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A Rallying Wave (ラリーウェーブ Rarīu~ēbu) is the One hundred and Forty-second chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Neguro and Yotaka hear of the Anti-War Faction marching to Sansan, and Neguro reacts angrily, and follows them there.

Meanwhile, the priests go to Princess Kouren and demand the release of Princess Tao . Neguro becomes angry and tries to get them to leave, along with Yotaka, but Kouren appears and decides to talk to the priests. Priest Gobi tells her God chose Tao to rule the country, and that Kouren should return to her father's side, as his condition has worsened. They scold her for leading the kingdom as if she was already it's ruler. Kouren remarks that they believe Tao would be easier to control, but mentions that Tao is even more stubborn than herself. She then looks off and says 'The Kouka army is...' and as the priests turn around fearfully, she adds '... not here apparently.' She then threatens to cut off the priests' heads if they do not leave, and tells them, to flee back to their deserted island, like they did seven years ago.

At the Wind Tribe, Hak and the others hear the sounds of horses and fear the Sky Tribe is arriving to punish them for treason. However, only Algira and Yona appear. Algira explains what happened while Yona is asleep, and as Hak attempts to get Yona off the horse, she wakes up, and -in the moment of awkwardness- pats his head. She tells Hak they need to go to Kouren immediately, but priest Gobi tells her she should go in the morning. She resists his attempts at persuasion and begins going towards Sansan.

In Sansan, Kouren tells Tao she is free to go to her father's side, but Tao demands the Dragons, and Yoon be released. Kouren tells her they are still of use, and refuses, but as Neguro ushers Tao away, she shouts to Kouren as they see something glimmering in the distance. As Algira, Hak, Vold, and Yona arrive at the palace in Sansan. They see all the soldiers on watch have been killed. Yona tells them to open the door, and Hak and Algira kick it open. They find Tao, Kouren and Neguro, but Neguro has been hit with the arrow aimed for Kouren.

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