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Proof  (証明 Shōmei) is the One hundred and Thirty-third chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki No Yona.


Yoon jumps in to stop Yotaka.

Yoon goes out to check on the Dragon Warriors who has headed out to the town of Sansan. Kija and Jae-Ha become injured by one of Xing's Five Stars: Yotaka- who attacked them out of the belief that the Dragon Warriors have come to Xing under Kouka's King Soo-Won's orders. Yoon jumps in to stop Yotaka from injuring his friends further, saying that he is a normal human being who loathes war and violence. He states firmly that before Yotaka tries to kill him he should have that in clear in his mind. One of Princess Tao's guards alerts Yona, Hak, Tao, Vold and Algira of the dire situation. Tao insists on Yona leaving immediately after she negotiates with her sister to return the captured Dragon Warriors and Yoon to Yona. However, Yona asks Tao for a request first. Meanwhile, at Kouren's mansion, Neguro expresses his shock when he saw Zeno's immortality and regeneration abilities. Kouren is also in disbelief that her enemy, Soo-Won, had such monstrous people under his command. Suddenly, Yona, Hak and Tao's group intrudes the mansion. Kouren is angry to see her sister who brought the dragons to the Xing Kingdom make her appearance after knowing about her dragons and Yoon being taken hostage. Tao argues that the dragons and Yoon are not related to Soo-Won in any way, but Kouren refuses to listen to her, saying that she'll find that out for herself after she tortures them.

Yona reveals her true identity

Yona, who Kouren recognizes, then steps out. Taking off her hood, she reveals her true identity as Emperor Il's one and only daughter. Kouren is shocked, but swiftly brings up the topic of if she was acting under Soo-Won's orders. Yona argues that she does not and the Dragon Warriors are merely her companions and family, who helped her through harsh times after she fled from Hiryuu Castle. Yona proposes that she will talk to Soo-Won and see if the war can be avoided. Kouren allows this as a test, but warns that the dragons and Yoon will be killed and tortured if the war starts or if Yona betrays them.

Tao then tells Vold and Algira to accompany Yona and Hak to Kouka, saying that she will be fine in Xing. After leaving, Kouren demands Tao to be locked in her room. She then wonders on how Soo-Won will react to Yona and waits for this test to play out.

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