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Secret (秘密の Himitsu no) is the the One hundred and eighty-seventh chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


The Dragon Warriors question why they are prohibited from visiting Yona. Trying to maintain their composure, Jae-Ha later decides he will use his power to check out Yona and Hak’s condition.

Meanwhile, Han Joo-Doh also tells Yona that she is forbidden to meet with the Happy Hungry Bunch. Yona tells Joo-Doh she is severely disappointed with him and asks if the talks of an alliance were intended to make a mockery of her. Joo-Doh refuses to respond and attempts to leave, but Yona stops him and requests to see Soo-Won.

Meanwhile, Hak is helping the Sky Tribe soldiers with their chores and training. Hak notices Jae-Ha who is dressed as a civil servant. Hak hurts him and uses an excuse to speak with him privately. Hak tells Jae-Ha he enlisted in the Sky Tribe army whilst Yoon is studying in the library. Jae-Ha invites him to see Yona, but Hak refuses to prevent commotion. He tells him to visit her in his stead.

Yona visits Soo-Won’s disordered office that's covered with books and scrolls. Min-Soo tells Yona he told of him to not tidy it up lest he ceased to know where everything is. They eventually find Soo-Won sleeping. Min-Soo states it’s due to the effect of a hypotonic he gave him, but Yona suddenly quakes with fear. Piecing everything together, she realizes Soo-Won’s condition closely resembles his mother, Yong-Hi’s own. She questions if the reason behind her being forbidden to contact her group is because she saw Soo-Won’s illness. Min-Soo tries to help her regain her calm and states only Soo-Won’s closest aides know his condition. Others are punished with death. Yona is spared because she is needed by the government. To protect her and the others, the only way forward is to prevent her from spilling the secret out: that Soo-Won’s illness is fatal. 

In her room, Yona ponders over the realization awoken before her. Jae-Ha appears after Yona sadly says that it’s almost as though her legs were gone for she cannot stand. Jae-Ha says he will help her meet Hak, but Yona rejects the offer after giving it some thought. Although Jae-Ha knows Yona is lying about not wanting to meet Hak, their conversation is cut short by General Han Joo-Doh's arrival. Yona hurries Jae-Ha to leave before he is caught. Emotionally drained, a lonely Yona calls out Hak’s name.

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