The Tunnel Dwellers
Kanji あなぐらの民
Rōmaji Anagura no Tami
English The Tunnel Dwellers
Chapter 20
Volume 4
Related Episode Episode 12
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The Tunnel Dwellers (あなぐらの民, Anagura no Tami) is the twentieth chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

The group was seen standing in front of the entrance of Seiryuu's village, Kija was extremely sure the Seiryuu is inside.


When they started entering the cave, Hak noted that the people excavate the rocks and live inside and Yoon on the other hand was saying they have to precede cautiously and Kija said he doesn't care. Yoon added that when he entered Kija's village, he was locked into a cage and almost got killed.

A tenant appeared all of a sudden and Kija demanded for Seiryuu to come out immediately, where Yoon commented him for being straight forward. The tenant said that no such person lives in here and asks if they are at the wrong place and it's a small village, they are often not bothered very much and only wants to live peacefully. Yona later just said that the person they're finding isn't here but uses Hak as a reason to stay in the village longer. The tenant reminded once again that it is a small village and are unable to provide special treatment.

When Yona cross paths with one of the tenant wearing a mask, Yona asks the elder what are the masks for, the elder replies that it is a custom for the unmarried, they do not show their faces very often. Yona just said it is interesting where the elder replied that it probably is astonishing in her point of view. The elder cautiously reminded Yona that this village is like a maze and the villagers will not be responsible if they wander too far.

When resting in the area, Yoon wondered if this is really Seiryuu's village because of the striking difference between this village and Kija's village, the villagers didn't react to Yona's red hair. Kija then reassures the group that he is very sure that Seiryuu is here, Yona later tells Kija tell him not to be silly because Yona trusts Kija. Hak later teases Kija and calls him silly, which led to Kija trying to hit Hak.

Yoon later announced that they will be finding Seiryuu since nobody is around, Yona reminds Yoon that this place is like a maze according to the villager which Yoon replies that he will make a map so they won't get lost. When they met a dead end, Kija was feeling irritated and wondered why didn't Seiryuu come out although he is able to sense his presence. Yona said if Seiryuu doesn't want to see them, maybe they should give up on him, therefore Kija told Yona to not give up because Seiryuu is also like Kija, who is connected by blood a long time ago so Seiryuu should be waiting for a master like Yona, since they were born for this purpose. Kija then talked briefly about his father, being unable to fulfil his wish to serve his master. Yona later firmly says she's not King Hiryuu but she does want Kija's power and apologises for being selfish. When Kija was blushing, Yoon noted that Hak's face is twisting.

Yoon suddenly felt a shiver and tells the group to go back because he felt like as if someone is watching, staring at them with big eyes. Hak agrees with Yoon because he does sense a strange presence, therefore they have to go back. When Yona was about to leave with the group, she hears a strange squeaky noise, therefore she leaned to the wall and there's a hidden pathway open. A squirrel standing right before Yona, which led her to calling Hak to tell them that there's a pathway. However, the candles of the pathway blew out and the door being shut, feeling helpless that there's nobody here, Yona cried out for Yoon and wonder what she should do until there's a stranger standing in front of her.

The stranger asked Yona if she got separated with her friends which she replied with a yes, the stranger also asked her to take his hand to bring her to where the rest of the group are. Yona thanked the stranger for saving her from the trouble, the stranger said the chief definitely said that this place was a maze, Yona said she has to find someone, which the stranger asked if it was Seiryuu. The stranger told her that no such person lives in this place, Yona asked if someone lives in the pathway, the stranger replied that nobody lives there. Yona then realises that she's going further away from the group and asked if they're going further down, the stranger gave her a strange stare. Yona tried to struggle but the stranger wouldn't let go of her hand which led to Yona screaming for Hak.

All of a sudden, a masked man came to help Yona, the stranger ran away afraid, the masked man was walking with Yona holding her hand, which Yona realises that she's not scared for not even a bit and wonders if he's living in the pathway. Yona thought that she might be the Seiryuu and then she was brought back to the group, Yoon and Hak came running towards her with Yoon giving her a lecture to stick close to them. Yona later said the masked man helped her, when Kija saw him, he was very sure that he is definitely Seiryuu.

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