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Council of War is the 115th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.


In Tonsui, Su-won explains what is currently going on in Sei. Sei has three kings, Hotsuma, Kushibi and Kazagumo. Kazagumo is the one officially ruling the country, but he holds no real power. The power of the country had belonged to his mother Kuva who ruled along with his uncles Kushibi and Hotsuma. Kuva had the support of the citizens, Hotsuma controlled the military, and Kushibi controlled the economy. These three had a balance in power and formed an alliance. However, Kuva passed away two months ago, and now the two uncles are aiming for the throne. To settle things between them, they decided to take advantage of the Nadai incident by building forts and invading the Water Tribe in hopes of gaining notoriety in Kouka. 

Soo-Won originally intended to destroy the forts, as they are symbols of Kushibi and Hotsuma’s influence, but now they have to slightly change their objective and also make rescuing Lili a priority. 

Then Soo-Won explains the plan for rescuing Lili: Geun-Tae and Mundok must quickly make a big ruckus and attract the soldiers’ attention, because Lili might have been forced to drink Nadai, and he intends to settle the matter before the 3 rulers have time to react.

Tae-Woo asks Joon-Gi why he doesn’t intend to go with the rescue party even though Lili is his own daughter. He replies that due to his bad eyesight he only can act as support. Still, Tae-Woo finds it strange that Joon-Gi is not worrying about Lili. Soo-Won chimes in that Joon-Gi is actually very worried about Lili and is thankful for them all going to rescue her.

Geun-Tae adds that the tribes didn’t rush all the way here just for General Joon-Gi, but also for Soo-Won's sake, since Lili is to be Soo-Won's consort. Soo-Won is flabbergasted. Geun-Tae exclaims further that they can hold "the wedding" right after they save her. Soo-Won asks Geun-Tae to stop and explain what he means by that. Tetora freaks out in the background. 

Soo-Won, realizing that there has been a big misunderstanding, asks Joon-Gi to explain himself, but Joon-Gi replies that he would have never said something so crass. Apparently both Geun-Tae and Mundok thought they were rescuing Lili because Soo-Won had fallen for her. Soo-Won explains that they have misunderstood. The disappointed Geun-tae complains that he had hoped that the Five Tribes would be bowing down to new heirs of the throne soon. Soo-Won uncomfortably replies that they are jumping the gun, and asks Tetora to calm down. 

Soo-Won changes the subject and declares that they will launch the attack tomorrow beginning with Hotsuma’s fort. Geun-Tae offhandedly comments that since Soo-Won didn't fall for Lili, he should adopt a beautiful daughter to marry Soo-Won, much to Soo-Won's dismay.

That night at the fort, Hak, Yoon, Kija and Shin-Ah meet up. Yoon tells that the preparations for destroying the fort are almost complete. Hak is flustered that he made Shin-Ah worry about him. He holds his good-luck charm necklace and asks it to protect Yona instead.

Suddenly, he senses a presence just outside the fort walls, on Kouka’s side. He wonders if it’s another slave and starts speaking to this person. The person does not immediately reply. Hak waits. Finally, the person replies, and Hak is horrified to know that it is Soo-Won. Soo-Won asks if a 17 year-old girl with long black hair named Lili has been brought to the fort. Hak, feeling bloodlust, silently claws at the wall in reply.

Soo-Won explains further that his group will destroy the fort tomorrow morning and break in, starting with the fort walls. He asks if the man on the other side will help, so that all slaves can be brought to safety without any casualties. 

Hak stays silent for a while. Eventually he replies, "Tomorrow at dawn... I will signal you." 

Soo-Won does not immediately reply. Finally, he replies, "Thank you... very much..."

Hak walks back to their housing building, and is interrupted by Yoon, who asks him where he was. Hak only tells him to get ready to destroy the fort at dawn. Kija also asks what happened. Hak replies that nothing happened. Kija tells him to ask for help if he needs it. Hak covers his face in anguish. 

On the other side, Soo-Won is shown leaning against the fort wall, miserably looking up at the night sky, aware that the man on the other side was Hak. 

The next morning, Hak’s group is ready. Shin-Ah gathers their weapons, Yoon evacuates the slaves. Hak tells him that there are people outside the fort who came to rescue Lili. Yoon wonders if the Water Tribe leader is among them. Hak speculates so.

Hak thinks of Soo-Won waiting for them to act on the other side of the wall and is tense, until he remembers Yona telling him that she is alright. Hak calms down. 

Before guards can catch them, Hak signals Kija, who catapults a gigantic boulder. Soo-Won's group is astounded by the boulder that blasts through the wall. 

Soo-Won mournfully remarks, "What a flashy signal, don't you think? Hak."