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Surprise Attack is the 130th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.


Yona and her group including Vold realises that Tao is in danger due to Mizari starting a fire at Tao's Mansion. Mizari then flees the mansion to escape the fire after saying he knows it won't last much longer.

Back at Tao, Algira hurries and rushes into the fire to save Tao, only to see Zeno being burnt as he holds up the pillar of the mansion. He tells Zeno he is in debt to him after Zeno tells him to hurry and leave, running with Tao in his arms. After escaping the fire, Jae-Ha comments that Zeno will be fine when Algira explains what happens. However Yoon and Kija notices that until the fire goes out Zeno will be in immense pain due to his regeneration being slow as he is far from Kouka Kingdom.

Tao, Vold and Algira are confused, and the group runs to Zeno's side. Zeno walks out of the fire, scorched and burnt with dragon scales having formed all over his body, upon realising that the Dark Dragon and Happy Hungry Bunch will run to save him if he doesn't leave. He collapses by Yona and later recovers after resting at a cave shortly. Zeno acts gleefully but the dragons aren't happy with how carefree he is after suffering the burns from the fire. Tao then tells Yona and her group to quickly return to Kouka Kingdom as she will stop her sister herself. She insists that these are the Xing Kingdom's affairs, and her group needn't be involved, as Yona sadly looks away.

Outside of the cave, Algira asks Hak to spar with him. Hak comments to himself that Algira's kicks are quite strong though his kick is not as strong as the Jae-Ha's. Vold then spars with Jae-Ha and Kija tries to join in. Jae-Ha easily evades all of Vold's attacks with his power. After the short spar, Algira speaks to Hak and tells him that he follows Princess Tao because he believes that Kouren's ideas are wrong- where she would take extremes to win a war against Kouka, including using little girls. He also states that Xing's military power is nowhere as strong as Kouka's and winning is impossible. Hak asks if Xing becomes a vassal nation to Kouka and Soo-Won is an unjust man what Algira would do. Algira tells him that he will deal with that when the time comes, focusing only on the present situation in Xing, saying that he will believe in Tao's decision no matter what it is.

Arriving at Xing's royal capital Tenkyuu, Mizari returns to Kyuu Castle. Neguro, one of the Five Stars of Xing scolds Mizari for acting of his own accord, reminding him that Kouren only ordered him to observe Tao. He tells Mizari that Kouren said she does not need Mizari if he continues to behave irrationally which leads him to shed tears and say that he wanted to be useful to her, and he does not know where he went wrong. Yotaka, another member of the Five Stars walks over to Mizari, questioning and also scolding him for his methods, calling him a disgrace. However Mizari states that he gained useful information from his actions- telling his seniors that he witnessed the immense power of the four 'monsters' of Kouka. He saw an undying person, a person with a giant claw and a flying man, sparkling Neguro and Yotaka's interest. He then smiles, saying that he wonders if he can snatch the power of the 'monsters' for Xing themselves.

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