Shaken Journey
Cover 63
Kanji ゆれる道中
Rōmaji Yureru dōchū
English Shaken Journey
Chapter 63
Volume 11
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Shaken Journey is the 63rd chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

At Yoon's request, Yona and her friends head north towards the Kai Empire in search of a crop to aid the Fire Tribe. Along the way, Yoon unveils a larger tent he made for the other members of their party; though, due to the presence of wild animals in the Kai forests, he wants Yona to sleep with Hak in the smaller tent. With Yona still uncertain about Hak's actions the previous night, the two retire to the tent, and Hak promises to no longer "pull pranks" on her as Yona notes that she feels far more nervous around Hak than she normally does.


Revealing that he is interested in the agricultural ways of the Kai Empire, Yoon states to the group one morning that he would like them to travel north over the border. The group voice their hesitance at the plan due to Kouka's fragile relationship with the northern country, though Yoon sways them by stating that if they can learn about the crops the Kai Empire produce, they might be able to bring them back and help purge the famine occurring in the Fire Tribe due to the unfavourable land and weather conditions. Yoon suggests that Hak and Yona stay behind at Ik-Soo's house to avoid the dangerous travel, though Yona vows to accompany Yoon and the others if the trip is one that will benefit Kouka. With the entire group excited at the prospect of visiting a new land, they head out later that day.

Jae-Ha saves Kija on the suspension bridge

Jae-Ha saves Kija on the suspension bridge

Thanks to Jae-Ha's powers, Yona and her friends find a suspension bridge across the ravine that separates the two nations, and, despite Kija almost falling to his death through the rotten planks, soon reach the border. Yoon notes that he chose their particular route to avoid the patrols by the border, but that he was unsettled to see that there were far fewer soldiers manning the frontier than he thought there would be. As none of the group have ever travelled to the Kai Empire, they have no answers to this puzzle, and Yoon proceeds to inform them of all of the knowledge he knows about Kai as they continue to move: the northern and southern parts of Kai have separated over time, and the north of Kai is under constant attack from nomads. The Emperor's power has slowly weakened (much like Il's was deemed to) and, as such, wealthy families have quite a lot of influence in the country. In the south of Kai, the King's cousin temporarily sits on the throne, though the area the group is heading towards - the Sen province - is watched over by a noble called Li Hazara, who is slowly gaining more and more power over the area. Hearing about the political struggles, the group ask if there is any danger they could face by visiting Kai, though Yoon replies that the areas he wants to check out are more rural, and he doubts the will run into any trouble so long as they don't make a show of themselves - something Yoon seems quite worried about them doing.

Yoon unveils the group's new tent

Yoon shows the group their new tent

That night, Yoon unveils his latest work: a tent large enough for the other members of the group. Due to their increase in numbers and the colder climate of the north, he thought it proper to make a tent so that everyone besides he and Yona could be warmer and have a roof over their heads. With the group immensely happy and thankful to Yoon for his work, Yoon tells Yona that he will join Jae-Ha, Kija, Shin-Ah and Zeno in the larger tent, and that Yona should share the smaller one with Hak. When Yona asks why, Yoon states that there are wild bears that roam the forests in Kai, and, should one approach in the night, he will be helpless to keep Yona safe if it is just the two of them as usual. Yona becomes flustered and states that she will share with Kija instead, though the white dragon refuses her, believing it is improper; Jae-Ha and Zeno are also quickly ruled out for being perverted and defenceless respectively. As Yona then asks Shin-Ah to accompany her, Hak questions if there is something wrong with him, and Jae-Ha points out that Yona was asking for Hak before and wonders if the two had a fight. Yona says that they didn't, but quietly notes that Hak "does weird things", which piques Jae-Ha's curiosity and worry.

Jae-Ha spying on Hak and Yona in the tent

Jae-Ha spies on Hak and Yona

Residing to share the tent with Hak, Yona makes her way there and finds Hak already lounging around inside; the Thunder Beast is glad to finally have a roof over his head and a comfortable sleeping place. Due to Hak's large size compared to Yoon's, Yona notes that there is no room for her, and Hak quickly sits up and leans into her. As Yona blushes and tries to stop him from coming closer, Hak moves the door to the tent aside to reveal Jae-Ha, who is openly spying on them. Jae-Ha is quickly tossed back into the other tent, and Hak, now slightly disturbed, tells Yona that he will sleep outside. Despite her previous words, Yona tells Hak to stay, as she would feel bad for making him sleep in an uncomfortable place; Hak asks if she is truly okay with that, and reminds her that he kissed her the previous night because she told him to do what he liked. Blushing, Yona replies that she doesn't like it when he "pulls pranks" on her, as those sorts of "jokes" surprise her; Hak becomes downcast over the fact that Yona thought his advances were a joke, though promises not to fool around any more if she doesn't want him to.

The two lay down to sleep but Yona remains awake, mentally noting that it is odd to have Hak next to her when she is so used to Yoon's tiny stature. Contemplating Hak's face and how she feels weird despite having known him for so long, Yona reaches out and lightly touches Hak's chin. Much to her immense shock, Hak opens his eyes and tells her not to fool around, lest he attack her. Embarrassed, Yona states that Hak is a bear and quickly turns herself over to face the other way, noting that she feels weird and is more nervous than usual.

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