Is it a Phantom?
Cover 54
Kanji 幻でしょうか
Rōmaji Maboroshi deshou ka
English Is it a Phantom?
Chapter 54
Volume 10
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Is it a Phantom? is the 54th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Desperate to find out if the woman he heard is indeed a helpless Yona trapped among bandits, Tae-Jun convinces his troops to once again tackle the bandits head-on. After another defeat, Tae-Jun decides to go into the village undercover disguised as a peasant, and is shocked to see the poverty the village is facing as he moves around. Trying to find Yona, he eventually becomes lost as night falls, and accidentally runs straight into Hak.


Tae-Jun dreams of a crying Yona

Yona in Tae-Jun's dream

After a dream where he pictures Yona crying, helpless and all alone after having survived her fall from the cliffs, Tae-Jun awakens back at his headquarters, his troops glad to see that he is okay after being thrown by Kija. Tae-Jun demands to know if the identity of the woman with the bandits is known, though none of his workers can recall seeing her face. Debating if he is seeing a phantom, or if Yona could actually be alive but held hostage by the bandits, Tae-Jun demands that his soldiers prepare to return to the village and face the insurgents once more. Spurred on by Tae-Jun's resolve, the troops prepare quickly and soon arrive back Katan Village.

Despite their willpower though, the soldiers are easily found and defeated once again by Kija and Jae-Ha, who are both surprised by their persistence. Seeing that there is no way to get into the town when they are blatantly showing their armour and weapons, Tae-Jun lets his hair lose and dresses as a peasant, telling his team that he will sneak in alone in disguise and find out as much about the bandits as he can that way. The troops question if he will be okay alone, though Tae-Jun tells them all that it is his personal mission, once again moving them with his courage. Just in case though, the troops give Tae-Jun a firework and tell him to set it off should he run into trouble; if they see it, they will launch a full-scale attack on the town to save him.

Zeno catches the soup

Zeno saves the spilt soup

Tae-Jun sneaks into the town soon after, secretly terrified of running into Kija and Jae-Ha again, but spurring himself on with the idea of reuniting with Yona. As he hides in some bushes, he is found by Shin-Ah, who scares the living daylights out of him. Kija appears soon after to scold Shin-Ah for moving around despite his injuries, and spots Tae-Jun watching them. Mistaking Tae-Jun for an ill villager, Kija grabs him up and rushes him to Zeno, who offers him ginger soup to make him feel better. Suspicious, Tae-Jun wonders if he has been found out, and if the villagers are trying to poison him. Not willing to risk it, he pretends to let the bowl slip from his hands and spills the soup; however, Zeno shocks him by leaping forward to catch the liquid in his hands before he puts it back into the bowl. With two children hovering nearby, Zeno offers them the soup instead and Tae-Jun watches as the youngsters drink it without pause. Zeno comments that it would be a shame to waste such valuable resources, as, though the soup looks rather disgusting, it is the only food the children will have had all day. Startled that two children are expected to share one tiny bowl for a single meal, Tae-Jun apologises to the children when they state that they are sorry for drinking it all, though mentally notes that the children and Zeno are likely lying about the state of poverty they are in to gain his pity, as there is no way the Fire Tribe has towns so deprived. Asking Tae-Jun if he learned something, Zeno tells the lord to bring food for everyone next time he decides to visit and runs off, startling Tae-Jun, who realises that Zeno saw through his disguise all along.

Tae-Jun finds Hak's fire

Tae-Jun runs into Hak

As Tae-Jun contemplates what to do next, he once again hears Yona's voice and tries to locate her, though ends up getting completely lost. Night having fallen, Tae-Jun is cold in his thin clothes, and realises with some distress that there is no inn in the village, and that he has no place to stay for the night. Upset, he notes how different the village is to Saika, and how alone he feels. Questioning if Yona is lost somewhere and feeling the same, Tae-Jun spots a fire nearby and rushes to it, happy to be near something warm. However, he then looks towards to other person lounging nearby and realises with a jolt that he has run straight into Hak.

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  • Throwing Knives
  • Power of the Hakuryuu