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Message (メッセージ Messēji) is the One hundred and Thirty-six chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Min-soo appears to Yona and Hak . Yona tries to thank him for saving her, but he declines. He explains that now works for Soo-won. He explains how things came to be the way they were. When he was fourteen, after living in Soo-won's mansion as his mother was a medical worker, he became a servant to Il. During this time however, he secretly exchanged information with Kye-sook about the palace.

So then Min-Soo tells Yona he doomed King Il to die. Yona forgives him as he had saved her and Hak. Min-Soo then leaves a letter as he exits. Ogi opens and deciphers the letter. In response to their letter, Soo-won has stated he will not negotiate with Kouren and will go to war. Yona is upset and meanwhile, Soo-Won explains to Min-soo that if he didn't go to war, there would be no point in being king. The letter also states that he will use the Wind and Sky Tribes in the upcoming war.

Hak says that he will use his connections to the Wind Tribe to go against Soo-Won and stop the war. He asks Mr. Ogi to send another message, but Mr. Ogi replies that he needs proper payment. Hak tells him they don't have money, Vold says he might have something, but Yona intervenes and she produces her hairpin, the gift from Soo-won in the beginning of the series, as payment in which leaves Hak in complete shock.

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