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Surprise Attack is the 129th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.


Tao wakes up in the middle of the night and when she turns to look at the side of her bed, a man is there. Outside Yona is looking for Princess Tao and bumps into Vold, she then tells him that princess Tao is in danger and a group of people have invaded the valley. More people arrive and so Jae-ha tells Vold that he, Shin-Ah and Kija will handle them. Vold gets shocked by the fact that Jae-ha calls Tao and Vold with familiarity (he calls them Vold-Kun and Tao-Chan). So then Vold, Yona and Hak go to Princess Tao's room and on the way there, Vold looks back and his eye widens when seeing the Jae-Ha’s and Kija’s strength. Once they arrive to Princess Tao’s room they meet Mizali, an ‘acquaintance’ of Vold and Argila who just like them is a part of Xing’s “Five Stars”, the Five Stars” is a title granted only to the strongest within Xing. The members of the “Five Stars” are Vold and Argila who serve Princess Tao, Mizali who serves Kouren and the other two are not mentioned. In Princes Tao’s room Mizali is about to kill Princess Tao (who is shivering under the sheet), but Argila appears from under the cover (with cats on top of him) and reveals that Tao is no longer there. Vold questions Argila about what he is doing in Princess Tao’s bed. Argila says that it is his dream to fall asleep stroking kitties. Mizali says that he thought this room was Princess Tao’s bed chambers and asks where she is, Argila calls him an idiot and that he [Argila] hid Princess Tao somewhere. Mizali attempts to fight Argila and is easily defeated. Hak takes note to himself that Argila has a good arm and is very skilled. Mizali mentions out loud that he thought he could take on Argila unarmed, Vold tells him that just because he is a part of the “Five Stars” just like Vold and ARgila, he shouldn’t be getting so full of himself and that only himself [Vold] can stop Argila. Argila disagrees stating since when could vold ever stop him and Vold tells him could do it, if he got serious. Mizali interrupts stating that it’s not as if he rushed to challenge them [Vold and Argila] without thinking. Then a big muscular man comes bursting through the door and he is taken out by Hak. More men break into the room and Hak takes them out with relative ease, Vold, Argila and Mizali watch speechless then Mizali questions ‘who is this man?’. After defeating Mizali’s lackeys he mentions that he smells oil and then more of Mizali’s lackeys appear and one of them lights the oil that is spilled on the ground and the mansion catches on fire. Hak says that he will handle them and he tells Vold and Argila to find Princess Tao. Vold and Argila leave the room in search of Princess Tao and while leaving ARgila says ‘Thanks, Hak-nyan!’ Outside the mansion, Zeno and Yoon are there and Zeno notices the fire and leaves Yoon behind and rushes into the mansions and finds Princess Tao. Princess Tao is now surrounded by flames and the mansion begins to collapse, and just as a pillar is about to fall on Princess Tao, Zeno saves her by holding it up. His body begins to burn and his skin starts to turn into dragon scales. Princess Tao yells Zeno’s name in worry and Zeno tells her that he will be okay and tells her to go ahead. Zeno tells himself that he will be okay but his regeneration is slow because Hiryuu Castle is far away and he asks Hiryuu Castle to lend him strength. Princess Tao hesitates to leaves and her eyes began to water, and he tells Princess Tao that the body of the yellow dragon exists precisely for times like these. Argila comes running up calling Princess Tao’s name, and find Princess Tao in tears.


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