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Lord Tae-Jun, Who Wants to Pass On (逝きたがりのテジュン様 Yukita gari no Tejun-sama?) is the is the fifty-third chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.

Tae-Jun and Heuk-Chi arrive in the Fire Tribe village to address the bandits stealing taxes, though Tae-Jun's depression over Yona's death makes him useless baggage as his troops try - and fail - to fight off Jae-Ha and Kija when they go to take their taxes back from the townspeople. Defeated, Tae-Jun submits to the two dragons and begs Kija to kill him, though then hears what he thinks is Yona's voice, and is roused from his sorrow.


Tae-Jun cries over Yona's death

Tae-Jun and Heuk-Chi arrive from the Fire Tribe capital to deal with the "bandits" terrorising the Fire Tribe officials trying to collect taxes; however, due to Tae-Jun's depression and subsequent lethargy, the men stationed at the town have little faith in his ability to help. Since the day he chased Hak and Yona to the cliffs in the Wind Tribe, Tae-Jun has been unable to suppress his sadness over what happened, and the building dread that he let Yona die by being unable to save her.

As the young lord locks himself away in their temporary house, Heuk-Chi tries to gather information on the so-called bandits, being rather disbelieving when the soldiers tell him that it's a group of monsters who can fly and grow their limbs. Rumours or otherwise, the soldiers are desperate to rid the Fire Tribe towns of the insurgents so that they can collect taxes and avoid punishment from their higher-ups. Just as they wonder what to do, a Fire Tribe soldier runs into their headquarters, battered and stating that the group has shown themselves. Roused, the troops turn to Tae-Jun for guidance, though the man is on the floor begging the gods for punishment and is too busy to help them. Only after some quick thinking from Heuk-Chi does Tae-Jun gather the strength to even get up off of the floor.

Jae-Ha attacks the Fire Tribe troops

The group arrive at the nearest town shortly after to find their comrades taken out and the taxes stolen. Though they note that none of their troops are ever killed, they are still interrupted in their business. One of the troops ponders if the taxes are being stolen and returned to the citizens, and states that they should head to Katan Village to check. They reach the town shortly after and start harassing the village people, smashing belongings and pushing them about as they demand anyone suspicious be turned in. As he stands watching, Tae-Jun is approached by a child, who throws rocks at him and tells him to leave. Yoon, hiding nearby, runs to the child and tries to force him back inside, terrified when he notices Tae-Jun's appearance and notes him to be a lord; however, Tae-Jun breaks down in tears. Surprised, the little boy asks if something is wrong, and Heuk-Che replies that Tae-Jun is lovesick. Tae-Jun yells at his aide for the comment, stating that he isn't lovesick, as his emotions aren't something as nice as that. Yoon ignores the lord when he breaks down once more, and instead asks Heuk-Chi to leave, telling him that the village people have nothing to offer when they barely manage to feed themselves. Heuk-Chi replies that the taxes go to the army, which protects the villages, and he and Yoon begin to argue over the necessity of such things in times of poverty. Eventually giving up, Heuk-Chi asks Yoon if he is aware of bandits hurting the Fire Tribe soldiers, just as one of the troops finds the stolen tax money hidden nearby. Their cover blown, Yoon says to Heuk-Chi that, should he be looking for bandits, they had better get to work, just as Jae-Ha flies up out of hiding and attacks the group with his throwing knives.

Kija sends Tae-Jun flying

Kija too emerges to confront the Fire Tribe soldiers and a small skirmish ensues, the troops being wiped out easily. With his men falling around him, Tae-Jun stays frozen on the ground, eventually spotting Kija's giant claw and thinking that a death god has come to punish him for his sins. Submitting, he begs to be killed and waits for Kija to take his life, though eventually becomes angry when Kija refuses to. Jae-Ha comes to Kija's aid and stands on Tae-Jun to push him into the ground as the two threaten the fallen troops and warn them not to come back. Beneath Jae-Ha's foot, Tae-Jun wonders if he will ever be granted death so that he can meet Yona once more; though, as soon as the thought crosses his mind he hears a woman call out to Kija and Jae-Ha and thinks he recognises the voice as Yona's. Spurred on by the sound, he lifts himself from the ground despite Jae-Ha's dragon foot pushing him down, surprising both Jae-Ha and the other Fire Tribe troops. However, just as he manages to get to his feet and tries to turn towards the voice he heard, Kija scoops him up in his claws and flings him out of the village, being tired of his presence.

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Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Throwing Knives
  • Power of the Hakuryuu
  • Power of the Ryokuryuu


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