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The Clouds of Dawn (暁雲は暗く Gyōun wa Kuraku) is the 39th chapter of the manga series of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Yona bumps into Soo-Won in the Port Town after defeating the evil Yang Kum-Ji.

Soo-Won and Yona's shocked faces when seeing each other.

As they look up at each other, a shocked expression is written over their faces Soo-Won had been told that Yona had died in the earlier chapters and he, now knowing she is actually alive cannot put his feelings into words.

Yona immediately remembers what her cousin Soo-Won had done in no time flat. The frightening scene of seeing a shadowy-figure holding a sword, the sight of her father dropping to the floor and the scene of Soo-Won looking down at her with her father's blood splattered on his face, Yona quickly questions herself why Soo-Won is there, now that he is king. Soo-Won barely manages to say what the wants to say and only emits the word "...Yona...?", out of his mouth.

Soo-Won then states if he seeing Yona healthy and alive was just a dream. Suddenly, he remembers Tae-Jun saying that Yona was dead and he manages to say to Yona that he remembers being told she died on the cliffs of the Northern Mountains. Yona is paralyzed in shock and tries to stop her mix of emotions; hate, anger, sadness, and shock by lifting her arm up to her chest, as if to protect herself. Soo-Won then remembers the time he slept by Yona as a child and states that she really is Princess Yona, isn't she? He asks her why she is there and what happened to his friend, Hak. Then he quickly takes back his words by saying, "No. That is a foolish question. You're safe and sound. That must be because even now, he's risking his life to the end to protect you."   

Soo-Won hides Yona.

He knows that Yona must be wondering why he is there seeing she hasn't spoken a word to him and so, he explains why he is in the Port Town. The Sky Tribe General Han Joo-Doh and his guard comes along and having grasped the current situation, Soo-Won grabs Yona and hides her face and hair from the two coming after him. He tells her not to move and to be quiet and Yona does so, though she hates him. The general is angry and asks what Soo-Wo was doing and Soo-Won casually says that he was just browsing through the new town. Joo-Doh notices that Soo-Won is holding a girl in his arms and Soo-Won makes a joke about Joo-Doh to shrug it off, though the angry general tells him that he should be doing his job instead of flirting with a woman. Soo-Won apologizes and states that he will part with this 'woman' properly and the general reports that Yang Kum-Ji is nowhere to be found in the town. 

Yona is listening to everything. She notices the sword that Soo-Won used to kill her father and unconsciously makes a grab for it. Soo-Won notices immediately, and grabs hold of her hand to stop Yona from making a fuss and once again casually talks to the general about his and their duties. 

Yona grabs Soo-Won's sword and Soo-Won stops her.

Once the guard and general Joo-Doh leaves, Soo-Won stares at the empty sky and says to Yona; "Do you want to kill me? It's only natural that you do... but... I... cannot die... right now... because... there... is something... I must do."

He lets Yona free and smiles at her and says two last words to her before parting, Goodbye... Yona. He raises his hand and touches her face whilst smiling at her and then leaves. Yona falls the ground and before she knows it, she starts crying.

Soo-Won meets back up with general Joo-Doh and apologizes for being late in which Joo-Doh replies "Oh, that was surprisingly fast. I thought you wouldn't be back until nightfall!"

Soo-Won laughs it off and tells Joo-Doh to stop being mean to him and after exchanging a few sentences, the guards states that it was unusual for Soo-Won his majesty, to flirt with a woman after not noticing anyone in the palace. They ask is she was a great woman and Soo-Won sadly says, "Yes... she will be... a very unforgettable... person".

The guards laugh whilst saying they would have loved to see her face. Soo-Won tells them that it's time to leave because the town has finally found a way to stand for themselves and thus, gets on his horse and says their next location will be meeting the Head of the Earth Tribe, Lee Geun-Tae in Capitol Chi'Shin.

The story then skips to Hak looking for Yona around the empty town and then he finds her lying on the ground, crying. He looks before him and a look of slight-anger passes on his face... 

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