Before the Blade Arrives
Cover 62
Kanji その刃が届く前に
Rōmaji Sono ha ga todoku mae ni
English Before the Blade Arrives
Chapter 62
Volume 11
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Before the Blade Arrives is the 62nd chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Hak and Yona work on Yona's swordplay as the group determines their next destination. After having a frightful dream in which Soo-Won tries to kill Yona, Hak reminds himself of his need to protect her, his blood-lust worrying Zeno, who tells him to rely on the rest of the group and relax a little more. Yona then comes to also check on Hak and tells him that he should do more of the things that he wants to do, as she feels he only follows her orders; listening, Hak proceeds to kiss her on the forehead.


Whilst Yona and her group consider where to head next in their travels, Hak keeps his promise to teach Yona swordplay, and the two begin to spar after they stop to camp. Despite giving her all, Yona is quickly overpowered by Hak, who, after beating her, requests despite Yona's rebuttal that they rest for the day.

Hak attacks Jae-Ha for teasing him

Hak disapproves of Jae-Ha's teasing

When they arrive back at camp, Kija scolds Hak for going too rough on the princess, though Yona and the rest of the group remark that Hak could never use his full strength on her, as she would die instantly. As Yoon is still undecided as to their exact destination, Yona vows to continue training for as long as they stay put; Kija meanwhile once again yells at Hak and warns him not to harm her, though Jae-Ha intervenes and tells the white dragon to consider Hak's own worry, as the ex-general has to point a blade at his "beloved" in order to train her. Hak reacts swiftly and tries to slash Jae-Ha with his spear, though Jae-Ha easily blocks the attack with his foot and warns Hak that, should he be too slow in pursuing Yona, he will take her first. From the sidelines, Yoon tells the two to drop the subject entirely, as their group doesn't need any kind of complicated atmosphere.

Soo-Won appears in Hak's dream

Soo-Won appears in Hak's dream

That night after Yoon treats Yona's bruises, Hak watches as the princess demonstrates her form. Complimenting her on her improvement, he is shocked when Yona then states that they should go and murder Soo-Won and avenge her father. Suddenly, the very man in question appears behind Yona, raising his sword to slash at her; Hak cries out and then jolts awake, realising quickly that he was merely dreaming. To make sure, he checks Yona's tent, relieved after he touches her face and confirms that she is alive and breathing.

Retreating away from the camp after dealing with Jae-Ha (who once again teases him) Hak practices his own form with his spear as he reminds himself of his need to take Soo-Won's life with his own hands. Revealing his presence on a nearby rock, Zeno tells Hak not to worry so much, and warns him that his constant thoughts of bloodshed are leaving him with a scent of death. When Hak asks if Zeno is predicting his death, the yellow dragon replies that he isn't, and, when Hak comments that they would all give their life if it meant Yona's safety, remarks that the dragons can all be reborn if they die, but that Hak is irreplaceable. Commenting that they too are irreplaceable, Hak causes Zeno to smile, and the boy thanks him on behalf of the dragon deities for his words. Now confused, Hak comments that he understands Zeno least of all, with the yellow dragon replying that he was a rather odd choice for one of the four dragons; he also states that because everyone is together supporting each other, Hak can relax.

Hak kisses Yona's forehead

Hak kisses Yona

Yona then arrives on the scene and Zeno quickly dismisses himself, leaving her alone with Hak. The princess reveals that she secretly smuggled a sweet from Yoon's bag for Hak to eat, as she saw him leaving the camp looking pale and thought he might be feeling ill. As Hak accepts the treat, Yona remarks that Hak can do what he likes more often, as she feels her constant monopolising of his time and energy for training is causing him stress. She requests that he tell her if there is anything he wants to do, and that she will respect his wishes; Hak replies that everything about her is stressful to him (much to Yona's dismay) and then proceeds to pull her into his arms, kissing her on the forehead. Pulling away and commenting that he followed her wishes and did something that he wanted to do, Hak bids Yona goodnight and walks away eating the sweet, leaving Yona confused and blushing furiously.

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  • Sparring Swords
  • Hsu Quandao
  • Power of the Ryokuryuu