised, and the old man suggests that he take it. Yoon is bewildered and asks him why he is giving him the seeds when the old man told him how valuable the seeds are. The old man replies that it's not a big deal, and that Yoon generously gave him medicine. The old man reflects that he should share the seeds to travellers who have come from far away. He further states that Yona's dance was very beautiful, a sentiment that he believes the villagers have, too. Yoon is overwhelmed because the old man gave him quite a lot despite the fact that the old man is not even sure of their purpose of acquiring the seeds. Yoon thanks the old man, saying that he will definitely take care of the seeds.

Yoon and Yona see Fire Tribe soldiers

Yoon goes off to find Yona, and as he was running towards her, Yona says that there's trouble ahead. Yoon, on the other hand, declares the good news that he was finally able to acquire the Iza seeds. Yoon says that it was all thanks to Yona's beautiful dance in the Fire Festival. Hak and Jae-Ha put their hands on Yona and Yoon's mouths, respectively to hush them up. Jae-Ha says that he would also like to raise a toast to Yona's dance, but as Hak continues, they must stay silent. Jae-Ha points to the soldiers in the distance. They are surprised to see Fire Tribe soldiers in the territory of the Kai Empire. It seems that they wander in that area quite a lot. Hak claims that he has heard of a rumour in the past that the Fire Tribe has been buying weapons from neighbouring kingdoms. Kija wonders how the soldiers from their country can freely enter into another country's territory. Jae-Ha wonders what their next steps would be. Yoon claims that he has a bad feeling about the lenience of the borders' defense; he asks if they should watch them a bit longer.

Kan Kyo-Ga, the first son

The setting changes to Saika castle, the Fire Tribe's capital. It shows the first son, Kan Kyo-Ga looking for an attendant. When one appears, he asks him where his father had gone. The soldier replies that Soo-Jin had left for negotiations. Kyo-Ga wonders why his father has been going out often recently, and wonders out loud whether it is because of negotiations, as well, to which the attendant agrees. Kyo-Ga claims that he wants his father to see his soldiers' training range. He realises that he hadn't heard from his brother, Tae-Jun for quite some time, but soon dismisses this. He further retorts that whilst his father is out, it's his responsibility to oversee Saika castle. The attendant says that because of Kyo-Ga, the castle is a safe place.

Meeting between Li Hazara and Kan Soo-Jin

The setting changes once more to the borders of Kouka and Kai. A person's silhouette is shown, and Soo-Jin is seen thanking a person for meeting him. This person is soon revealed as Li Hazara, head of the Kai Empire's Sen Province. Hazara declines the gratitude, and claims that the meeting is also advantageous to him. He also says that he had always wanted to see the Fire Tribe. They make small talk about the lands and the tea they are drinking. After being able to tell that the tea came from the Earth Tribe, Soo-Jin throws the cup in a comic fashion and claims that it is disgusting; there was a bug floating around it. Hazara reassures Soo-Jin that he should not concern himself with the other tribes. Soo-Jin agrees and says that those of the Fire Tribe are descendants of King Hiryuu and everyone else from other tribes are merely slaves. Hazara replies that although he is not religious, he understand issues such as those. He asks why he isn't able to see the first son, to which Soo-Jin says that his son is not yet ready to be involved in matters such as these. Hazara asks about the second son, and Soo-Jin is reminded of his pathetic son and tells him not to concern himself with his foolish son. Hazara then claims that it won't be long from now, their preparations are underway and asks Soo-Jin if he were ready; Soo-Jin merely replies with a smile. Hazara then claims that in three days, they will proceed as planned.

Yona declares that they must go back to Kouka

The scene shifts back to Yona, Jae-Ha, Yoon and Shin-Ah.The sidenote claims that they split from Hak, Kija and Zeno in order to spy on the soldiers. They are seen helping the women of the village to fetch water. Yoon asks why it is necessary to take the women with them, and Jae-Ha replies that besides it being important to help a damsel in distress, it also helps them blend in with the townsfolk. The women mention Aro and her failed attempt of wooing Hak. Jae-Ha asks if anything is wrong with Hak, presumably to grab Yona's attention. He observes that Yona hadn't been paying attention to their conversation, and that her expressions seems to have changed ever since she learned about the soldiers. Yona asks the women more about the frequency of the soldiers' visits to the village. The women tell her that they have been loitering around more often that usual. They point out to an area and tell them that they should not go near it, saying that it is a border; if they are found there, they will likely get in trouble with the soldiers. Shinah suddenly tells Yona to hide; soldiers are coming. The group take a look at the soldiers and Yoon concludes that they are from Kouka, but they're not fire tribe soldiers. Yoon is surprised to see Li Hazara leading the soldiers. This confuses them and the problem of a eminent danger arising comes about. Yona says that something is amiss and that they must return to Kouka.