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Oh Light, Don't Fade (ああ光、フェードしないでください Ā hikari, fēdo shinaide kudasai) is the One hundred and Forty- eight chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


This chapter takes place directly after the previous, as Soo-Won arrives at the camp. Yotaka tries to get up, but his wound prevents him from doing so, and Ayame and Tae-Woo chastise him for trying to move around with it. Yotaka laments over his inability to do anything in his current state.

Kye-Sook arrives with Soo-Won and scans the camp for Yona, but does not see her. Soo-Won asks Tae-Woo if Xing has made any moves, but Tae-Woo is still trying to figure out how much information he should tell Soo-Won, as Yona did not tell him how much she told Soo-Won. He decides to then tell Soo-Won of Xing's internal conflict, and is amazed as Soo-Won reveals he already understands the situation in Xing. Some of Soo-Won's soldiers approach, carrying Yotaka as they saw him trying to get back over to Xing. When Yotaka sees him, he is displeased and says he wanted Soo-Won to not be so beautiful since Yu-Hon in his thoughts was a 'demon'. He then continues on to explain how he wishes to kill Soo-Won, and if he had a weapon he would already have done so. The soldiers holding him are infuriated and nearly kill him but Tae-Woo intervenes. He explains that Yotaka was being treated after getting wounded and that was all.

Then Kye-Sook begins to criticize Tae-Woo for letting someone willing to kill the king enter their land, and goes on to suggest that Tae-Woo did it on purpose to harm Soo-Won. Ayame tries to explain, but Tae-Woo cuts her off and chews out Kye-Sook by saying that saving and discarding people was not how the Wind Tribe worked. Soo-Won tells Yotaka that because they will have a conference between Kouka and Xing, he won't needlessly kill Xing citizens. Yotaka is astonished that Yona managed to get through to Soo-Won and suddenly Soo-Won is surprised that Yotaka did not know about it and tells him to go back to Xing and inform the higher-ups. Yotaka meanwhile thinks about that he is unable to do anything and is separated from Kouren. Soo-won lets Yotaka go and says it does not matter to him who is negotiating and that Kouka will not interfere with Xing's internal affairs.

Tae-Woo walks Yotaka back to Xing, and Yotaka has a flashback of a younger him looking at Yu-Hon who raised a sword with a decapitated on it. He then begins to doubt his belief that Kouka was filled with horrible people like Yu-hon. When they return to Xing, General Namsek angrily yells at Yotaka for leaving and says the Five Stars are useless, adding that he hopes Yotaka goes bald. Yotaka then shouts back, asking where Kouren is, and Namsek replies that everything is in chaos with the Anti-war Faction and their sympathizers. Yotaka thanks Tae-woo who says to tell Vold 'hi'. Yotaka adamantly refuses to acknowledge that he knows Vold.

Yotaka remembers Neguro, and thinks about how he should have learned more about Kouka and wonders why Kouren's faction was so easily destroyed after they built it for seventeen years. He ponders over whether or not there were just small problems they didn't fix that accumulated enough, and then thinks about his duty to protect Kouren and how he has no idea of if she is even alive.

Yotaka collapses briefly before Namsek shows him that Kouren, Vold, Algira, and even Mizari are still fighting, bringing up Yotaka's spirits. Yotaka notes that Mizari is still living and joins the fray to support Kouren. He and Mizari converse and he tells Mizari he did a good job protecting Kouren. Mizari remarks that that was the first time Yotaka ever praised him. Kouren notices Yotaka is there and so does Gobi. Yotaka informs Kouren of Soo-Won and states that no matter what happens, he will support Kouren. Gobi, enraged by his failure, has the assassins aim arrows at them in an effort to prevent Kouren and Soo-won from meeting. Namsek joins in and Yona and Yoon are seen protecting Shin-ah and Zeno who are still unconscious.

Kouren picks up a sword and returns Yona's bow. Yona asks her if she's okay with the peace talks. Kouren admits she still hates Soo-won, but says that she is not going to allow Gobi to rule Xing. She tells Vold and Algira to keep Tao safe and to not let anyone steal her away. She then goes to confront Gobi herself. She brings Mizari and Yotaka with her and they fight their way through to Gobi. As Kouren is about to slice him with her sword, he pushes a girl in front, causing her to waver momentarily. Just as an assassin slashes her in the back while Yona looks on in shock.

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