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Bad Attraction (悪目立ち Warumedachi) is the forty-eighth chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Yoon wakes at the crack of dawn and leaves the place where he, Hak, the Princess, and the Dragons have all been staying to bring provisions (medicine and food) to a village he was friendly with, where he is told by "Old Man Se-dol", who greets him, that there had been heavy taxation recently on the poor village. Yoon is unpleasantly surprised to find that his friends had followed him, giving him ridiculous reasons to have followed him, with only Yona giving a decent reason to have wanted to come (wanting to know the effects of her father's rule on the people).

Yoon allows the group to help him around the village. When he goes to each one, in turn, to invite them to eat some food he had made for them, they all claim they were not hungry, despite their obviously rumbling stomachs, though the act was out of respect for the starving and penurious villagers. Amused, Yoon thinks to himself, "Ik-Soo, the group you prophesied would shake the country of Kokua are nothing but idiots! But they're idiots that are laughing even when they're hungry. It's like they find a way to smile even in the more difficult things."

However, the light-hearted mood is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a Fire Tribe officer come to collect taxes, and begins to forcibly take both the provisions Yoon had brought, as well as a young girl. Provoked by the act of taking an innocent child, Jae-ha "The Soaring Green Dragon" leaps into the open, followed soon by "The Dark Dragon" (Hak, who is wearing Shin-ah's fur over his head so as not to be recognized), and the rest, with Yona acting as leader and telling off the Fire Tribe soldiers in an imitation of Captain Gi-Gan. The group makes claims that they were a bandit group and that this village was under their protection, despite the pleas of Yoon not to do anything brash. Thus was born "The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch", a name given by both a disguised Hak and an excited Zeno during Yona's speech. Yoon is scandalized, wondering to himself what the group Ik-Soo had prophesied of was going to do from now on.

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