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Lady Iguni is Not Pleased (イグニ夫人は不満 Iguni fujin wa fuman) is the one hundred and sixty-one chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


After witnessing the Dragon Warriors immense powers through their swift escape, Kye-Sook trembles and questions to himself on whether these dragons and their powers have existed all this time in Kouka Kingdom

Kan Tae-Jun tells off Sky Tribe soldiers for acting as though they own Saika Castle, to which they reply that they are merely acting upon Kye-Sook's orders to capture the Dragon Warriors. Heuk-Chi appears to let Tae-Jun know that The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch are no longer in the VIP room. Tae-Jun agitated, asks why Kye-Sook isn't resting when he is tired, but instead packing Saika Castle full of Sky Tribe soldiers to capture the dragons. He then notes to himself that Yona should be fine however, as she has Hak by her side.

The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch manage to escape. Jae-Ha and Zeno however, have not caught up with the rest of the group. Kija reassures everyone however that he can sense them and they should be able to meet up soon. Still however, the castle is swarmed with guards. The group suddenly notices a fan through a wall directing the group on where to go. Yona and her group mildly escapes the guards, whom arrive too late to catch them.

On the other side of the wall, the group realise that it was Kan Iguni who has saved them by inviting them into her garden. Ao runs over to her and Iguni gives her nuts, which leads to Shin-Ah telling everyone that Iguni is not a bad person. Yona is grateful for Iguni's rescue and thanks her. Iguni calls Yona "princess", and Yona questions on how Lady Iguni knew she was Princess Yona. Hak states how Tae-Jun slipped and called her by her title about twenty times. Lady Iguni says that she rescued them after seeing how Tae-Jun, her son, spurred his emotions into action, in order to protect Yona and the group. Iguni says that she finds that quality very precious about Tae-Jun, and also adds that she also does not want the man who laughed at her son to have his plans go accordingly. She even mentions how although Soo-Won has won over her other son, Kan Kyo-Ga, she goes not get a good feeling from the King himself. 

Moments later, Lady Iguni takes a look at Yona, noting how much her eyes resembles Lady Kashi's, Yona's Mother. Iguni recalls how in the past she and Kashi would meet each other. Yona, whom has heard little of her mother asks if Iguni recalls Kashi speaking about her. Shin-Ah and Kija at that moment however, sense Jae-Ha and Zeno. 

On the rooftop, Jae-Ha and Zeno debate on whether it really is a good idea to head for the garden at all, as by doing so, this would lead the soldiers to where everyone is. Thus, they decide to head for the opposite direction. However, this would only lead Jae-Ha and Zeno to get caught. Kye-Sook is in shock upon seeing Jae-Ha's powers, and tells a soldier to shoot an arrow at them, though they must not hit anything vital. Zeno realises that an arrow is coming and warns Jae-Ha, though it is too late. Zeno is hit and the pair fall to the ground.

Shin-Ah realises that Jae-Ha and Zeno are in trouble. He rushes out of the garden, with Kija and Yoon to follow, after Yoon gives Lady Iguni an ointment for Kyo-Ga's head. Yona tries to leave too, but Iguni stops her and tells Yona to leave it to the men, for it is the woman's duty to see the men off when they go to battle. Yona however dismisses Iguni's words, and insists on going because the dragons have given her so much happiness since they've appeared beside her. This leads to Iguni to remember Lady Kashi's words for long ago. Lady Kashi once told Lady Iguni on how Yona has "white, blue, green and yellow guardians" and "a child who obtained the power of the gods". 

Kye-Sook and his soldiers approach Zeno and Jae-Ha. Jae-Ha asks if Zeno is ok, with Zeno responding to Jae-Ha by telling him to stay quiet, as he is well aware of the Yellow Dragon's ability. Zeno senses the other dragons coming and Kye-Sook says that as long as they don't resist, they will treat his wounds. Zeno however dismisses this by saying that this is coming from the ones who injured them. Kye-Sook then orders a soldier to treat Zeno and take out the arrow from Zeno's arm. Zeno shouts at him to stop, but in the end, it is too late; Zeno's ability is revealed when his injury heals instantly. Everyone is in shock upon seeing Zeno's injury heal, and Kye-Sook remembers in horror how the Yellow Dragon has an indestructible body. He discerns that Zeno's power as immortality. 

Suddenly, Kija and and Shin-Ah arrive. Kija uses his Dragon Claw to throw Kye-Sook onto the ground, whilst announcing that no-one is to touch his dragon brothers.

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