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Bottled Up Feelings is the 123th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.


The chapter continues dialogue on from Chapter 122, when Yona had bluntly told Hak that she wants to touch him. After seeing Hak openly express his emotion with their other companions, Yona starts to subconsciously behave jealous and wants Hak to express his feelings to her, too. Hak displays an emotion of confusion and after she realizes what she had said, Yona blushes. She tries to convince Hak that she did not mean anything, and quickly walks away, saying that she will go back to sleep.

However, Hak grabs her upper arm with an emotionless face and checks her forehead for a fever. He does not find that she has one, and he checks his own forehead wondering if it was a hallucination. While Hak in in deep though, Yona quickly makes up an excuse to ask to talk to him. Hak agrees, and holds out his hand, inviting her to sit. Yona reaches out to grab his arm, but then quickly it wrenches away thinking that she must smell bad. Hak wonders if something is the matter but Yona keeps dodging his attacks. Frustrated, Hak rents his anger about how he was only trying to grab her hand but is acting like she cannot stand being near him. He also praises her ability to match his speed, but Yona knows it was only her willpower.

Yona allows him to come closer, but keeps him a little over an arms length away. Hak is confused, and she explains that she must smell bad because she has not bathed. They once again start arguing, but this time about hygiene. Angry, Hak grabs her hand and says it is not a pain, and he pulls her into a hug. Yona tells Hak to let go, but Hak explains that he is not forcing himself to overlook her smell but in another way. Hak brings his head close to Yona's hair, and Yona comments that he is just playing around. Hak says that he would never play around with her. He copies Zeno to joke around, and she also does the same in response. Haks laughs, and sees Yona looking at him.

Hak then notices that her eyelids are swollen, and some other injuries. Yona consoles him, saying that she is fine and that her injuries were not his fault. Hak says she is cool, and that he has never seen a girl like her. Yona is pleased, and then Hak starts to tease her again. The mood turns nostalgic, and in her head, Yona compares how she had acted with Soo-won and how she acts with Hak. Hak and Yona usure each other that they will never stop trusting one another, no matter how many times they are betrayed. The chapter wraps up with Yona clutching the stone she had given to Hak and thinking that when she gives him back his freedom she will not be able to let him go.

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