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Roar (咆哮 Houkko?) is the ninth chapter of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona.

Hak and Yona begin to search for a priest on Mundok's recommendation, though are found and attacked by Kan Tae-Jun's troops. Hak is injured whilst protecting Yona, but tells her to stay hidden as he fights. As she hides, Yona hears Tae-Jun prepare an archer to shoot Hak, and, despite being conflicted about what to do, rushes out to help the ex-general. Tae-Jun tries to then persuade her to return to the castle with him, though she harshly refuses him, shocking the Fire Tribe man with her intensity and resolve.


Hak prepares to fight Tae-Jun's troops

At Elder Mundok's suggestion of visiting the high priest of Kouka, Hak and Yona officially set off from Fuuga, Hak in particular slightly annoyed at the fact that his grandfather had little idea of the priest's whereabouts, and gave them a very broad destination. While on look-out, the ex-general explains vaguely that the priest had once been in a position of power at the castle, but eventually moved away from the populace due to Soo-Won's father, Lord Yu-Hon, who grew fearful of the priests' powers and suppressed them. Recalling Mundok's words, Yona wonders about the 'path' that the priest may reveal and also realizes how ignorant she is of the land that she was eventually supposed to rule. As Hak asks what they will do for sleeping arrangements when night falls and Yona catches him off guard by saying she'll snuggle next to him to keep warm, the ex-general becomes aware that there are people following them, and suspects an incoming attack. As they round the cliff-side, they come into view of Kan Tae-Jun's troops, who prepare to fight.

Hak is shot protecting Yona

Telling Yona to stay close to his side, Hak begins to fight off the Fire Tribe troops before the two are approached by Tae-Jun himself, who gloats over his finding of them. Hak tries to irk the man by purposely ignoring him, though their frivolities soon end when Hak slyly alludes to soon destroying Tae-Jun's troops, and Tae-Jun threatens his life in return. At his command, Tae-Jun's troops continue their onslaught, foot soldiers attacking Hak directly whilst a group of archers positioned up the side of the cliffs fire down from above. Managing to avoid both, Hak takes Yona's hand and pulls her into a run; however, she soon trips over and is targeted by an archer, who misses her only when Hak jumps in between them and takes the arrow to the shoulder. Slipping past the soldiers despite the injury, Hak hides Yona is a bush and tells her to remain there until he comes back to retrieve her. Yona worries about his wound, though Hak brushes it off and leaves and Yona regrets him having to be hurt.

Yona glares at Kang Tae-Jun

As she sits waiting, Yona hears Tae-Jun nearby, the man still searching for her as Hak fights his men below. Angered that Hak seems to be fighting well, Tae-Jun is approached by one of his archers, who tells him that the arrow Hak took to the shoulder earlier was poisoned, and that Hak should soon be downed because of it. Brushing off the fact that the archer originally aimed the poisoned arrow at Yona, Tae-Jun tells the man to nock another arrow and shoot Hak again when his back is turned. Hearing this, Yona begins to panic, though remembers Hak's previous words and decides to stay put, convinced that she will hold Hak back if she reveals herself. However, she then recalls her reason for leaving Fuuga, and the want she has to not be a burden to Hak; summoning her inner strength, Yona rushes from the bushes and pushes the archer down the mountainside, shocking Tae-Jun greatly when she turns to glare at him.

Tae-Jun composes himself and greets Yona warmly, telling her that he came to escort her back to the palace and of Soo-Won's upcoming coronation. He also adds that he feels so sorry for her state, and that if they work together they can exact revenge on Soo-Won and take the throne back for her. Unmoved by his words, Yona asks Tae-Jun why he attacked the Wind Tribe, the merchants and Hak if he wanted to aid her; Tae-Jun tries to reply that he was merely following orders, though Yona doesn't believe him. Eyes burning in determination, Yona forcefully tells Tae-Jun that, despite her ignorance, she will not blindly follow orders like a puppet, as she has not fallen that low yet.

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Abilities, Weapons and Items Used[]

  • Swords
  • Hsu Quandao
  • Bow and Arrow



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