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A Convenient Sense of Justice As A Shield (シールドとしての便利な正義感 Shīrudo to shite no benrina seigi-kan?) is the one hundred and forty-sixth chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


The chapter picks up from where the previous left off. Tae-Woo questions Gobi and his men as they are clearly about to kill Yotaka . He says he is helping Yotaka because he is an acquaintance of Vold's, however, Yotaka repeatedly denies ever knowing Vold out of shear stubbornness. Gobi decides that even though Tae-woo is from Kouka , killing him would be the easiest way to solve the matter, since he does not know that Tae-woo is the leader of the Wind Tribe. This is quickly revealed to him as Han-Dae and a Wind Tribe member named Nobu, come to Tae-woo's aide.

The fend off Gobi, who is told by one of his men that their assassination of Princess Kouren was a failure. Yotaka is taken away for medical treatment by Tae-woo as Gobi discusses his next move. He begins to disillusion Kouren's men by telling them the Five Stars have fled. One of the soldiers makes a remark against Kouren's capabilities as queen, and General Namsek threatens him with a sword, only giving proof that Kouren's faction is dangerous, and she herself is not fit to be queen.

Meanwhile, The Happy Hungry Bunch, now reunited, along with Kouren, Algira, Tao, and Vold make their way to the camp. Yona attempts to help a weakened Hak, but ends up collapsing the moment he puts weight on her. While Zeno is carrying Shin-ah, he stops suddenly. He realizes the atmosphere mimics that of Kai, when the soldiers were attacking out of rage.

When they arrived at the camp, they found the soldiers waiting, and all of them wore menacing expressions. The priests stood with them. Before they had time to figure out what had happened, Shin-ah suddenly is yanked back by a rope over his neck. Zeno, Kija, and Jae-ha are all quickly subdued as well, and all of them are too weakened to fight against it. Gobi makes a speech on how Kouren was plotting to use the Dragons as weapons, and easily shut down her arguments saying that she even used them as hostages. He talks about the actions of the Five Stars and what they have done to suppress the people through fear, and how Kouren captured Tao.

Angrily, Kouren picks up a bow and points it at Gobi, threatening to kill him shoot he say anything against her subordinates. Gobi's men aim arrows at her, and Yona intervenes. Everyone watches as the arrows are released at her. Suddenly, energy similar to the dragon illusion given off by Shin-ah's eyes emanates from all Dragons. Yona is surrounded by what appears to be four dragon like entities, which protect her from the arrows by breaking them. Yona is left speechless by it, and Gobi triumphantly calls out, "This is Kouka Kingdom's Four-Bodied Dragon".

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