The Valley That the Voice of God Calls
Cover 12
Kanji 神の声が呼ぶ谷
Rōmaji Kami no Koe ga Yobu Tani
English The Valley That the Voice of God Calls
Release Date February 20th, 2010
Chapter 12
Volume 3
Arc Prophecy Arc
Related Episode Episode 07
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The Valley That the Voice of God Calls (神の声が呼ぶ谷, Kami ni Koe ga Yobu Tani) is the twelfth chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.


Despite Yoon's scorning of her due to her ignorance, Yona is told all about her uncle's banishing of the priests from Hiryuu Castle, as well as the current state of the Fire Tribe. That night, Hak stirs from his wounded state and Yona scolds him for leaving her side. The following morning, Ik-Soo awakens from a dream he had regarding Yona and the future of the country, and tells Yona that he will convey God's voice to them all.


Yoon criticizes Yona for her ignorance

Yoon becomes angry at Yona

Yona is surprised that Ik-Soo is the priest that she and Hak were seeking, as she imagined him to be an old man; Ik-Soo explains that it was his predecessor who was oppressed by Yu-Hon and forced from the castle. After claiming that he knew of her arrival due to the voice of God telling him, Ik-Soo is scolded by Yoon, who reminds him that he makes no money from his "gift" and that he was kicked out of the palace in the first place for making dubious claims. Yona inquires about the incident, which irritates Yoon, who questions how she could have lived in the castle all of her life and not know. He criticizes her further when Hak begins to stir in pain and she demands Yoon save him, for he does not feel obligated to do such a thing for her, especially as she has not even thanked him once for what he has already done. He also takes a guess that she has never thanked Hak for all that he's done too. Yona begins to cry over Yoon's words and Hak's state, though Ik-Soo quickly comforts her, commenting that Hak has not met the god of death yet and will come back to her. He then quietly reprimands Yoon for being so harsh, reminding the boy that Yona has been through a lot and is also struggling in her own way.

Later, Yona comes to Yoon to inquire about Ik-Soo's circumstances in a humble way, thanking Yoon for his hard work and saying that she wishes to learn about the goings-on outside of the castle so that she doesn't seem like an idiot any longer. Yoon explains that her uncle Yu-Hon became angered over the amount of authority the priests had over the crown; their word from God was enough to remove a king from power. Not wanting such a threat, Yu-Hon arrested and drove out the priests in the palace - Ik-Soo was just a boy at that time. Yona asks why they settled in such a desolate location, and Yoon replies that the villages in the area are full of poverty and illness; Ik-Soo, being so kind-hearted, always wishes to help these people despite his inability to, and becomes anguished when he fails to aid them, hence their living in a place where Ik-Soo can be more at peace. Thanking Yoon and asking him to tell her more about the kingdom later, Yona prays for Hak's health and drifts off to sleep.

Hak attempts to kiss Yona

Hak attempts to kiss Yona

That night, Yona awakens to find that Hak has left the room, and rushes outside to search for him. Just as she begins to fear the worst has happened and openly curses Hak for being an idiot, Hak walks up from behind, angered that she is sitting in the dark badmouthing him when he has made a miraculous recovery. As he begins to tease her about not being able to sleep alone, Yona angrily yells at him for walking off when he is in such a bad condition, as she was scared he was on death's door and dislikes the idea of him leaving on his own. Seeing her so upset, Hak comments that he kind of wishes he could die just to see her reaction then, and grabs her cheek as he begins to lean his face towards hers. Suddenly, Yona smashes her forehead against his, causing them both a great deal of pain and irking Hak, who comments that she could have just pulled her face away if she disliked what he was going to do. Confused, Yona states that she thought he was attempting to check his temperature, so she tried to lean her forehead against his; Hak goes along with this version of his previous actions and then apologizes about the state of her hair, as he blames himself for her having to cut it. Smiling, Yona comments that she doesn't mind, as she always hated her hair. Teasing her in return, Hak watches Yona's back as she begins to head back to Ik-Soo's house, mentally noting that she hasn't thrown Soo-Won's hairpin away despite no longer having enough hair to tie it up with.

Ik-Soo tells Yona that he dreamt of her

Ik-Soo tells Yona that he dreamt of her

The next morning, Hak is brought up to speed with their whereabouts and is introduced to Yoon as Yona notes that Ik-Soo is nowhere to be seen. She heads out from the house and finds the priest sitting near a waterfall, crying. When she inquires why he is sad, Ik-Soo replies that he has a dream about her the previous night, one that spoke of her place within the world. He then asks her is she would like to know the voice of God. Thinking, Yona questions if the path she must take need be shown to her by God, as all she truly wants is for her and Hak to be safe. Ik-Soo replies that her case is more than just the simple idea of living or dying, and that, should she indeed want to live on in the current wave of bloodshed, he will convey God's voice to her.

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