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Young Leaves in the Wind Pt. 2 (若葉風 後編 Wakaba Kaze Kōhen?) is the sixty-first chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Little 6-year-old Yona has been separated from Soo-Won and Hak in Hiryuu Castle's bustling town. An unknown man approaches offering to buy things for her. Yona declines and glances around for Hak and Soo-Won. The man kidnaps her.

Soo-Won has enlisted the help of Mr. Oji and his underground network to search for Yona. The gang spreads out and quickly gathers information, which they report back to Mr. Ogi and "Won". Based on what they know, Soo-Won directs Mr. Oji to form a blockade between the upper East district and the rest of the town. Hak is out helping gather info and is impressed when he hears how Soo-Won is commanding the gang. Hak marvels at Soo-Won's charisma and ability to reel in all kinds of people.

After touching base directly with Soo-Won, Hak rushes over to the blockade to help look for the kidnapper and runs right into Lee Geun-Tae, the Earth Tribe's leader, who tells him the five tribe meeting has ended. From Geun-Tae's shoulders, Hak notices a suspicious man moving away from the luggage check with a cart of goods. Hak leaps into the cart to the man's horror and rips into a sack to reveal Yona, who is bound and unconscious. Hak ominously stands as the kidnapper and his conspirator struggles to explain. The 9-year-old Hak roundhouse kicks the kidnapper in the face as Soo-Won watches amazed. Geun-Tae is also impressed, but the crowd is horrified when the kidnapper draws a knife. The man is humiliated and furious at Hak for knocking him down and he doesn't notice General Mundok looming up behind him. Mundok smashes the kidnapper's head into the ground and rages at him for threatening his grandson. Mr. Oji, on the sidelines, meekly makes the connection that Hak is General Mundok's grandson. The kidnapper's conspirator dashes in terror away from the scene- straight towards Joo-doh, captain of the Imperial Guard, who has drawn his twin blades. The townspeople hurrah over the conspirator's shriek.

Little Yona wakes as the cloth is removed from her face. She gets up with a start and shouts for Soo-Won and Hak, and Hak greets her with a smile. Yona jumps into Hak's arms, who is surprised and charmed. Their moment is interrupted by the irritated and seething Mundok and Joo-doh, who scold Hak and Soo-Won respectively.

Back at the castle, Hak and Soo-Won talk. Through Soo-Won we learn that King Il was extremely flustered over Yona's disappearance especially since the queen had died not long ago. Soo-Won muses that it will be even harder for Yona to visit town now. Soo-Won claims responsibility but Hak does the same, saying he will probably not be allowed into the castle anymore. Soo-Won retorts that the king and Yona love Hak too much to ban him and that Soo-Won would fight it too. Hak smiles and tells Soo-Won he is amazing for being able to ally so many people. Soo-Won replies that it was only because Hak was there. He points out Hak's strength and reliability and shares that he has actually always wanted to be more like Hak. Embarrassed, Hak musses up Soo-Won's hair and tells him to make the heavens his goal instead. Hak reflects on how Soo-Won, a noble with talent and power, looks up to him. Hak goes home with the resolve to become worthy of being Soo-Won's goal so that they can stand as equals.


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