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A Friendly Face (フレンドリーな顔 Furendorīna kao) is the One hundred and Thirty-fifth chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Yona and Hak are seen talking to Mr. Ogi. They question him about Soo-Won and ask him if he believed what Soo-Won had told Kouka regarding his ascension to the throne. Ogi responds that he only heard rumors and did not go any further in learning about them. He seems to be afraid of Hak. Algira and Vold are also seen, but they do not do much.

In Xing, Mizari brings the Dragons and Yoon the bandages they asked for under the condition that Zeno shows his regeneration. Zeno agrees to stick his arm outside the bars of the cell, so Mizari can then cut it off. Everyone is extremely worried, but Jae-ha intervenes, saying he can show Mizari something even more interesting that Zeno's regeneration. He then, to Yoon's surprise, proceeds to remove the boot from his right leg. He says 'Now, take a gander at this...' A panel with the words 'a moment please' appears and afterwards, Mizari is seen looking dazzled by what he had seen. Jae-Ha is quickly putting his boot back on while the others look on in awe. It is revealed that Jae-Ha had not only revealed his dragon leg, but he had even enlarged it, as Kija does with his arm. Yoon then tells Mizari that Jae-Ha is low on blood and will need meat if he is to get better. Mizari runs off to get food and finds Yotaka. As Mizari is excitedly about to tell Yotaka about what he saw, Yotaka cuts him off and scolds him for not training. Mizari returns with a plate of chicken, which Kija shoves into Jae-Ha's mouth. Mizari notices Shin-Ah shivering (most likely because he does not have his fur) and soon returns with blankets, and tells them it wouldn't be good if his hostages froze to death. As he leaves, he says that next time, he would like to see Zeno regenerate, and skips away.

A few days later at Hiryuu Castle, Lili is seen getting scrolls from Soo-Won. She asks him how he recognized her when they first met in Sensui. Soo-Won recalls being at a festival at Suiko Castle a few years earlier, when Joon-Gi pointed her out and asked Soo-Won if he'd like to marry her. Lili is then shown to be extremely shocked. Soo-won laughs at Lili's response and reassures her that he was against the idea as well. Soo-Won then receives a written document by a servant and reads it with a serious look on his face. Lili proposes meeting Mr. Ogi with Soo-Won the next time the king goes out to meet him, but Soo-Won rejects the idea and informs Lili that she would most likely cause a ruckus. Soo-won then pushes Lili out of the room where she later collides with a servant. As they get up, the servant's face is revealed and resembles Min-Soo. Lili then comments on how he moves as if he had an injury.

Yona and Hak are seen continuing to talk to Ogi about meeting with Soo-Won. Ogi says he sent a letter, but was forced to mention them in it. Yona eventually asks him how he knew her, and he replies that when she was six, she had been kidnapped and Soo-Won had told Ogi to get people to search for "a little girl with red hair and big cute eyes". Yona then states she doesn't remember the event well. Next, a person soon arrives. Ogi gets startled and they believe Soo-Won has come. However, the figure addresses Yona and Hak, and takes off the hood they are wearing, to reveal they are none other than Min-Soo.

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