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When I Can Say My Most Heartfelt Words is the 114th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona. Yona and Lili have escaped the fort and are now in a forest. Meanwhile the 2 teams have inflirtrated the 2 forts and are working as slaves to find Yona and Lili. In Kouka Soo-Won gather a team made up of himself, General Joo-Doh, General Joon-Gi, General Geun-Tae (who was accompied by skilled earth tribe soldiers), Mundok, General Tae-Woo and Hun-Dae to save Lili from Sei.


Yona and Lili had just escaped from the fort and are running through the forest and they take a break and Lili begins to cry over the fact that she stabbed and killed someone. Back at the fort a soldier attempting to whip someone gets hits by a block of wood. Its Kija and he apologizes and helps the man who was getting whipped. The soldier in anger tries to whip Kija but Shin-Ah catches the whip with one hand. After Yoon appears and he looks at the mans injury then talks back to the soldier. The soldier (now even more angry) attempts to whip Yoon but is stopped by Hak who picks up the soldier in one hand. Then he apologizes saying that he thought the soldier was building materials. Hak and the other get back to work and the soldiers discuss how with these new slaves (Hak and the others) their current problem concerning labor is fixed and they should get the fort finished on time or maybe even sooner. Later Hak, Kija, Shin-Ah and Yoon manage to meet up with the soldiers noticing and discuss and Yona and Lili are not at this fort and decide to wait for Jae-ha to contact them before they make anymore moves. Kija ensures Hak that Jae-ha and Zeno will find and bring Yona back safe and sound and Hak asks Kija why is he look at him. Kija replies that he's happy that Hak trusts Jae-Ha and Zeno because it looked like he was wavering. Yoon agrees and mention that Hak becomes silent when he is wavering and that since Kija was calm and Hak was wavering it reminded him that Kija is actually older than Hak. Hak quietly thinks to himself about what would have happened if something like this had occurred if it were just him and Yona with no one trust worthy beside them, it makes him feel terrified. That he never thought he would get to meet people like [Yoon, Shin-Ah, Kija] them and having all of them beside himself and Yona makes him feel very grateful.

At the other fort Jae-ha, Zeno and Ayura share information that they gather from around the fort. Two girls that fit Yona's and Lili's description were said to have disappeared early in the morning. Ayura mentions that she heard that anyone at this fort resists they are killed and that people have mentioned that Yona and Lili defied the guards too much and they may have already been killed and she becomes worried. Jae-Ha and Zeno ensure that Yona and Lili are alive and that Yona isn't obedient enough to just be killed. That she most likely escaped and took Lili with her off somewhere. Then Jae-Ha says that he will manage to find the girls using the power of his leg. Ayura then tells Zeno to leave with Jae-Ha and that she will contact and the others. Zeno agrees and pats her on the head. Then Ayura purposely falls and knocks over some logs to create an distraction then Jae-Ha leaves and Zeno suddenly jumps onto Jae-Ha.

At Tousui, Su-Won is praising the delicious tea that was served to him. He thanks Tetora for it. Tetora thinks that since then, Su-Won is always staying here at Tousui and not moving a budge. Tetora thought tha Soo-wun had iven up on saving Lili. Joo-Doh also always seems to look to be in a bad mood. Then, Joo-Doh says too slow. Geun-Tae arrives and says that he already whipped the fast horse at all costs to come over here and Chishin isn’t exactly near this place. Su-won tells him ‘good work’ for that long and difficult journey. Joon-Gi says that they still don’t know the details of the current situation yet he didn’t think that Geun-Tae would unexpectedly lend his strength. Geun-Tae says that Lili was abducted by Sei and he won’t consider it as a ‘favor’. “You look like you are quiet but in your heart, you are already worried to death, right? Such a weak young lady is unexpectedly captured away.” Su-Won and Joo-Doh think, weak young lady? Tetora asks if Geun-Tae came to save Lili. Geun-Tae says yes, for afterwards, they’ll go save Lili and bring her back. Su-Won says that it is because if they are going to save Lili, they must have the military strength that will satisfy Joo-Doh. Joo-Doh says but of course, how can a country’s king just charge into Sei. Joo-Doh says that Guen-Tae  is still not enough. Su-Won says that he also asked for more people to come. Mundok, together with Tae-woo and Heun-dae arrive. Geun-Tae says that this is really urprising. Mundok says that the Wind tribe answer his summons. Su-Won thanks them for coming. Geun-Tae says that he didn’t think that he’ll come. Mundok says that after all, Joon-gi’s daughter has been abducted and besides, they have to resolve Water Tribe’s Nadai problem as soon as possible so even if their strength is meager, the Wind Tribe will also lend a hand. Joon-Gi says that for his sincere thoughts, he cannot thank Mundok enough. Tetora realizes that Haku’s tribe has also come to help save Lili. Su-Won asks Joo-Doh that with this, there’s no problem, right. Joo-Doh says it’s okay but Su-Won absolutely cannot rush in front and during the fighting, and that Su-won will wait until the generals handle evrything first. Su-Won says okay. Tetora thinks that this team will save Lili but she worries about Yona, Haku and the others.