Accession of the New King
Cover 11
Kanji 新王即位
Rōmaji Shin Ō Sokui
English Accession of the New King
Release Date February 5th, 2010
Chapter 11
Volume 2
Arc Prophecy Arc
Related Episode Episode 06
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Accession of the New King (新王即位, Shin Ō Sokui) is the eleventh chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Soo-Won casts aside his remaining feelings over the loss of Hak and Yona and accepts the crown of Kouka Kingdom under the watchful eyes of the four generals. Concurrently, in the valley they fell into from the cliff, Yona awakens to find a handsome young man attending to her. After discovering that Hak was badly injured in their fall, Yona comes face to face with the priest she and Hak were searching for, whose very house she is currently staying in.


As he bathes in a pool at the palace, Soo-Won is approached by Kye-Sook, who informs the king-to-be that Mundok and the next Wind Tribe general have arrived for his upcoming coronation. Pleased, Soo-Won discusses Hak's replacement with the older man until he notices dawn approaching over the nearby mountain range. Looking to the sky and noticing the red colour, Soo-Won thinks of Yona.

Soo-Won recalls Hak vowing to be by his side

Soo-Won remembers Hak vowing to be his right hand when he comes king

Soon after, Soo-Won stands at the gates to the palace, preparing to enter in front of the kingdom and accept the crown. As he waits, he remembers a time not too long ago when Hak had promised to become his right-hand man should be become king, this (at the time) being if he married Yona. Somewhat taken aback, Soo-Won had rested his head on Hak's shoulders, understanding that if he did become king, Yona and Hak would not be there to support him. Acknowledging that they are gone and that he's betrayed him, Soo-Won is officially crowned the new ruler of Kouka Kingdom and banishes the guilt from his heart, reaffirming his goal of becoming a strong king. As per the ceremony, the different generals of the four tribes approach him to formally congratulate him on receiving the crown and pledge their loyalty, and, unbeknownst the them, Soo-Won assesses each as they come forth: the two-faced nature of the Fire Tribe, the Earth Tribe's love of strong leaders, the Water Tribe's more reluctant disposition and the Wind Tribe's strength and willingness to rebel if provoked. Also considering the countries pressuring them from the north and south, Soo-Won knows he needs to unite the tribes, but is interrupted in his thoughts by Mundok, who, with double meaning in his words, vows to keep watch over his reign with the guidance of the gods and report to the heavens all of his victories and shortcomings. Soo-Won replies with a strong voice that he does not need divine power to lead the nation into prosperity, but the strength of the people; he will stop anything that gets in his way, this including the heavens. As the people cheer for Soo-Won, Mundok stands in the crowd, pondering when Soo-Won turned from such a kind-hearted, smiling young boy into a cold, fearsome leader.

Yona meets the muddy priest

The muddy man turns out to be the priest

Meanwhile, Yona wakes up to find a boy squeezing orange juice into her mouth. The attendant, acknowledging her consciousness, introduces himself as Yoon, the "passing pretty boy genius". Asking for her name, Yoon comments on Yona's persistence to fall from a cliff and survive; remembering what happened, Yona frantically asks where Hak is, with Yoon pointing out the severely injured and bandaged man, who lies on the other side of the room unmoving. As Yona rushes to Hak's side, Yoon states that he cleaned all of his wounds and removed the poison in his body, but that, most likely due to his shielding of Yona as they fell, Hak is in a very bad state. With Yona's worry evident, Yoon asks if she and Hak are lovers, with Yona quickly denying and asking for their current whereabouts. As she begins to tell Yoon about the priest they're looking for, a man in muddy clothing runs in and spots her. He introduces himself as Yoon's guardian, Ik-Soo, and begins to cry after commenting on how many difficulties Yona has been through as of late.

When Yona questions how he knows so much about her, Ik-Soo accidentally starts to let slip that the gods told him. Yoon berates him for revealing too much about them, and Yona realises that Ik-Soo, the undignified and muddy man, is the high priest living in isolation.

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  • Mortar and pestle
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