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A Temporary Fort is the 112th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Yona and Lili along with other people from Kouka were brought to Sei to work as slaves and were ordered to work and build the fort.

Meanwhile Hak and the others interrogate three of Tsubaru's men and discover where Yona and Lili are and that Sei is preparing to attack the Water Tribe.


Yona and Lili in Sei's fort

Yona wakes up with Lili in a carriage with many others. Once they get out they discover that were taken to Sei. A man walks up to a soldier and questions why they were there and stating that they were injured in the Festival at Tonsui and since the clinics were full they were all going to the neighboring town. The others demanded that they should be taken back home but the soldier whips them.

After doing so the soldier tells them to stand down and that anyone who resits will be killed. Also that they were all brought to Sei as slaves and as slaves they had one task: to the fort. He continues to tell them that they have no need to ask any questions and they have to do is to keep their heads down and work and once they're finished they will be allowed to go home. After this Lili see's Tsubaru and asks her if she is alright. Yona tells her to stay away from Tsubaru and asks Tsubaru who is she and why did bring them to Sei.

Then Tsubaru apologizes to Lili for the late introduction and says that she is no one important and that she is a Nadai merchant from Sei. And since Lili has been banning Nadai lately that business has been tough and that Lili had becoming annoying and in the way. Tsubaru continues to tell them that all of the incidents at the festival were planned to bring in more slaves and thanks to Lili things were able to go smoothly and saved her a great amount of time. Lili grabs Tsubaru in anger. And the soldier tells Lili to behave and attempts to whip her but Yona shields Lili and glares at the soldier. Tsubaru tells him to stop because it was difficult to bring them here unscathed. All of them are later told to put down of there belongings and Lili begins to cry and apologizes to Yona and says that she shouldn't have got her involved. Yona cheers her up saying that them being brought here is a great opportunity to figure out the Nadai merchants plans and to destroy the Nadai trade route from Sei and with patience they can do so.

Lili tells Yona that she is so strong and Yona replies to her only because you're here. Yona tells herself that she has to protect Lili. Yona asks the soldier that they should at least treat the wounded. A soldier agrees and another brings cup filled and says that it is medicine and offers it to them. Yona looks and takes notice that the medicine is actually wine and doesn't drink it. The soldiers says this is Sei's medicine and that drinking it will gradually increase stamina.

A man working and passing by Yona tells her that she should drink some to, after he drink it it makes his body feel lighter and that all thanks to the wine he was able to make it through all of the hard labor. Yona then slaps the cup from Lili's hand and realizes that the medicine is actually Nadai. Yona tries to tell the other not to drink it but Tsubaru tells her to relax and that small and amount of Nadai can be used as medicine and it is legal in Sei. Lili and Yona argue that they've seen people get weaker because of it. Tsubaru simply states that, that happened because Nadai was used improperly and that in Sei how much you drink is your responsibility, but here at the fort you are only given wine and no water. Also how long would they persist in this dry land.

Back in Kouka, Hak and the others question Tsubaru men. The men tell them that the Tsubaru the inn owner is a Nadai merchant, Yona and Lili were taken to Sei, Sei are gathering people to build boarder forts and the purpose of the fort is to defend and attack the water tribe and that at the fort they only serve wine with Nadai in it and if they don't hurry the two girls might get addicted to it. Later they discover that there are actually 2 forts and so they split up into 2 teams: Team Ayura, Jae-ha, Zeno; Team Hak, Yoon, Kija, Shin-ah and Tetora stayed behind to make sure everything was okay and the fact that she is still recovering from her injury from before.

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