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The Beginning of the Fire Festival is the 65th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

With a sword instead of a folding fan, Yona performs for the townspeople and allows Yoon to experience cooking Iza seeds. After her performance, she sits with Soo-Won's hairpin contemplating the past, and is approached by Hak. After he sees Soo-Won's clip, Hak attempts to kiss Yona, though ultimately apologizes and pulls away after remembering his promise that he wouldn't joke around like that.


The fire festival begins and the townspeople celebrate as Yona resides in a nearby tent preparing for her performance. She is being flustered over by the women of the town, who are trying to decide how to put up her hair, commenting that Yona should grow it out to attract a man. Whilst on the subject, the women begin to openly fawn over the members of Yona's group when they hear none of them have girlfriends, and Yona smiles hearing her friends being praised; however, she becomes shocked when Aro out-rightly announces that she is going to make Hak hers and bear his children. Seeing her expression, the women wonder if they have frightened her, and inquire if Yona has ever had a love of her own. Yona recalls Soo-Won and her face begins to sadden, causing the women to immediately change the subject; Aro hugs her and apologizes for prodding into her affairs, saying that they are all just really happy to have handsome men around, as the soldiers that visit the village are scary and violent.

Yona refuses to wear Soo-Won's clip

As Yona contemplates soldiers being in the town, Aro finds Soo-Won's hairpin and asks if Yona will wear it for her dance. Stone-faced, Yona vows to never wear the clip again. These thoughts of Soo-Won cause Yona to remember all of the time and effort she put into her dance practice back at the palace in order to please him, and how she always tried to look cute and pretty. Asking the townswomen if they have a sword for her to borrow, Yona is given an old rusty one, and, as she links it to her arm, notes that her folding fan has turned into a blade.

Outside in the festival, Yoon approaches the old man who owns the Iza seeds to confirm their deal, and together the two watch with the rest of the town as Yona takes to the stage and dances. Awed by her presence, the people wonder why she is dancing with a sword, though conclude that she is showing them sorrow, and a prayer. Whilst Yona dances, Aro approaches Hak and invites him to her house, though, upon seeing Hak's expression as he watches Yona, gives up and leaves, commenting to a friend that she has never seen such harrowed eyes. Meanwhile, the old man with Yoon gets up to go make the town some Iza soup, and invites Yoon along to help as Yona finishes her performance.

Hak sits with Yona after the festival

A little while later, Yona sits away from the festival as she looks down at Soo-Won's hairpin. She is disrupted by Hak, who has found her to bring her some of the soup Yoon made. As they eat, Yona asks Hak for his opinion on her performance; Hak replies that she looked like she would falter many times, but that her dance was beautiful. Yona comments that it's weird for him to be so nice, though Hak says that he is allowed to lie at a festival, earning him a whack. Now slightly embarrassed, Yona asks Hak to help her with the veil she is wearing, as the weight is beginning to hurt her head. After he removes the cap, Yona's hair messily poofs up, causing Hak to laugh as Yona scolds him for being mean. After he comments that he hasn't heard her complain about her hair for some time, Hak notices Soo-Won's hairpin in Yona's hand and falters mid-sentence. Yona glances up to see what the matter is just as Hak takes her hand and begins to lean into her. However, before he can close the distance between them completely, Hak pulls back, smiling sadly as he apologizes, having remembered that he promised not to play such pranks on her. Standing, he asks if they should return to where Yoon and the others are and begins to walk away, leaving Yona staring after him.

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  • Sword


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