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Crimson Hair (紅い髪 Akai Kami?) is the tenth chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.

Due to the poison in his body, Hak is badly wounded by the Fire Tribe soldiers, and almost falls over the side of the cliff. In an effort to rescue him, Yona escapes from Kan Tae-Jun at the expense of cutting off her hair, though fails to save Hak when the two fall over the cliff. Believing them to be dead, Tae-Jun reports the tragedy to Soo-Won, who, without emotion, refuses to administer punishment.


As Yona shocks Kan Tae-Jun with her fierce gaze, Hak continues to fight off the soldiers below by himself, faulting unintentionally due to the poison in his body and receiving a harsh blow to the chest, which pushes him back over the side of the cliff. Hak manages to grab onto the rocky slope to keep himself from falling, though cannot pull himself up; overjoyed at his upcoming demise, Tae-Jun watches him from above and wishes for him to fall into the abyss below. Realising that Hak will fall and die if she doesn't do anything, Yona tries to run to Hak's aid, though is stopped by Tae-Jun, who grabs a fistful of her long hair and uses it to yank her back. In her ever-surprising determination, the princess responds by grabbing his sword and lopping off her hair in one swing, running to Hak's side and swinging the sword to ward off the other soldiers who want to finish the ex-general off.

Yoan cuts off her hair to escape Tae-Jun

Despite being weak and not coming close to harming the other soldiers, Yona is spared when Tae-Jun orders his men to not harm her. When she goes to pull Hak up, the ex-general pleads with her to run away, but becomes speechless when she cries, refusing to give up or let him die. However, the Fire General's son comes to his senses as they continue to struggle and immediately issues a new command to separate the two. Unfortunately, distracted by the soldiers coming towards them, Yona slips and falls with Hak over the side of the cliff; Tae-Jun frantically tries to grab Yona, but to no avail, and watches as she tumbles over.

Helplessly, Tae-Jun tries to order his men to save Yona, but they inform him that they have never set foot into the valley before, and doubt the duo's chance of survival after falling from such a height. With a pained and shocked expression, Tae-Jun drops to his knees in horror, and later returns to Castle Hiryuu to report to Soo-Won, who at first greets him cheerfully before noticing the dark look on his face. Despairing, Tae-Jun gives Soo-Won the locks of hair that Yona had chopped off as evidence of their meeting and tells the king-to-be that both the princess and Hak are dead.

Soo-Won learns of Yona's death

A blank look crosses Soo-Won's face as Tae-Jun and Kye-Sook discuss the circumstances of her death, with Kye-Sook accusing Tae-Jun of treason for having orchestrated the events leading to Yona's demise. In his despair, Tae-Jun agrees that he killed her, and asks for Soo-Won to pass judgement upon him for his crime; Soo-Won, stone-faced, grants mercy instead while Tae-Jun begs for punishment, and tells Tae-Jun to prepare himself for the upcoming coronation as he walks away. Soon alone, Soo-Won grasps Yona's hair tightly as he recalls his two friends.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the valley, a young boy finds Hak and Yona lying still near a stream.

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Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Swords
  • Hsu Quandao



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