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Dragon, Human or Both? (龍であり人であり Ryū deari Hito deari?) is the forty-first chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Yoon returns from shopping with a mysterious new item, the woman who gave it to him told him it's the Scale of Hakuryuu, and it was taken from the actual dragon (not Kija). Hak accuses Kija of selling his scales, to which Kija reacts badly, and Jae-Ha mocks him by asking if it's supposed to make them stubborn, or make their right hands large- like Kija. Yoon reads a pamphlet that says the scale is, in fact, a love charm. Hak and Jae-Ha immediately break into a laughing fit, and Jae-Ha begins to pick at Kija's scales, asking if they actually grant love. Kija complains to Yoon that it's insulting that someone would sell something like a Hakuryuu Scale, and Yoon replies that the scale was a freebie for buying salt. Kija becomes even more angered.

Jae-Ha then says the scale is cute, and girls should have it. He calls over Yona as Yoon begins reading deeper into the pamphlet.

Yoon realizes that it's actually a love potion as Jae-Ha attempts to give it to Yona. Jae-Ha immediately snatches it away from Yona, leaving her confused. Hak then accuses Jae-Ha of nabbing the scale, and Kija asks what a love potion is. Yoon reads the buyer reviews to explain to Kija.

The review states:

"The guy I liked instantly returned my feelings after I made him drink this love potion! I recommended it to my friends as well!"

Kija once again is angered over why someone would use a love potion. Jae-Ha then wonders if a Ryokuryuu Scale would be selling somewhere. Yoon ponders over the fact of whether it's a poison, a scam, or an actual love potion. He demands it back in case he could sell it. Jae-Ha pretends to give it to him but is caught by Hak and Kija. Jae-Ha tries to distract Hak, and Yoon scolds them, saying he's had enough of their 'man filled fight'. Jae-Ha starts yelling about using it and says it's interesting. Kija says he doesn't want to use it, but Jae-Ha tries to tempt him by asking him if he wants to use it on 'his beloved master'. Kija denies it frantically while Jae-Ha says 'don't you want to hug her with all your might?'. Yoon remarks that Kija would probably break Yona's spine if he did that.

Kija tries to explain that it's impure to think those things and that to think that is a sin. Jae-Ha argues that without their powers, the dragons are just normal human beings that can fall in love. Yoon says that it's true, but believes it's bad to use a love potion on someone. Jae-Ha shrugs it off and explains it's something to use to kill time, he offers it to Hak in case Hak wants it, but Hak refuses. Yoon then tells them it's not safe to use if they don't know what it is, Jae-Ha volunteers to test it.

Jae-Ha licks the scale and describes it as sweet. He then says the Hakuryuu Scale is just as a scam. Immediately, Jae-Ha doubles over, and Kija holds him, thinking it's poison. The group worries over Jae-Ha, except for Hak, who doesn't actually care unless Yona is in danger. Jae-Ha bends over Kija, talking about hating the Four Dragons, and says he should also hate Kija, but that Kija's presence is 'stirring up his heart'. He then pins a confused Kija down and starts to kiss him.

Kija starts yelling that they got to Jae-Ha too late, while Yoon starts jotting down the results of the experiment. He remarks Jae-Ha went after the first person he saw. Yoon tries to help Kija but says Kija needs to be careful about what he does while Jae-Ha is under the influence. Kija tries to claw Jae-Ha, who jumps off and lands somewhat awkwardly. Jae-Ha lunges for Kija, who starts shouting 'bring it on!'. But, just as they are close enough to attack, Jae-Ha leaps away with the love potion saying 'it's real I'll be taking it now." Hak becomes enraged, and Yoon jots down how quickly Jae-Ha came out of the effects. Kija, who is also very angry, realizes that Jae-Ha is heading towards Yona. Jae-Ha laughs about how it's fun to tease people younger than him and dissolves the scale into water. 

Jae-Ha finds Yona and asks her if she's thirsty, (while holding the love potion) she screams 'look out!' at Jae-Ha. 

Jae-Ha returns looking uneasy. Hak asks him what happened. Jae-Ha explains that Yona was practicing the bow when he found her. Hak asks if Jae-Ha was hit, Jae-Ha denies that and says he evaded the arrow, but tripped and spilled the love potion... Onto Shin-Ah

And, Shin-ah and Ao have become infatuated with Jae-Ha. Which Jae-Ha describes with optimism. He then starts screaming that Shin-ah just stares at him from a distance and it scares him. He also states that Ao has just been cuddling him the entire time. Jae-Ha says that he likes to be the one pursuing love, but dislikes being the target. Hak then says Jae-Ha is 'an annoying pervert'. Yoon becomes frustrated when he finds out Jae-Ha spilled the entire thing on Shin-ah and says it may have been useful for a fight, though Hak questions how they would use it. Jae-Ha admits there is actually some left, but Shin-ah frightens him by coming to close and he jumps away, leaving the love potion unattended.

Kija is seen that night looking for something to drink and spies the love potion. He takes a sip, when Yona comes to him, looking for Hak. Kija then becomes sad because Yona likes Hak and not him. Kija rambles on about touching Yona and attempts to hold her in his claw. Yona wonders if he means it, and he questions his own words. Yona asks him if he ate something weird, and he replies that he, in fact, drank it. Kija becomes afraid of his actions and scolds himself over his thoughts, saying that it's wrong. Eventually, he falls to his knees, feinting, and Yona catches him. Kija thinks about his duty to protect Yona as one of the four dragons.

The next morning, Kija begins apologizing for the previous night and feels guilty, so he comes up with the idea to stab himself to end his own life. Yona tells him not to and tries to comfort him as he was helpless against the Hakuryuu Scale. Kija says that even so, if there is a hole, to bury him in it.

Yona then talks about Kija's attempt at passionately seducing her, and says her heart was pounding. Hak asks if he should do that, but she replies he needs to do it to someone he loves, much to Hak's dismay. Kija then ponders about Yona finding someone she loves, and he knows that he will give her his blessing when that time comes- but the thought makes him a little sad. Kija then remembers that the drug was called the Hakuryuu Scale and becomes angry that it was named after the dragon.

Later, the love potion wears off of Shin-ah and Ao. Shin-ah is seen being confused over why he was watching Jae-Ha, Ao has a similar reaction while Jae-Ha just looks annoyed.

It's eventually found out that Kija's granny created the love potion in an attempt to get Kija married since he couldn't find anyone he liked. Its entire purpose was for him to be married, however, Kija left with Yona at the time the love potion was finished and the Hakuryuu village decided to then sell it for money. 

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