The Blindfolded Dragon
Chapter 21
Kanji Mekakushi no Ryū
Rōmaji 目隠しの龍
English The Blindfolded Dragon
Chapter 21
Volume 4
Related Episode Episode 12
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The Blindfolded Dragon (目隠しの龍, Mekakushi no Ryū) is the twenty-first chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

This Chapter talks about the childhood of Seiryuu and his partner, the previous Seiryuu, Ao.

Summary Edit

18 years ago, along the mountains on the borders of the Earth tribe, there lied the Seiryuu's village. A new Seiryuu was born, born with the eyes of the Seiryuu, the new baby born will be the next Lord Seiryuu, Seiryuu's mother has killed herself upon knowing that she has given birth to child with cursed powers. The person who is suppose to take care of Seiryuu will be the previous one, the baby was then given a mask in order to avoid the awakening of his power.

When Seiryuu was four, villagers have been whispering out the two Seiryuus going out at night, and there were rumours about Seiryuu increasing the punishment if villagers flee. There was a bunch of children playing with a spinning top, and when Seiryuu wants to give it back to them, the children flee out of terror. The previous Seiryuu, Ao, then calls him and grabs him back to their place, all the villagers were whispering about them giving them a look on their faces.

Ao then lectures Seiryuu, telling him to not go out of the house however Seiryuu replied by saying he wants to make friends, Ao then screams back at him by saying it's impossible for him to make friends. Seiryuu then asked Ao why are the villagers so scared of them, if it is because of their cursed powers. Ao later explains on how the eyes of a Seiryuu works, the villagers spread rumours of how once they look into Seiryuu's eyes they turn to stone, but actually they get paralysed and their heart may stop to their paralysed state. Seiryuu starts crying upon knowing that his powers are cursed, Ao later agrees and tells him that he's a monster named Seiryuu, and with anger he asks why does the power of Seiryuu passes down the village, when the previous one dies another will be born but the villagers only spread rumours.

Seiryuu suddenly sees bad people looking at their village, Ao gets up but quickly falls back down because Seiryuu is absorbing Ao's power allowing Seiryuu to see further and further. The bad people were talking about the power of Seiryuu which Ao here's and responded that he's just an ordinary swordsman, and the battle quickly ended, although Ao couldn't see he was strong. Ao later asked Seiryuu if he saw Ao battle, Ao also said that he will teach him swordsmanship and tells him to learn it quickly. Seiryuu asked why don't they use their eyes to protect the village which he screams at Seiryuu, although they can control the power, they should never use it because it is like a double edged sword. Ao then started to head back to their place without waiting for Seiryuu, Seiryuu screams for Ao and later fell down, seeing that Ao extended his hand to Seiryuu, Seiryuu quickly ran to Ao and happily went back home, Ao taught Seiryuu everything and Seiryuu commented him as being strong.

In one battle, Ao lost all his power and said that he can finally die in peace, as a human. Seiryuu picked up some bells he stepped on, with the help of the bells, Ao was able to know where Seiryuu was even if he was unable to see. With that said, Seiryuu was happy and shake his head a few more times to see that Ao was crying saying that he is going to leave Seiryuu alone. Seiryuu was then seen alone after Ao's death mourning for him, saying he's right here.

Later, there were soldiers coming their way, Seiryuu was scared that it may be the bandits who ran away that told the soldiers. Seiryuu was still powerless, and knows that he's the suspicious one in the village, without knowing what to do, he remembered about his power, although he isn't suppose to use it, he still used it to protect the village that Ao protected, after that he was seen apologising to Ao, knowing that he isn't suppose to use this power.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

Abilities, Weapons and Items UsedEdit

  • Ao's sword
  • Eyes of the Seiryuu (briefly)