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Sen Province of the Kai Empire - Senri Village is the 64th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Arriving in Kai, Yona and her friends are invited to a festival at a small village. As the men are fawned over by the local women, Yoon finds a crop that allows the village to thrive, and promises an old man that he will dance at the festival in exchange for a taste of it. However, as he cannot dance, he begs Yona to take his place. After agreeing to, Yona accidentally stumbles across Soo-Won's hairpin once more, with both she and Hak becoming flustered by memories of the past.


Hak wakes up the collapsed woman

The Happy Hungry Bunch reach the Kai Empire, and are admiring the land when Shin-Ah spots a woman who has collapsed on the road. Hak rushes to the woman's side and shakes her awake, the woman surprised and pleased to see that a group of good-looking men has appeared before her. As they do not appear to be from the area, the woman asks if they are travelling entertainers, and Yoon, quickly deciding to go along with the image, confirms that they are; he also asks if the woman would like some medicine if she is ill, though she replies that she merely became dizzy and collapsed from working too long in the sun. When the group ask, the woman says that the men of her village were all recruited into the army, and that the younger women of the village now do a lot of the hard labour. Despite having to work though, the woman is still excited at the appearance of Yona's male friends, and asks them if they will join her back at her village, as there is currently a festival happening and she would like them to attend.

Yoon and the old man discuss Iza seeds

The woman, Aro, leads the group to her village, where the men are quickly swarmed by the local ladies, who admire them as Yoon and Yona stand off to the side, commenting on the liveliness of the place. Yoon notes that the houses look similar in design to that of the Fire Tribes, and that the town seems to be flourishing despite being in similar conditions climate-wise to the poverty-stricken towns they passed through on their was towards Kai. Snooping around, Yoon finds a basket full of crop and is scolded by an elderly man, who thinks he is trying to steal something. Yoon quickly replies that he is a travelling dancer with his troupe, and asks about the plant; the old man reveals that it is Iza seed, a weather-resistant crop that grows well with seeds that can be stored for years and crushed to make powder for different foods. However, the old man quickly adds that he will not give the crop to a travelling group that will take it outside of the country, lest they pay a hefty price for it. Having barely any money let alone Kai Empire currency, Yoon becomes downcast until the old man states that he can try some dumpling soup made from Iza that night, but only if he gives something in return.

Yoon in the dancer's outfit

Meanwhile, Jae-Ha, Kija and Shin-Ah retreat from the prying eyes of the women; Jae-Ha is enjoying himself immensely, though both Kija and Shin-Ah feel overwhelmed, Kija due to the fact that the women remind him of the ones back in his village who would fight for his affections. Spotting Yona crouched off to the side, Jae-Ha asks her is something is wrong, the princess replying that Hak seems to be more popular than she thought he would be. Sure enough, Hak is being asked around by Aro and her friends; Jae-Ha notes that Hak is quite handsome and asks Yona is she is jealous. Yona immediately replies that she isn't, though Jae-Ha mentally notes that the mere fact that she is noticing other women around Hak could mean that she is starting to take more of an interest in him.

Suddenly, the two are interrupted when Yoon rushes towards them in a showy outfit, revealing that he promised the old man that he would dance later in the festival in exchange for eating Iza soup. However, as Yoon has no dancing experience, he wants Yona to take his place, for he remembers her saying that she used to dance and play the harp back when she lived in the palace. Yona tries to say that she doesn't feel too confident when Hak appears behind her, laughing at the idea of her showing off her awful dance moves. Annoyed at his words, Yona vows to dance in Yoon's place.

That night, the village prepare for the festival as Yona, Yoon and Hak watch on. Yoon explains that the festival is held to remember a great battle that once took place, one that left many dead and a great fire that burned through the land. As Yona hears this and vows to put on a good performance for them, Hak once again teases her, though the two stop dead in their tracks when Yona forgets herself and blurts out that she is good at dancing because she practised hard for Soo-Won. They both stand silent until Yoon interrupts them, as he has found Soo-Won's hairpin in Yona's bags and wants to know if she'll wear it with her costume. Flustered, Yona snatches the hairpin away and tries to form an excuse, though Hak tells her that she needn't panic, as it is up to her whether or not she keeps the gift. Walking away, Hak notes that Yona did everything at the castle for the sake of Soo-Won, and questions the reasons behind her refusal to throw the pin away.

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